Ross 1057 [#2869440947617]

A small agricultural system known for housing the headquarters of Benton's Natural Remedies.

'For that extra boost in the morning!'

The Federal Enforcers of Ross 1057 are a Corporate command backed by the Federation. The Federal Enforcers of Ross 1057 believe that the current owners of Ross 1057 are not fit to rule the system and hope to overthrow them and take control. Furthermore the company wishes to expand into neighbouring systems and to make a larger profit.

Informace o systému



Státní zřízení




Úroveň zabezpečení




150 000

Kontrolující frakce:

Ross 1057 Resistance


This system is located at: -32.3125 / 26.1875 / -12.4375

Galaktické souřadnice R: 43,412 / l: 111,052 / b: 37,102
Rovníkové koordináty: Stoupání 15h 40m 17,350s / Deklinace: 75° 51'21,492''

Reserve level: Nízké

Obyvatelná zóna:
Metal-rich body (1 to 4 ls), Earth-like world (70 to 105 ls), Water world (58 to 223 ls), Ammonia world (146 to 397 ls), Terraformable (55 to 109 ls)

Předpokládaná hodnota: 343 196 CR

In this system you can find all the materials for FSD Injections. This is a GREEN system.
Záznam letu

This system was visited for the first time on EDSM by Raj Matheo on 2. 11. 2014 12:48:24.

5590 ships passed through Ross 1057 space, including 18 ships in the last 7 days.

2 ships passed through Ross 1057 space in the last 24 hours.

Anaconda - 1
Krait Phantom - 1