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For the Empire

I wasn't planning on jumping right into the Imperial grind right away, but I figured I'd go poke my nose in today. When I got down to Mainani and saw how fast I was ranking up, I was like YOLO. I went from rank 3 to 11 in just a few hours. Tomorrow I'll pick up one more rank in about an hour and be done. I didnt even plan originally to grind up to the Cutter. I was just going to get to the Clipper and stop, but it was so much easier than the Federal rank, so why not. I also decided to buy an Imperial Eagle today just for fun. It's a nice little ship. I may do some missions tomorrow that aid in the community goals. That could be interesting. I've never done any of those before. The current one is to defend a colony. If it's Thargoids though I may have to bail though until I read up on all that.

Federation Rank Grind Over

After grinding for the better part of 3 days I've finally finished ranking up with the Federation to get my Corvette, so that's exactly what I did. I kitted it out for war and went off to a nav beacon. I had CMDR Evereventual pilot a dropship on my first run and it got us both in the combat mood, so he headed off to a low conflict zone. After that he went and bought a Vulture. I also got clipped by a Type 10 that was coming into a station as I was going out with my brand new fully kitted Corvette and we got wedged. Amazing. Then we went went back to a nav beacon and killed a bunch of guys, and then over to a conflict zone again. Unfortunately, Evereventual hadnt sold any of his bounty bonds or his last few scans to UC and lost it all when he blew up. Bummer.

Aaaaaaand Back in the Bubble

2 days ago I was out past Colonia in my AspX, minding my own business, when all of a sudden I got a call that my brother and 3 of my cousins wanted to pick up the game. I told them I'd be happy to fly back to Colonia to drop of my data and my Asp, grab a suicide Sidewinder, and pop on back to the bubble. So that's exactly what I did. So for the last 2 days I've been helping them get set up with EDSM and EDDiscovery while they downloaded the game, ran the tutorials, and waited for their HOTAS's to show up. One got their's today so I helped him grind up for a DBX which he bought tonight. 2 of the others should get theirs tomorrow. While I'm talking them through their beginner struggles, I've been out in Ochosi grinding out the rest of my Fed rank. I've gone up 2 more ranks and need just 1 more for my Corvette, which I should get tomorrow. After that I'll grind Imperial rank for a bit, but I'm not sure I need to get all the way to Cutter right now. I think the Clipper will be just fine. After that I'll probably take advantage of the prices of materials in the bubble and mine for a bit to grind out my fleet carrier. Once the other guys get comfortable in the cockpit we may do some group PVE combat missions as well. All and all I'm happy with my decision to come back. I really wanted to finish up the rep grinds and buy those faction ships. I was happy to be back in my Vulture again. I also bought a Keelback today which seem perfectly fine.

Starting the Sweep

Today I began to sytematically visit all systems in this region. We'll see how far I get before I get bored. Its crazy how much I played today and how little it seems like Ive done, but I visited a lot of systems. Shockingly though, I didnt find any ELW's on the way out here, and none while flying around. I had found five just by flying through here randomly a couple times. Now that I'm putting hard time in, nothing. RNG I guess.

Back in the Black

I've spent the last couple of days chasing the commodities boards. Nothing is ever up to date. The websites are all way behind. The values you see in the ports for other stations are always wrong. You cant make good consistent money out here mining imo. I even bought a and kitted out a T9. I dont mind mining, both laser and core, but not for the scraps and run around I'm getting. So I decided to hop back in my AspX and head back to my favorite set of nebulae. Its about 3000ly from Colonia and just in the drive out tonight I've made gobs more credits than I have in all the time mining the last 2 days. Not sure what I want to hunt out here just yet, but I've got a couple of ideas. On another note, I found out the game plays just as well without the link cable, so now I can keep a rotation of battery packs and play for more than 2-3 hours at a shot. Also Zipp decided to get the game tonight. We'll see how that goes.

Back to Colonia

Today I finished my mission of scanning all of the notable stars above Colonia. Yesterday I had been discouraged that pretty much all of them had been previously discovered. My saving grace was that all of them were pretty much by different people. My hope was once there was enough of a barrier of already discovered notable systems, that people would have given up and gone elsewhere, and that seemed to be the case. The layer of Carbon stars wasn't all that thick when I got up there. I had maybe 50 bookmarks to check out when I left probably the first 20 were all taken, and after that I would say like 25 out of there last 30 weren't. Once I finished I turned around and flew back. I only found 1 ELW on the trip but it was still pretty profitable. 1 single system on my way back netted me over 23mil credits. After I sold off my data I decided to outfit my Krait MkII for mining so I could finish the Engineer's quest. I'll go see if I can find the required materials tomorrow, which should be in the rings of the planet Jaques happens to orbit.

Colonia Engineering

Today I decided to work with the engineers in the Colonia area. One of them was already unlocked and ready to go. 1 I needed to go farm some occupied escape pods, which I did. The last one needed me doing a bit of mining, but it was already taking so long that I decided I'd do it later rather than outfit a mining rig. I then decided I wanted to go on an adventure in my Asp again. I decided to fly straight up from Colonia and stop at many systems I bookmarked such as carbon stars, Neutrons, black holes and carbon stars. I didnt get super far, but as of now, pretty much everything of note I've stopped at has been explored. I'll head back over to my favorite area tomorrow if the rest dont pan out. Otherwise, there wasn't much of note today. I did finally figure out how to fix my stick roll and pitch drift. It was starting to get really bad. I tried so many things to fix it, and finally I saw a thread on how to set the deadzone in game.

Neutron Star Farming

After writing my log last night, I decided to head out in my Asp to go get that ELW i forgot to map. It was only like 50 jumps and I thought maybe I could poke around while I was there. So last night I flew out while targeting systems with a mass code of D hoping to find a ringed ELW. Spoiler alert: never found one. 1 system prior to the system I left the ELW in I found another one. I mapped it, flew to the other system and scanned the one I came for. At that point I called it a night. At some point today when I sat down to play I decided to stick around that area and try to farm Neutron Stars. I had already found 3 ELWs right in that tiny area so I thought I'd stay there. There were dozens and dozens of Neutrons in the area and maybe 80% had not been claimed. At one point I found an ELW revolving around a T type and L binary which was all going around a Neutron star. That was pretty cool, but I really wanted to find one that was directly going around a Neutron. The absolute next jump I found what I was looking for. This was still in that same tiny area I had found the other 3 ELWs in. I proceeded to search many more and even found a few unclaimed black holes. I'm about to get back on for an evening session. My plan is to make my way to a Nova I had seen when flying out here. After that I'll head back to Colonia tonight to drop all my new finds off. It's not crazy far out to that area with all the ELWs. I think tomorrow I might run back out there and either look through low luminosity A stars, or F stars with D mass codes. If I had enough for a fleet carrier I'd drive it out there and park it for a while. My ASP is a beast though now that it jumps 60lys. I know I could push that farther, but its not something I'm concerned with just yet.

Home Away From Home

I logged on this morning and set a new target route: Colonia. Turned out that I had 50 jumps left, but still no big deal. As I drew closer I got more nervous. I was fearing losing the entirety of my data. At I believe 13 jumps from Colonia I almost had a heart attack. As I jumped into the system there were a few frames that made it look like I had jumped into the middle of a star. Immediately my ship started overheating. I turned to gtfo of there and saw I was between 2 very close A class binary stars. That was my first pucker moment of the trip, and it came so close to the end. In the end I made it to Jaques without incident and sold my 44 pages of data. Including the page I sold at the core (which would make page 45) I went from 720mil to 2.6bil. I decided I wanted to jump back in my Asp, and immediately fell back in love. My son wanted to try it and I promised he could after I sold all my data, so I bought him an Eagle and let him fly around a bit. He really enjoyed it. After that I went to Colonia Hub and bought an Anaconda and instantly blew. The second I launched I was a dead stick. I had been playing around with the internals trying to make a Jumpaconda and must have put in a tiny powerplant. After the rebuy I flew back to Jaques and jumped back in my asp. I just wasnt a fan of how big the Anaconda was and how restrictive its canopy is. I went in and kitted it out and was able to get about 20 more ly per jump out of it. Its now just shy of 60. My plan is to go pick up that ELW I left yesterday, and then come back. Its about 100 jumps round trip, but would have been about 160 in my Python. After that I may fart around with the engineers since I have invites to all of them in the area now, or I may finally head out to Beagle. We shall see. I ordered a splitter cable today that will allow me to play tethered and charge the headset from the wall at the same time.

Nearly There

When the day began I wasn't planning on making a push all the way to Colonia, but as the day wore on I saw that I could probably make it. I decided I was going to make the push, but my headset was all but dead with about 30 jumps left. At one point today I decided to try and find some Neutron Stars, which I did find a couple. Then I checked a couple of novae but they had both been previously explored. I believe those were the only previously explored systems, other than maybe a Neutron Star or 2 between Sag A and just shy of Colonia. For the first 3/4 of the day I found no ELWs, and then all at once I found 3 within about a 2 hour span. After ending the session however, I saw that at the second ELW I had apparently failed to complete the mapping. While I was at that one I had fired my probes and then went off to map the moon and then land on it to take some photos of the ELW and Novae which was only a jump away. I should get to Colonia pretty quickly tomorrow. I may buy an Anaconda and fly it back to that ELW and then double back. I don't think I could do all that in one day though. I'm excited to get there and sell. I wish they sold faction ships out here. I'd like to buy a Clipper as well.