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Star Diver 2 [11G-DW]
(Krait Phantom)
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29. 6. 2017
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14 125
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8 536
740 877 259 Cr
Home again, home again

30,000LY travel over the past couple of days. It kind of reminded me of Forrest Gump. "Well, since I made it that far..." kind of mentality. Bonus was the last few thousand LY of travel was filled with discovered systems so that made travel so much easier.

I'M HOME! and 350 MILLION richer for it!

In other news, apparently I was part of the Beagle Point expedition. I didn't realize it until I checked the expedition map to see everyone's progress. When I saw my own flight log trail I checked the roster, and sure enough there I was.

A new update

Well, it's been awhile since I wrote so I guess it's time again.

You know that bug in the FSD where sometimes we end up flying through a star and end up nearly cooking ourselves? Yup. Happened a few days ago. I swear, the most dangerous thing out here isn't the stars but my own damn ship. I believe that I have said this before, but she shall be re christened as "Star Diver" upon return to inhabited space. I just hope inhabited space isn't Colonia. I have one (count it) ONE damn heat sink left and zero ways to synthesize another. I hope I never use it.

Other than that little hiccup, I'm on the border of Silentium and Viatori Patuit. 60k LY to go. It seems like I'm going faster back home.

I'm also proud to mention that my scouting trip in the silentium region was a success. I found a potential base camp and submitted it for review.

BPE / DECE crashing

Beagle point was fun! I managed to crash both the BPE and DECE meetup there in both instances! AHAHA! Success!

In other news, I'm taking a fast route through Silentium. I got to a particular system in the Pyrie Eurl sector that looked promising for geysers and nice views. Lo, and behold, I found another geyser spot! Submitted that one to DW2 for a base camp or POI at least. I'll have to submit it to EDSM as well. I really hope they pick it as it's got some great views during the daytime. Night time kinda sucks though, as it is close enough to the parent star to be completely black.

For some reason, the trip back seems faster than the trip out. Maybe it's just a little bit of me moving quicker than I anticipated since I found my submission. Maybe also it's because I'm not going through Tenebris and adding another 10k to my trip. I'll be hitting up Eta Carinae and Gamma Velorum on my way back. Maybe VY Canis Majoris.

Oh, and I figured out what caused EDEN to freak out. She had tried to use key inputs. It's fixed now.

62 kylie till I get to the bubble.

Beagle point at last.

I don't know what it is about EDEN, my ship's AI that causes her to flip out and stop responding just as I enter a new system. It happened twice now and my ship's other systems thankfully prevented me from going too close to the star. However, the sudden drop from supercruise left me with some minor damages. 97% power plant but everything else is fully repaired thanks to my double AFMUs.

Oh, I suppose I should say that I'm now at Beagle Point! 22KLY journey yesterday and today to reach this point. Holy hell that was grueling but totally worth it. I met up with several other commanders at Darwin's Legacy (planet 2 LZ). But now, I'm exhausted and wanting to take a break for a bit. I'm finally part of the 65,000 LY from Sol club. It feels great.

Long delay, long distance too!

Well, it's been awhile hasn't it? I decided after much internal debate that I should continue on my journey to Beagle Point and back taking the long way home. The power plant only received 1% damage, so I'm not concerned about modules turning off. I just have to watch out and not overheat again.

In other news, I decided to take a few systems in my journey and look for geysers.

Holy cow these are hard to find.

But I found one.

I freaking found one.

I'm having a time trying to find a name. I'm always terrible with names. It's in the depths of a canyon that just lost all sunlight as I landed. Maybe I'll call 'em The Shadow Geysers. They're on a space potato, in a deep valley that is in shadow for most of the time... but I'm still the first anyone has ever seen at this location.

I'll have to upload the coordinates to EDSM and show other CMDRs.

EUFARB UT-Z D13-36 1 C A 3.73 134.3

22 Kylies to Beagle Point. You're within spittin' distance, pal. See you soon.

...and then I fell in!

Well, starting on leg 7 was going well until I dove into a star! Ship shall be re-christened "Star Diver" once I get back to a friendly station. Distracted flying is real, folks. Don't do it or you'll spend the next few minutes either picking up your organs from the front of your canopy or burning up in a star. Either way, not good. I did manage to get repaired, all except for my power plant, which, sadly, isn't going to be repaired by anything other than a station. It's sitting pretty at 99% so I'm good for a long time still.

In other news, I'm not falling behind so that's good at least. I have been strongly considering heading to Colonia and refitting my ship. As usual, I've overpacked and can shed some weight for more jump range. The 20 tons on my fighter hangar is not pulling its weight per se. But if I do go back It'll take me a month to get back where I am. I'll stop short of WP7 and rest up tonight before making my decision, but I think it'll be out to Colonia and back. Maybe 70% chance of that.

Weighed down.

I'm out here in the middle of the outer arm. I'm looking at my fighter bay and wondering why I decided to bring it. I haven't used it. Other CMDRs told me to use it to fly around a bit to break the monotony of exploration. If I need a break from the Jump-Honk-Scoop-Scan of Exploration I'll go to different star types than OBAFGKM stars. I went to a few Herbig AE/BE and a few Black Holes and that seemed to work just fine. This fighter bay is just weighing me down and dropping my jump range significantly. I should have dumped it 30KLY back.

Oh well. It won't be on for the DW2 expedition. That much is for certain.

Day 14?

Honestly I'm losing track. I had to double check my flight logs and yes, my first entry was two weeks ago. Funny how time flies. I'm already to my 3rd, no--4th way-point from starting and only two weeks down i'm FLYING through my schedule of 10 Kylies a week. I think I'm reaching more toward 20 at the moment, and this is through light density!

My Journey so far:

  1. Jameson Memorial in the Shinrarta Dezhra system. (Start system)
  2. VIVVY KD-K-D8-3
  3. HYPAU PHLAI VU-G D10-23
  5. THRAIKIO IK-A D9 (Current waypoint)

Next waypoint: EOS FLEE NH-V D2-12

I think after I get through the sparse areas in the outer arm I'll be moving faster toward Beagle Point. If the Distant Worlds 2 are still looking for interesting POI by the time I get out toward Tenebris I'll submit a location or two. After I'm finished, I'll upload my expedition map to EDSM.


Circumnavigation Day 11

Day 11.

I'm past the Formidine Rift. Way point 2 is a little over 50 jumps away from the 230+ the ship navigational computer gave me. I'm hugging the nearer side of the outer arm but there is very VERY little out here to hang on to. I'm sure that's only adding to the number of jumps I have to do between each way point. My path looks less like a straight line from point to point and more like a bumble bee's. Sigh

Almost two weeks out and I'm already missing home something bad. Maybe I'm just missing docking at a friendly station and hearing another voice other than my COVAS or Ship's AI in my ears.

It's lonely out here.

Circumnavigation - Day 2

Well, it's really something like day 5 or so but this is the second log.

I completed roughly 50 jumps yesterday. I lost count to be honest and I'm too lazy to pick up and read my flight log. I have 21 waypoints to hit, with one completed every week or so. I have one down and will be getting another this weekend at least. 65 jumps out with 3 planned neutron jumps. I'm keeping my star types at the typical OBAFGKM to scoop but I may change that eventually to get some more interesting sights. The Radiant Star gets great jump range but only about 4 jumps before she needs fuel badly, so I'll have to be careful where I go and how long I go without a refuel. Her paint is also badly worn off, though I fully expected that.

I regret placing the fighter hangar in my ship. I haven't found any planets to fly it around and I don't trust the pilot I hired to fly the Radiant Star well enough planet side.

The new x52 stick i modded into my Anaconda has worked out fantastically. It's way smoother than the XB360 One i had earlier.

Well, not much else to report or even write down. More planets to scan and more money to be paid because of it. Back to the black.