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Expedition summary
Starting date Jul 10, 2021, 12:00:00 PM
Arrival date Aug 2, 2021, 11:59:59 PM
Starting system T Tauri (Hind Mine / Hind Nebula (T Tauri))
Waypoints 6
Arrival system Qeajo CZ-N c20-15 (David and Goliath)
Participants 284
  - Abandonment 72
  - Success 212
Estimated distance 19,295.52 ly
Expedition announce

The Mercury 7 Explorers present...

The Apollo 15 Anniversary Expedition!

To celebrate fiftieth anniversary of Apollo 15 becoming the pinnacle of achievement in human exploration, we will be flying from the Hind Nebula to the breathtakingly spectacular worlds of David and Goliath in celebration of this amazing achievement.

All Commanders of all levels of experience in exploration are welcome. From those who are totally new to exploration, all the way to those hardened veterans of Elite with millions of light years under their belts...all will find a place in the community of players that makes up the expedition.

This expedition is the successor to the popular Apollo 11 Anniversary Expedition (A11X), where 670 CMDR's celebrated the Apollo 11 Moon Landings 50 years to the moment after the Eagle touching down in the Sea of Tranquility. A11X remains the most successful player-base organised event in the history of Elite:Dangerous after the epic Distant Worlds, and Distant Worlds 2 expeditions.

This expedition is being talked about by many CMDR's as being the 'last of the big Horizons era expeditions', due to the imminent retirement of the Horizons planetary technology. In honour of this we are treating this expedition as the 'Horizons Hurrah', to give this era of Elite:Dangerous its rightful send-off in the way we explorers know best. With SRV & SLF races, mountain climbing, death dives, mass jumps and many other events that explorers know and love!

If you'd like to join up, follow this steps:

1) Sign up here on EDSM.

2) Join the A15X Discord - https://discord.gg/rygeUukvft

3) Join up with the Private Group for your platform (PC, XBox, PS4),

For PC CMDRS, the expedition will be taking place within the FleetComm private group. So if you're not a member, and would like to join please click on the link below: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/474455

I look forward to seeing you all there.

CMDR Yanick

Note: Waypoints and details subject to change.

Expedition timer

This expedition is finished.

Jumps so far...
Total distance travelled
Celestial bodies scanned
Celestial bodies mapped
Fuel used
Probes used
Commanders dead
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Expedition waypoints
System Distance from start Participants reached Participants visited
#1 T Tauri (Hind Mine / Hind Nebula (T Tauri))
#2 Blu Thua WI-B d15 (Nimbostratus) 2,336.21 ly
#3 NGC 4463 Sector RY-R e4-5 (Autumn Nebula) 4,943.75 ly
#4 Statue of Liberty Sector LC-V c2-12 (Statue of Liberty Nebula) 7,287.46 ly
#5 Eta Carina Sector EL-Y d16 (Guardian ruins - Eta Carina sites) 10,377.74 ly
#6 Thaile HW-V e2-7 (Three Worlds Nebula) 12,840.61 ly
#7 CPD-65 2513 (NGC 5315 (Qing Long Caverns)) 16,534.02 ly
#8 Qeajo CZ-N c20-15 (David and Goliath) 19,295.52 ly