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(Krait Phantom)
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28 січ. 2016
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3 946
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59 302
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42 531
5 278 516 202 Кр
Systimbuia Search

I'm into my fifth day of searching systems in the sub-sector "Systimbuia OI-B D". I have entered over 500 distinct systems at this point, and have discovered only 2 earthlike worlds. Whilst I have not been keeping detailed records of Ammonia Worlds, I have found signicantly more of them. I'm beginning to suspect this region of space would not make a good backup home for humanity, should the Thargoids hostilities continue.

However, I am still determined to continue the search the thousands of systems this subsector contains. I could be here some time before I move onto the next stage of my journey.

CMDR Sadiq "Spock" Oddsocks signing off.