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TFS-Odysseus-Bat-EXPO [TFSBat]
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6. 7. 2018
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First Neutron star jump

Today I made my first Neutron star jump 251LY's in one jump whoop whoop I think I might have to try it a bit more often. But not too often... As long as you put your tail towards the core and ride the spin you should be fine and it doesn't take that long to do either

Back to work

After a few days at a waterworld rescuing my self with subnauticia My journey around the galaxy continues

Leg No. 10

I have made good progress over the past 48 hours. I'm currently 3 jumps away from HIP 38064 (Collinder 140 Open Cluster ). Forgot to record part of leg from Hip 22588 now in Colchester 132 sector WL-C B29-3 system Will update EDSM after sleep Mapping is going smoothly