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4 Jun 2021
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16,879,482,796 Cr
Zurara's secret

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Heading back home and boy o boy. I've some secrets to tell my lovely Emperor :P

The Second Glance

On further reflection, I'm brought back to see the old megaship in the Formidine Rift known as the Zurara... So will make my way there and see if the new intel leads to anything but this is not exactly to do with the story of the Zurara but something appearing within the same system. Related, Perhaps but more linked to the recent goings on around Kamadenhu... Time may not tell but let's do this.... 07

The Rifter....

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So we got to Eafots region and grabbed the Rift edsm badge back from the Acolytes hidden on this here planet with there wager posse, Raging all kinds of havoc on the drewish locals and skirmish wildlife. As we were leaving back to the Darkness within. We left some supplies to help them grow more food supplies for there choice of life style out in the void. 07


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On my way 07

Time to Rift

So I'm heading out again to obtain my Badge again, Formidine here we gooooo Yayyy.

Dandara Story, Double Cross

Burl Weber,

Thought it was smart to lay the lies and double cross and seemed to think it was over, As did I. I told all my friends a huge thank you and I am in there debt, To go there own way now it was finished.

Today, I was flying through Kojeara and Mr Weber must have told his Security to go after me in his system. 30 Million fines in Bounty is a result so far, Making me commit murder as although i'm clean, I'm not wanted. OK MR WEBER, LOCKDOWN and i'll do it myself.

Dandara Story.... The Massacre

The Sollaro System security stayed Clear as there was nothing they Could do to stop our overwhelming force. The Death Dealers were at an abandoned settlement and 500 Ships with me at the Front went straight there many ships were around and parked near the settlement and some went to take off.

All our Ships fired everything we had, Was like a Thunderstorm off missiles of every varient just dropped at once and nothing survived but offcourse after the fire cleared and the smoke faded. We landed with 100 ships as the other 400 watched over. Deploying 50 Scorpions and 50 Scarabs, Surrounding the place. The 50 Scarabs went on foot and went through each building and filmed what they found, Nothing but dead apart from 2 that managed somehow to enter a basement and gave us all the info needed on whom hired them and where to find them. A player faction from the Bubble which has changed hands many times and be renamed but I know them personally and soon news will travel over the void waves of what happened here this evening. The 2 survivors we given a quick death and not tortured or kept prisoner. We do not do as they done to many. Dandara is safe as Lee and anyone involved on our side but we still need to pay Burl Weber a visit with his 5 ships ( Remember 1 was replaced ) but he will see what happens for crossing me. His ships will be delivered but more like dropped from the sky.

Now we have been to see Burl Weber and told him exactly what has happened and he came with us to his planetary bases within the Deriso system where we said look up. Here is your 5 ships that were stolen and found. 5 other ships appeared and held above them. His ships got set to full speed locked onto an old beacon near by. As they started moving. The cmdrs escaped in the pods to be swiftly collected by our 5 ships above. Weber asked why as his ships exploded by the beacon, I simply replied you lied and set us up and this was you paying for it. Was either this or we all stay and bring your faction down for all that corruption, lies, cover ups and whatever else you've done to Deriso to take the system. Now are we done here and this is over? After all you have Deriso which is Death Dealer free and as an added bonus my super dooper friends cleared every pirate out for you and boosted your security in the process. Might I add that 10 others systems have had there Pirates taken out also for there help and understanding. Ok Salty, He said this is over but can you tell me 1 thing? How did you manage all this with that 1 fleet carrier. I have friends here and brought some with me, Massing about 1500 Elite Pilots who eat bullies for breakfast and we all share 1 thing in common which is if our friends need help, We DO NOT hesitate plus we are anti xeno fighters and know how to manover against the best of the best. Be warned. We will return if we need to. Were not leaving just yet but the fighting is over... Ok Salty and thanks you he ends with. I'd like to thank all for the help and my fc bar is open ( Free Party )07

Dandara Story #5 The Mass attack

Back on my Ship, Lee and I chatted for hours then we set off to the Only safe place I knew. That's " In The End " My fleet carrier over in Deriso which is Set for anyone to Dock but obviously my Staff and Friends are on it and is more secure than Colonia system it's self.

As I flew us over and through our long chat. I know where Dandara is, Where Lee now lives, Where the Death dealers are due to a few messages as we chatted ( There not where Burl Webber said ) Nor was his ships where we said but Yi Shen has them apart from 1 after a game of Poker and 1 of Burl's Head honchos lost them in that game but made out they were stolen by the Death dealers. There was 5 Ships as it was a major high stake game but unknown to The Honcho. 1 was outfitted with mysterious Tech related to Guardians am guessing that's what Weber really wants but it has long gone from Colonia Region ( Not just the System ). The other 4 ships are about to play a part and I've donated 1 of my ships which has been tweaked from my build to that of there lost ship which is out in the Void with Dandara. Not Happy to lose a Cutter but they had to match and was worth what we got. Dandara might be flying it but It's hours to keep but we Allow Yi Shen and whoever he wants to check it once we meet again although they now have the plans to it and what it has on it but there is always something missed.

Now It's time to Take out our threat or at least the Death Dealers who are in Sollaro System and my Clipper is going to leave my Fleet carrier for the very first time since It's engineering in the bubble. Last update to conclude this Story will be within an hour but is it the end or beginning? 07

Dandara Story #4 Meeting Miss Smith

The Bar is crowded and playing some Folk/Country music. I've just sat down with Miss Smith and Oh boy She's a Bonnie Woman... So here we go!

Lee Smith is or was a Girl, I grew up with and dated around the age of 12. Who now stands before me as that Bonnie Woman and tells me that she was in Deriso on my last visit and recognised me and worked for the guy Dandara was delivered too in the Pod. So naturally they became friends and Dandara shared our story.

Lee waited for my return as she wanted to re-engage after all these years, Although she has now a Family and runs her own business. Admittedly once I saw and realised who she was my emotions went to cloud 9 but was soon burst with her news.

Moving on, I asked after a few drinks ( Not Alcohol ) but made to look like it as we had company whom could have listening devices around. I still went on to explain how things unfolded until now and that Dandara and I ended up more than just friends but we had to stay separated. Untold until now, My Anaconda and Asp X were left on purpose for the scum death doggies ( As I said that, The group of 6 near by gave it away that they were listening ) But we never showed we noticed. My Anaconda was a trap for them to find my identity to make it easier for me to track them on my return but where is Dandara now Lee? ( Don't answer that here ). We both walked out the bar, Towards the Hangar elevators and I knew by now my ship would be surrounded and those in the Concourse would follow after hacking the system to enter my hangar in the other elevator. As we whispered walking to the Elevator, She got very worried but I said, Watch this... The Elevator went down and the Hangars opened. There was around 30 Dead bodies lying around my ship and no Alarms ringing, No Security.. Just Dead, Dead Dealers. We stepped aside from the Elevator and 5 men with 1 Woman were about to walk out but... Looking immediately at there Dead friends, Remember Lee. I said watch this... NOOOOOOOOW, GUYS, NOOOOOW. The Elevator door closed and in goes 2 Frag grenades launched by myself. Yes my friends were here and Yi Shen made a few calls for the area's Security to stay clear and hand over control to us. We were aware that there must be a few back up in the Concourse. So I asked Lee to Go into my ship and tell me where Dandara is when we I come back from upstairs. Assuring her she was safe.

Back in the Concourse, I went Alone and Shouted I'm SaltyScot. You want to chat or shall we dance. 3 guys came over and asked... HOW, HOW Are you still Alive. I said the 6 that followed me ( Check that elevator ) So 2 of them went over and found there splattered friends and the other was told your 30+ friends downstairs never made it either. I continued to say, Your first mistake was taking a contract on my Woman and you last mistake was ordering a hit on me. Not only that but you came to this system, Thinking you had the upper hand and I was oblivious but this is not Kojeara and not run by Burl Weber. So you may die now or you can leave. What shall it be?

Yes, I actually let them go but not without 5 CMDRS at every Star in the nearest 10 populated systems and a few outside this station. So they left as I did by returning to my Ship...

Dandara Story #3 Part 3

My o my,

I visited all the engineers then finally met Yi Shen and he is an interesting chap indeed. Apparently my name is all over the place as I've got a Bounty on my Head due to my Anaconda been found as I left it in the Colonia system and it was clearly scanned with high tech gear by the System security that The Death dealers paid off. So bloody hell, They now know whom I am. Turns out Yi Shen is more than an engineer and the friend, I never knew. He actually knows Dandara as she confided in him after finding out he was the benefactor of her failed mission or at least his family was.

Needless to say we have each others trust as he knows that I founder her and suggested the next step in this on going threat. He also mentioned that he purposely asked a Woman to start talking openly about me in the same systems main station he is linked too called Pilkington orbital. This woman apparently grew up with me back in the days of my old system in the Bubble which was Alioth. Miss Smith but I never recollected her name really as there is lots of Smith out there.

The next step was to meet her in the open bar and know full well the Death dealers with be there. This is where things will heat up but I have back up that nobody knows about and can use this to my advantage. I then went on to tell Yi Shen that I needed to locate a few missing ships for Burl weber and he said the guy was ok but do not trust him. He also knew where his Ships were and gave me the location as he kept tabs on the Death Dealers. So I sent an encrypted message to Burl using Yi Shens tech and he responded rather quickly with intel on the hideout of The death dealers. He wants them gone due to the corruption in his system but can't get involved.

I then thanked Yi Shen and as he knows my Fleet Carrier is here and my ships with it. I said that, I will deal with there hideout and he should have no further part of this until we have Dandara back. He agreed and off I left to meet Miss Smith.