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Dandara Story #2

After many messages from Dandara. My Fleet carrier will be on It's way to Deriso on Friday the 13th and Arriving sometime Saturday.

Dandara was very happy that she now has a time scale, So we can continue with our plans and meet again. Dam that woman owes me a few beers at the very least. As the Story goes so far but emitting some finer details from our chats. Dandara has informed me that the Death Dealers are in the area or soon will be, As somehow they discovered the crash site where I found her with the other pods but thankfully, I covered my tracks from my Srv & Anaconda ever being there but obviously you can tell that Scimmers had been shot down due to wreckage parts.

Anyway, They still have no clue where the pods went or who took them but these Nasty Rogues are back in the picture and investigating in everyway they can for clues. My guess is they will be in the populated systems of Colonia but I'll not be alone when arriving in Deriso and have a wee plan up my sleeve for our arrival. Many different Commanders with there own fleets of all types of Ships will be on my Fleet Carrier but just in case. Dandara is not aware that I'm bringing them along. Just said I'm bringing a few passengers for there own agenda's in Colonia and we shall depart each others Company on Arrival... Stay tuned, 07


Dandara Story #1

So I'm back in the Bubble town, Doing my thing and gathering intel on On foot data for engineers.... BUT

Dandara is pulling on my chain from Deriso, Wandering when my fleet and Carrier will arrive. So I'm Like, Quite busy and I've got things to do and have done for a while since you came into my life. Geeze, Typical Woman or what. Just can't wait.

She responds by saying... " I need you ASAP, As things have heated up ( NO SHIT SHERLOCK ). We need your Carrier and expertees for the next journey. Please be in Deriso or nearby in a week or my identity will be realised and the Death Dealers in the light... 07

Dandara Story

After a while, Dandara was finally awake and recovered from her coming out the escape pod. We met up in Deriso with her friend for a few jars and an in depth chat on what or who led her to be in the escape pod. A lot of things were surprising to me but not at all shocking as many things happen like this out in the deep void of space and the galaxy.

A group named the Death Dealers are a nasty and very large group of CMDRS that are hired for lots of reasons but care not what they do for there employers, No boundaries whether It's to kill, seize, capture, torture or obliterate an individual or a faction. So no matter who you are or what your story is. If they are coming for you. Be scared but be smart as they are very good in tracking you down.

Anyway, They were the Ones whom shot down the Ship that Dandara was on with many others in there Top secret mission which I can't say much about for now as They may track my feed or data ports. As of now they still think there job was done and are un aware Dandara lives.

This has completely halted my plans of exploration and reasons for my visit to the Colonia area which was basically for a bit engineering but powers that be made my area of looting for data to make deals with engineers a bit difficult as the area was turned into a murder spree by 2 factions getting down and dirty in the art of on foot conflict zones. So my looting has stopped for now.

So unfortunately, I'm in need of a trip back to Bubble town to get my Fleet Carrier as it has a huge use in helping Dandara in her quest which is now mine also. Dandara will work in the Shadows until my return which maybe a while due to the long journey back and returning. Stay tuned.... 07

Distress Call #3

After a lengthy journey through the Colonia bridge, Scanning + Mapping systems. I came across an atmospheric planet with yet another Distress Signal and thought, Why not go land and get a first footfall after discovering this system. So I landed at the signal and deploying in my SRV to check out the area. There were a few lawless skimmers which rather thrilled my guns, Whilst shooting them down. After I removed the threat, I discovered 4 occupied escape pods and collected them and returned to my ship. As I took them out the Srv and was about to store them safely. One of the pods had a panel on it which seemed to conceal something but needed to be opened using a keypad or cutting tool. I just used an E breach to do this and was a tad tricky but I got inside the panel and found a note within an Envelope saying " Hello CMDR, Please open this letter and read carefully ". Naturally this intrigued me, So I opened the letter and read the 5 page note. Quick story shortish. A woman called Dandara was in this pod and wanted to be taken to Deriso system and lucky for her I was heading to Colonia which was nearby and also had to look up an Engineer for my Suits. Reading on, She wanted me to hunt for a person whom worked in the main station before handing the pods in as the search and rescue facilities were not to be trusted. So this guy was called CMDR Stillman and after landing in the main station. I located him within the Concourse and took him to a quiet area to speak of my findings. He explained to me why Dandara wanted me to find him and a little about her. After a few jars in the Bar, I took him to my ship and gave him the Pod with Dandara inside but wanted to stay a while and meet her once she had recovered... The other pods, I just handed in as normal and only declared 3 pods collected. So Dandara was not in the lime light or known to be found. They were found over 2000 light years away in an un discovered system but the wreckage has disintegrated and could not even tell what ship had crashed or where the pods fell from. Seems my search for the Munchkins has been swayed for now....

Mysterious Distress Call #2

So were out and had a little time on the Colonia bridge and found many things on our way. Finally I found a clue to the Location of the Wishaw-Munchkins and the Benedictine Guardians of The planet Buckfast, Sent me on my way via a beacon found on there glorious lands. A little time in the Whirlwind of space with the walls of the void will set me in my path was the translation but I needed to find an atmospheric planet to meet the Madmutts out in the Perseus Conflux... Fingers crossed and Thrusters N Fuel scoops are Go... 07

Mysterious Distress Call

So I'm heading out in the Deep Black of Space again, Due to an Anonymous Distress call sent to my ship. This was a bit tricky to understand but it appears to be from an Ancient group of some sort of Life form called the Wishaw-Munchkins. These are Apparently related to another lost civilisation called The Madmuts. Following clues and cryptic probes along the Colonia Bridge trail but I feel it will take me far beyond this path. Stay tuned, 07 CMDRS

The Fallen PT2

so my journey continues in memory of our Fallen Commanders and or there lost family members.

My Cobra has now left the lovely Sites of the Abyss and has now passed through the Formorian frontier to enter the weary Newtons vault for a peek at those Giant Space pumpkins then jumping further through Izanami, Rykers hope to the Void hearts in the Empyrean Straits. Scanning and mapping those juicy planets on Horizons mode. I do wonder what may cross my path on this long journey! 07 Ed Community :)

A New Dawn

That was a night to remember. The Woman and the Guys were all out in there dancing outfits and glad rags and me in my Mav suit, Looking well outta place. Tijani met me after we went for a bath ( Separately ) Ya still gotta know who she/they are!!!.

Anyhoo, All freshened up and met Tijani at the bar. She was looking fantastic in her fancy but short blue dress and very smart ankle boots with space themed tights. Most other woman were in there element with Tight shorts and regular T shirts. Where as the guys were in combat trousers or shorts with a shirt or T shirt. Yep we never changed that much from Earth to Space LOL.

Tijani and I sat down for a meal in the chill out lounge and had a wee tipple or two or was it 4, Who's counting :) Then as the Meal drew to an end. The heavy chat was destined to resume. So, She asks. You knew Solome? I replied that we crossed paths a few times but seemed to share many of the same passions. We unfortunately were not really in contact but we flew in the same direction if you know what I mean. Solome was much older than me but was killed before we really got the chance to bond.

Tijani then went on to explain!!! Solome had visited long ago as they all shared business interests and were part of many groups of Commander led organisations and communities. I was named after her as my Mother was Solomes best friend and they travelled far together. We were and still are part of those mentioned. Our particular Community is The Children Of The Wheel but rumour gets back to us that our friends who left this place and other places like ours after Data received from Solome which drew others out from there hidden homes to merge a Secret Society called The Children Of Raxxla but times went Cold and we are awaiting!!!

So yeah that chat lasted almost 12 hours and seen many emotions. We went to the Bar and got smashed then ended up waking up together ( OH SHHHH ). The passion could not have been more alive.

Next morning after breakfast, I had to be on my way to meet my fellow friend and CMDR out in the black as were travelling to Beagle point + Solome's Reach together and meet at next waypoint. My head full of Secrets never to be known to the Powers corrupting the Populated areas of space and the Others creeping above them and pulling the strings. We said our goodbyes and Up, Up and away. I went....

Keepers Of The Code

We get Off the Elevator and to the Left and Right, It Seems like a long Corridor/Hallway. I say to the Woman, May I have the pleasure of your name before we Proceed. After all you have mine. She replies, My name is Tijani and I immediately thought of the Lorens and That Solome had that as a middle name but said nothing. Oh such a fantastic name.

Anyway, There were two rather large double doors in front and they opened as the elevator closed. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAA, A room with flashing lights everywhere and an ambient sound of Space themed music. Lot's of half circle table seating areas with chairs of all shapes and sizes, A bar in it's own section, A pool and open showering area with real jungle like plants, trees and sand, A games room and much much more but my eyes were straining to take it all in.

Tijani said to me, We have never had a visitor and we never leave as we have many secrets that must not reach corrupt powers. So apart from a select few who make long distance runs for what we need. Not even a Cmdr has passed through we have noticed until you apart from an old friend. Here we are all Equal and like open books, No hate, no race or sex discrimination but we are a very special bunch as we inter breed to keep population alive. You be careful as it's not there safety I'd worry about or there virtue. HA HA HA.

Your welcome to stay but we must chat about your departure. She then asked many questions about my ship and I answered most but when She Asked about the name. I replied RIP SALOME my Cobra mk was named after a very dear friend whom lost her life. Infact your name sparked a few memories as Salome was her given CMDR name by her travel companions. Her name was Lady Kahina Tijani Loren. What was to come next was a shock. So will continue on next log... 07

Planet Off A Lifetime

Flying through the Distant Stars of the Dark deep black of the Galaxy and it's many wonders and juicy spots to see or visit.

I came across this Planet, It had attracted me after my FSS scan as it had a few Geological signals. So I locked onto 1 and as I was dropping from Orbital cruise, I saw this strange shape on the planet surface near where I was heading.

An un discovered but abandoned Planetary settlement!!! Time to land then Cobra and go check this place out, YAY. Landing Gear deployed and touch down with Horizons.

The Srv and me deploy from the ship from an old landing pad, Were driving round the little buildings and other structures and suddenly there is light to my right. Woo what is it, What could it be? So we arrive out side this medium size building with light appearing from inside. Holy molly, Something moved in there. So I think maybe a switch to Odyssey is needed.

Bang am in my Maverick suit looking rather dapper I must say. Door override in progress... I got in and this Woman dressed in Hot pants and a Bikini top walks up to me. She asks, Hello Commander, What brings you here and what is your name? So I replied and we chatted a bit, Warming up to each others personality. So, We begin walking through past the small lights in the Doorway and through a dark area and I'm using my torch. We go down about 30 steps to an Elevator and it then takes us down about 50 floors but very high tech and silent with it's own power source not connected to the Dead looking Settlement above. TO BE CONTINUED ON NEXT LOG.