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tu' je batlhlIj [KR-13D]
(Diamondback Explorer)
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Feb 4, 2019
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First flight trials for "tu' je batlhlIj"

So I set off in the Diamondback Explorer (which I renamed tu' je batlhlIj) on the first flight trials. The first task was visiting Marco Qwent to get the Stripped Down experimental effect for the power distributer followed by a visit to Liz Ryder to get Lightweight Armour for the bulkheads. I'd made a small change to the outfitting earlier and these two changes helped to get the jump range back up a bit, it now sits at 67.85ly.

From Demolition Unlimited I headed off to Aku planet 1 (Kitsu's Rest) to do the first high G world landing trial, my previous experiences with these proved disastrous on my very first foray to Sag A*, where I crashed twice on two attempts. This time I took it very gently and made a successful landing - but on the dark side of the planet, landing at a geological site. This was a 3.5 G landing.

To up the ante, my next destination was HR 1185 planet A4 at 4.12 G. During this flight I achieved a 67.84ly jump.

One of the 7 jumps to HR 1158 must have taken me through a system with Thargoids and the ship was forced out of hyperdrive - I thought I was a goner, but after accidentally colliding with the Thargoid I made my escape. Scary moment!

HR 1185 A4 is beautifully ringed, again I took a gently, gently approach, headed for a geological site, but landed a few hundred Km short of it. It was a hard landing and the hull took a 58% damage hit.

The view from the landing site was awesome though,

enter image description here

enter image description here

I ended up doing some module repairs (Thrusters, Frame Shift Drive and Power Distributer) which I think must have been caused by the Thargoid encounter, then took off to The Indra (local megaship) for hull repairs.

More high G world landings scheduled for the second flight trial.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

Diamondback Explorer nearly ready for trials.

Missions collecting materials, upgrade systems at an engineer - repeat, repeat, repeat…

I've been doing that for a few days, getting some of my new ships ready for use.

In particular the Diamondback Explorer, which I now have up to 67.92 ly jump range and I'll be taking out soon for some flight trials. I can already get to Shinrarta Dezhra from Sol in a single jump. So I'm planning a neutron jump and some high G world landings.

enter image description here

For the neutron jump I think that HIP 57814 is a suitable candidate 234ly from Sol, it will only take me 4 jumps to get there and I should get back to Sol in 1 jump assuming that she survives the experience.

I have a list of 4 suitable high-G worlds from 3.5G to 7.94G within easily reachable range.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

Circumnavigation route published.

I have published my galaxy circumnavigation route here

Kris Afron's Hexagonal Circumnavigation

It was a lot of fun and i'm planning a few other excursions for the future.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

Increasing the Fleet

With my newfound credits I shot over to Shinrarta Dezhra and had an orgy of ship buying. So my fleet now has over 20 types and I gained a couple of badges.

Since then I've concentrated on getting the most out of the Diamondback Explorer with outfitting and engineers modifications. I still have a bit of work to do with it, but I need the right manufactured and encoded materials to complete it - and a few runs to engineers to obtain the experimental effects. My aim with this ship is to get the maximum jump distance that I can, which is about 68 ly according to ED Astrometrics.

Then i'll start the same exercise on the other new ships.

But right now i'm running missions to get material and encoded rewards. The credits are a bonus, but the main thing is the materials now.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

Home Sweet Home!

I arrived at Sol 11:36 ship time.

The paint job took a battering,

enter image description here

But I soon got that dealt with and all necessary repairs done too.

Then I downloaded the Universal Cartographic data, which took 40 minutes! Well it brought me a tidy profit, nearly 1,300,000,000 CR after I'd paid for the repairs and re-spray.

It is good to be back home. Time for a beer!

CMDR Kris Afron signing off

Nearly there now.

As I approach Sol, a local feature becomes visible from the cockpit window.

Barnard's Loop is a familiar site in the skies around the bubble,

enter image description here

I'll be home soon!

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

Another great day in the office?

For office read cockpit!

Since yesterdays log entry I've achieved 199 jumps covering 11840 ly, which I think is a new record for me. I now have 4791.3 ly to go to complete this journey.

I have to admit to being a bit knackered by todays marathon attempt. I'm back in the Inner Orion Spur, somewhere that I've not seen since 9th July and heading back to civilisation.

I've set up the next navigation waypoint as Prooe Drye ES-H d11-91, which is 45 jumps and 2721.6 ly in the general direction of Sol, I have to try and remember how to dock at a station, it has been so long since I've done it.

So what am I going to do when I get back? Number 1 is going to be repairs and a new coat of paint for P'Taq and then i'll cash out my scanning haul which EDSM estimates at just over 1.1 billion CR at the moment. I'd like to get away and do some more combat, collect some manufactured materials and some data - I may even run a few missions solely for the purpose of being rewarded with them too.

Then I'm going shopping for some new ships, I'll head over to Shinrarta Dezhra and get my collection up to 10 types for the Classic Collection badge - I'll need four vessels to do that.

Then who knows, at some point I'll definitely be planning some more expeditions and I'll put the route of this jaunt onto the EDSM Routes page as well, I just need to decide how many and which waypoints to include.

Goodnight all.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

More good progress.

Yesterday I covered 8683 ly on the journey back to Sol and I now have only 16630 ly to go.

I'm currently at FLyue EAscs KU-O b36-1, where I spent the night idle in the system plotting my route to the next waypoint.

So for now I'm aiming at Flyiedgae OD-I d10-5.

I had a look at the Christmas nebula on the way here, there are more nebulas around now that I'm heading back to the bubble, but after my last experience I'm just passing them by.

enter image description here

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

The Looking Glass Nebula, an adventure and a warning.

Well, I worked hard at getting to the Looking Glass Nebula, set the navigation to Bla Eaeb QT-Z d13-0 which is 500 ly away from it.

I stopped at 25 jumps out and took this shot, so it is looking like it is going to be large.

From here I went hell for leather for the waypoint, turned off hyperdrive dethrottle and stopped scanning systems. Jump after jump and then I started encountering neutron stars and white dwarfs so I really had to concentrate on the flying.

When I got to Bla Eaeb QT-Z d13-0, I tried to navigate to Floagh FI-B d13-1 in the centre of the nebula, but with my jump range it wouldn't have it. so I backtracked the path to find where I could get to and aimed there instead - Bla Eaeb Q1-B d13-0.

There were more neutrons and dwarfs and I arrived as close as I could, here are a couple more shots...

enter image description here

enter image description here

At this point my options to proceed looked limited. I didn't want to go back and try to plot a way round the nebula, so I boosted to Bla Eaeb NC-D (neutron), then I had to boost again to Bla Eaeb UT-Z d13-0 and another boost to Bla Eaeb KI-Y c28-0. Now I'd kind of gone up and over the nebula, so I proceeded to Floagh AS-B d13-0 and then aimed for Floagh AA-Q d5-0, which is a bit clear of this region on the way back to Sol.

Fatigue forced me to take a break for the night so I set down on planet 2 at Floagh BD-Q c19-0.

A bit of an adventure!

Now the warning, my premium boost range is about 127 ly and I had to use it three times in a row traversing this area, if your ship can't get this far on boost then give the area a wide berth or maybe you can make use of neutron star boost - I didn't want to chance that I have too much valuable data to return to civilisation to risk losing.

Phew, maybe this adventure isn't over yet.

Goodnight all.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

Eishorks PX-L d7-17

I arrived at Eishorks PX-L d7-17 late afternoon, having passed into the Errant Marches at Whanuae UG-Y c7. On the way EDSM estimated my scan value since last docking exceeded 1 billion credits, so no reckless actions between here and SOL!

It's 2 months since I started this escapade and I've decided that I'm looking forward to getting home. There's a temptation to call in to Caravanserai (starport) at Gandharvi or Sacaqawea Space Port (planetary base) at Skaudai CH-B d14-34 on the way back to cash in the Astrometric Data. I've been to both of those stations on my way back from Colonia to Sol when I visited Sag A*, so maybe i'll miss them out this time.

The Looking Glass Nebula is 8630 ly away, which might take a couple of days to get to, or if I really work at it just one day.

Whatever my next waypoint is Eock Flye XX-L c10-5.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.