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(Diamondback Explorer)
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17 квіт. 2021
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Kelly's GGG has been found
HD 173138, the last C star in EDSM

Finally made my carrier jump to HD 173138. I noticed that for some reason the lone ice world was mapped in EDSM, but not the actual star. So, I made the 30000 ly trek with my fleet carrier. It appears that it's only accessible via fleet carrier, though I didn't bother to check. Now there are 180 C Stars in EDSM. Any other undiscovered ones are not accessible at the time (beyond 500 ly).

Exploring the Galacrtic Center

Will upload anything cool if I find it.

Exploration Operations in Aquila's Halo Complete

After a few days of exploring I have discovered nearly 100 new life forms in Aquila's Halo. By no means is it complete but most of the common ones are now documented.

I also found a fascinating Herbig Ae/Be system named Scheau Prou DB-W e2-0. It contains 20 planets (some of which are stars) and is the only known place where fumerola grow in Aquila's Halo.

I'm now off to find some H mass systems closer to the core.

Exploration Operations in Aquila's Halo

I finally made it to Aquila's Halo using a neutron star highway. It was tough getting past a patch of low star density between the Perseus Arm and Outer Arm, but the navigation computer found a way. About 1000 ly out from AH I had to get there without jet cone boosts as the density there became too low to find any neutron stars.

In one of my first systems I've already found a lifeform that can be located in the codex by all commanders. Fonticula Upupam - Yellow in the Phrio Flyou RJ-0 D7-1 System. It's a fairly standard system with a single F class star and several high-metal-content worlds (some of which are terraformable). The only place landable was the lone moon of the last planet, which had these beautiful specimens growing all over it!

I took a short rest and now I'm ready to continue exploring. I'll be exploring way below the galactic plane here and hopefully find plenty of new systems previously unexplored. In AH that means only 400 ly below the plane. Bring a long range ship. My trusty ship, Back of Beyond, can do 80 ly with the double engineered FSD.