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Capricorn [Mc312I]
(Krait Phantom)
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300.519.918 Cr
Sector Change

Just hoped over into Empyrean Straits, not much interest in the 1st system, One K & M Star and a gas giant. At this point however i think my plotted route will zig-zag across the border for a good few hops

Lasao UE-H d10-614

Interesting little system Contains a Ringed Earth-like world in orbit around a ringed Class IV gas giant. Technically it's not a moon as it's too far from the Gas giant, but for all intents it is.


so 4 days after saying it doesn't happen often I get another system where planet and moon are both terraformable

Weqeae XO-R d4-10 4 & 4a

go figure

\doesn't happen often

but in Greerae NN-T d3-87 there is a terraformable world who's moon is also terraformable

Across the divide (again)

Just reached the other side of the inter arm gap known as "the Torment" and entered the Eurus region of the Norma Arm.

Another bleak region of space with most systems again being just stars or if any planets they were mostly rocks.

I did find one system that was profitable with 5 HMC and an ELW

399 jumps left till Sag A

next waypoint reached

Arrived at Pria Free YE-Q D5-14 (Don't these names just roll off the tongue) Overall this legs took 150 jumps compared to the initial 152 Estimated, so on balance the navcomp recalculations between sessions do seem to be in the pilots favour. Total estimated exploration data is currently 2.23 billion

I have now decided I will go direct to Sagittarius A, which is just under 20k light years away or 496 Jumps

My God, it's full of stars!

Well not really but I've been in the outer rim for such a long time it's strange to see the black with so many bright spots again.

jump tracking

Decided not to bother tracking the daily jumps here - not an interesting read. However once I have reached my waypoint I will summarise

mid session break

left with 115 jumps on the clock

Start session 21/9/19

Replotted Jumps 131 +1 from last session, but overall nett = 0