Expeditions > Phoenix Frontier

Expedition summary
Starting date Jan 8, 2022, 12:00:00 PM
Arrival date Mar 6, 2022, 12:00:00 PM
Starting system Mammon (Mammon Monitoring Facility / Mammon (IC 1287 Nebula))
Waypoints 2
Arrival system Mammon (Mammon Monitoring Facility / Mammon (IC 1287 Nebula))
Participants 6
  - Abandonment 4
  - Success 2
Estimated distance 57,341.13 ly
Expedition announce

This is Expedition Phoenix Frontier. This expedition will is planned to help map undiscovered systems and lead explorers up the Orion Arm of the Milkyway, paying visits to notable sites on our way back, such as Sagittarius A and Colonia. While mainly Xbox, all CMDRs are welcome, PC, PS4, and Xbox. There will be no fleet carriers used on this expedition. A Discord is also available, as we will be doing fun events while out there. Please message me on discord, Content#5691 for more information. Hope to see you on the frontier.

Full list of expedition waypoints:

Mammon [Mammon Monitoring Facility]

Crescent Sector GW-W C1-8 [Medusa’s Rock]

Flyiedgooe CL-Y G4

Floarph FW-N E6-1

Phreia Flyou XA-A C16-12

Brairia ZE-A G4

Scheau Byoe SD-R D5-2515

Eos Bre GG-Y F2915

Sagittarius A [Explorer’s Anchorage]

Dumboi GR-N E6-2341


Crookoa OS-U F2-2

Trifid Sector IR-W D1-52 [Observation Post Epsilon]

Mammon [Mammon Monitoring Facility]

Expedition timer

This expedition is finished.

Jumps so far...
Total distance travelled
Celestial bodies scanned
Celestial bodies mapped
Fuel used
Probes used
Commanders dead
Commanders self destructed
Expedition waypoints
System Distance from start Participants reached Participants visited
#1 Mammon (Mammon Monitoring Facility / Mammon (IC 1287 Nebula))
#2 Sagittarius A* 24,969.39 ly
#3 Colonia (Jaques Station / Colonia (System) / Animula Spires / The Mosta-Murdoch Raceway) 36,336.59 ly
#4 Mammon (Mammon Monitoring Facility / Mammon (IC 1287 Nebula)) 57,341.13 ly