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One mining expedition accomplished.

Yesterday I headed off into the void to go mining in the Anaconda. Filled her up with limpets and headed for a system about 1000 ly out, about 30 jumps.

As I proceeded I checked systems for gas giants with rings and found a nice system after 16 jumps. I approached the nearest gas giant, scanned the rings and headed for the Low Temperature Diamond hot spot that I discovered.

This continued in a couple more systems, scanning rings and mining the hotspots that I found. My eventual haul was

22 Alexandrite.

75 Low temperature Diamonds.

16 Monazite.

3 Serendibite.

36 Benitoite and,

17 Grandidierite.

Having used all the limpets (192) it was time to head back to the bubble, but before I did I checked selling prices for all on EDDB. If I sold at average it would bring about 44 mil CR, but if I took the time to go to the places with the best prices it could fetch nearly 170 mil CR.

First stop Derrickson's Escape at Keries with all of the ores, then to Cavalieri at Electra to sell the Diamonds. One avoided Thargoid later and I was sitting pretty on just over 166 mil CR. Blow me, the Anaconda paid for itself in one trip and netted enough extra to get it fitted with a 6A FSD!

Mucho happy with my choice of large mining vessel.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

Building up to another expedition.

I'm kind of hankering to get back to the black and away from civilisation. I'm thinking that I'd like to do the Formadine Rift area and see some sites at the same time, but that's for later - it will need some careful planning.

I've also been thinking about the success I've had with mining in tlhIlwI' loSmaH Hut, my Asp. It has limited cargo capacity (64 tonnes) and I also had to sacrifice the Auto-Docking Computer to fit a Detailed Surface Scanner because of the limited optional module space. That is no problem, I'm OK with manual dockings.

So I've been looking at buying and outfitting a bigger ship especially for high cargo mining expeditions, in the end it came down to a choice between a Python and an Anaconda.

I eventually decided on the Anaconda, the disadvantages being the cost and the need for a large docking bay, but the much larger cargo capacity won out.

So now I own one, fitted out with all the mining tools and 256 tonnes of cargo space. I managed to outfit it with quite a few engineering modules that I had in storage at Shinrata Dezhra to keep the cost down, did it for 150,191,353 CR and compromised on a 5A Frame Shift Drive to do that (one of the stored modules).

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

More engineering.

Last log I mentioned that I'd received invites from Didi Vaterman and Bill Turner. I reviewed their services and decided that Bill could be useful for Lightweight Life Support and save a trip to Los to get to Etienne Dorn, so I paid him a visit in the Alioth system at Turner's Metallics.

He's a nice guy and wanted 50 tonnes of Bromellite for his services. Research into that substance came up with Bromellite hotspots and surprisingly enough also a rumour that Void Opal hotspots were better. Whatever, I needed pristine icy rings to obtain either sort of hotspot. I'd grown fond of the icy rings around LHS 2509 planet 5 for obtaining mined resources so that is where I headed (only 3 jumps from Alioth).

As per the rumour I tried the Void Opal hotspot first without much success, I managed 9 tonnes but had to surrender 4 to a persistent pirate shortly after.

After a night laid up above the rings I then tried the Bromellite hotspot next door and managed to get 57 tonnes of Bromellite and 5 tonnes of Low Temperature Diamonds. The trip back to Turner's Metallics was uneventful and I managed to open up Bill and did the Lightweight Life Support to grade 3. Once again I ran out of materials so I did a quick trip to the material trader at McAllister Terminal in NLTT 34715 to do some appropriate changes before I headed back to finish off the job with Bill. I took the blueprint for the mod with me as well.

Next stop, back to Sol to apply it to my exploration vessels.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

Selene Jean unlocked.

Well, I continued with the mining efforts and eventually I received the invite message from her while I was mining metallic ores at Delkar (nearest pristine metallic rings to Shinrarta Dezhra).

My previous research had indicated that she would need 10 tonnes of Painite before she would start modifications for me. I'd read lots of messages suggesting that this mineral is really difficult to find - and so it proved to be. It didn't matter where I went I couldn't find it with my current mining vessel because It was not fitted with a Detailed Surface Scanner, so I was groping in the dark prospecting every likely looking asteroid I could find without any luck.

I decided on another way to solve this one and recamped to Sol, where I stored all the mining apparatus off of tlhIlwI' loSmaH Hut, then made the necessary space for it on my general purpose Python (Heimdall). This ship was already fitted with a Detailed Surface Scanner so I was hoping that scanning rings would find me a Painite hotspot.

First stop I headed back to Delkar with the Python and scanned the rings around planet 7. Well that found me a Painite hotspot alright, so I headed in there and prospected for Painite - it wasn't too long until I found a nice asteroid with a Painite core which I mined 17 tonnes from. A short time later I was chased out by pirates looking to rob me of my prize, but I managed to outrun them in the Python and took a trip to Prospector's Rest in the Kuk system to pay my respects to Selene.

She modded my Python up to Lightweight Armour grade 3 (which is what I'd been after) then I ran out of the materials needed for the grade 4 and 5 mods. That also gained me invites from Didi Vaterman and Bill Turner.

I returned to Sol, restored the Python and Asp Explorer to their normal loadout and took the Diamondback Explorer back to Kuk, via a material trader to get it modified too. I have a couple of rolls to do to complete grade 5 there now.

Well worth all the mining work and it was also an interesting distraction and very profitable to boot. Now that I have the deep core mining cracked i'll be happy to do that again, I think that I can easily make 50 mil or more CR in an hour with the Asp, so looking forward to doing it again.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

Trying my hand at mining again.

This activity is one that I've not had much success with in the past.

So I've revisited my mining training notes and studied some additional material on Galnet and headed off into the black in my Asp Explorer (tlhIlwI' loSmaH Hut) to try again.

Before I went I did a few upgrades on the ship to get the FSD range up and the engines maxed out with dirty drive tuning, these adjustments might help give me an edge.

So I took her to Puppis Sector OI-T b3-6 as a system with pristine icy rings close to Shinrarta Dezhra for some practice which went well, mainly used the mining laser and the abrasion blaster, but managed to mine a respectable load which I sold at Mbutsi. I followed up with a visit to Puppis Sector TO-R B4-4 for some more practice and then onto LHS 2509 where I started to get serious.

I did my first ever deep core mining and bagged a hold half full of Low Temperature Diamonds and Void Opals which I sold off at Amalangkan.


So now I was getting hooked, success brings confidence. More research on a better mining set-up with a different ship yielded nothing really, but the way that tlhIlwI' loSmaH Hut's hard points were set up was not correct. I headed back to Shinrarta Dezhra for some outfitting adjustments and corrections to the way I was using the mining tools.

Next stop was Delkar for some metallic ring mining and came up trumps. 10 tonnes of Serendibite and 10 tonnes of Monazite later and I was very happy.

The time spent tuning the vessel was well spent and I now own a smashing little mining ship that suits my style very well. Now maybe I can get Selene Jean unlocked.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

Third and final flight trials for "tu' je batlhlIj"

The third trial was scheduled as a FSD supercharge at a neutron star, followed by a jump of 200 ly, nice badge to collect as well.

My chosen neutron star was HP 57814 B. The Primary star is an F class and the neutron is just over 17000 ls out.

It took me 4 jumps to get to the system, which I scanned when I got there. With some trepidation I set off for the neutron star and slowed down and stopped a few ls away. The neutron cones were nicely lined up vertical from where I sat, so I pointed towards the one above the star and started my approach.

Everything went to plan, as I entered the cone there was a good deal of turbulence and then I heard the message "FSD Supercharged"! Wow! I'd done it without any adverse effect on the ship. So I remained in the cone for a short while longer and then exited. The plan was to get back to Sol (nearly 233ly) in one jump, so I checked on the obtained jump distance and it said 271.88ly, more than enough!

Set course for Sol, checked the tick box in the Jump Data, confirmed that it was one jump and went for it.

A few seconds later I was back home selling the astrometric data to Universal Cartographics for 222,679 CR. Not only did I have a good trial I got paid for it too.

Flight trials have been a great success and tu' je batlhlIj is now a fully fledged exploration vessel. I'm looking forward to my first extended journey in her, but that needs to be planned properly first.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

Second flight trials for "tu' je batlhlIj"

Not satisfied with the first two high g worlds at 3.5g and 4.12g, my second trial ups the difficulty somewhat with Achenar 3 at 6.72g and Wasp-77 A 1 at 7.94g.

Having made a hard landing at HR 1185 A4 I took these really seriously with shallow approaches and not thrusting down until I was very low above the ground.

At both I picked a suitable geological site and settled down nicely. It went very well at Achenar 3, and I went out in the Scarab to collect some materials. On these high g worlds it can be very difficult to get up some of the steeper slopes.

tu' je batlhlij at Archenar 3

It didn't go exactly to plan at Wasp-77 A 1 though. I bounced on touchdown and turned turtle. Upside down! How the **** do I recover from this? Well a few minutes use of different thrusters and I managed to right the ship ok. This world is very close to it's star, so I got a stunning view of tu' je batlhlij silhouetted by it after I returned from prospecting.

tu' je batlhlij at Wasp-77 A 1

Now to go back to Sol to get set up for the third and final flight trial for this little beauty. I think that I'm going to love this ship as much as my Krait Phantom.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

First flight trials for "tu' je batlhlIj"

So I set off in the Diamondback Explorer (which I renamed tu' je batlhlIj) on the first flight trials. The first task was visiting Marco Qwent to get the Stripped Down experimental effect for the power distributer followed by a visit to Liz Ryder to get Lightweight Armour for the bulkheads. I'd made a small change to the outfitting earlier and these two changes helped to get the jump range back up a bit, it now sits at 67.85ly.

From Demolition Unlimited I headed off to Aku planet 1 (Kitsu's Rest) to do the first high G world landing trial, my previous experiences with these proved disastrous on my very first foray to Sag A*, where I crashed twice on two attempts. This time I took it very gently and made a successful landing - but on the dark side of the planet, landing at a geological site. This was a 3.5 G landing.

To up the ante, my next destination was HR 1185 planet A4 at 4.12 G. During this flight I achieved a 67.84ly jump.

One of the 7 jumps to HR 1158 must have taken me through a system with Thargoids and the ship was forced out of hyperdrive - I thought I was a goner, but after accidentally colliding with the Thargoid I made my escape. Scary moment!

HR 1185 A4 is beautifully ringed, again I took a gently, gently approach, headed for a geological site, but landed a few hundred Km short of it. It was a hard landing and the hull took a 58% damage hit.

The view from the landing site was awesome though,

enter image description here

enter image description here

I ended up doing some module repairs (Thrusters, Frame Shift Drive and Power Distributer) which I think must have been caused by the Thargoid encounter, then took off to The Indra (local megaship) for hull repairs.

More high G world landings scheduled for the second flight trial.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

Diamondback Explorer nearly ready for trials.

Missions collecting materials, upgrade systems at an engineer - repeat, repeat, repeat…

I've been doing that for a few days, getting some of my new ships ready for use.

In particular the Diamondback Explorer, which I now have up to 67.92 ly jump range and I'll be taking out soon for some flight trials. I can already get to Shinrarta Dezhra from Sol in a single jump. So I'm planning a neutron jump and some high G world landings.

enter image description here

For the neutron jump I think that HIP 57814 is a suitable candidate 234ly from Sol, it will only take me 4 jumps to get there and I should get back to Sol in 1 jump assuming that she survives the experience.

I have a list of 4 suitable high-G worlds from 3.5G to 7.94G within easily reachable range.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

Circumnavigation route published.

I have published my galaxy circumnavigation route here

Kris Afron's Hexagonal Circumnavigation

It was a lot of fun and i'm planning a few other excursions for the future.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.