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Capricorn [Mc312I]
(Krait Phantom)
300,519,918 Cr
Well Duh

It would seem that the two nebulae I have been Chasingon & off are in Fact the magellanic clouds. What a nob

Inter-arm Space

So trying to keep as high as possible poses a challenge as I cross into inter arm space. I've had to come down so as to get stars within reach of even my extended jump range. The Nebula I previous gave up chasing still appears in my cockpit as I travel so there is still a chance I might encounter it close up

Change of plan again

So I've been chasing that nebula for a while now and it's not getting any closer, so I've decided to go back to the original plan and make my way to explorers anchorage. Although I've decided to"take the high road" and try and get as high we I can en route

Change of plan

Ok I'm at Fleckaea IM-D c15-2 and I've been seeing this nebula for a while now. Sometimes the jumps on my planned route point straight at it, othertimes not.

I'm curious enough now to change my original return waypoint to try go and visit the nebula.

Return Leg - 1st waypoint reached

1st leg on the way home was intended to take me acroos to the Sagittarius-Carina Arm. appx 3000 lights years.

As expected this area of the galaxy is well travelled as it is easier to get to and from Beagle Point this way. I did however come across 2 uncharted systems in the 81 I passed through to get here, which is Fleckeae GZ-H c26-0.

Not exactly an interesting system, 3 stars and a non-terraformable HM world.

Next leg planned is a 15,800 ly trek across the top or the SC-Arm into the centre of the Archeron region. Nav-com currently estimates 435 jumps.

Beagle Point Arrived

Finally, 5 months after departing Colonia (27/12/18), I have reached Beagle Point in my, what is becoming, my trusty Krait Phantom.

On this leg of my journey I have visited 1,481 distinct systems, scanned 4,487 stars and 22,139 planets.

So far it has taken over a year to get here, having departed the bubble on the 8th of April 2018 I arrived at Colonia on the 29th of OCtober 2018 and had a 3 month layover during which time I waited for new exploration tools, purchased the Krait and put her through Space Trials.

Now begins the long journey back home, I will re-visit Sag A* and the new Explorer's Anchorage Station in Stuemeae FG-Y d7561, but I wish to take a route less well travelled in order to find more undiscovered systems

Left Colonia for Beagle Point

Departed Colonia System and made the long journey "northwards" to Beagle Point in my shiny new Krait Phantom.

Bought a New Ship

I have purchased one of the newly released Krait Phantoms, she will be called "Capricorn" continuing the star-sign theme. I transplanted much of the engineered systems from Cleopatra into her.

Cleopatra still remains in my possession and in storage @ Jacques. Thank you ship, I will get you back home to the bubble when I finish this trip.

I'm Now a Vette Owner

Achieved the rank of Federation Rear Admiral and off I pop to buy my Vette, cr155m Bargain 15% off at Ibold Port HIP 6796