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Expedition summary
Starting date Aug 24, 2019, 6:00:00 PM
Arrival date Sep 7, 2019, 6:00:00 PM
Starting system Othime
Waypoints 5
Arrival system Sluenoe CL-Y g4 (Nadir)
Participants 20
  - Abandonment 0
  - Success 10
Estimated distance 32,190.09 ly
Expedition announce

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The Forgotten Initiative is hosting their One Year Anniversary Expedition. We are inviting the entire Elite Dangerous community to join our First Expedition Squadron in traveling to Sluenoe CL-Y g4, the farthest known visited system below the Galactic plane.

Hosting Squadron: The Forgotten Initiative

Hosting Wing: First Expedition Squadron

TFGI Members: 255 CMDRs

When: 24 AUG 3305

Time: 0700 (UTC)

Meetup Parade: Lone Rock, Othime

Recommended Setup:

  • AFMU
  • SRV(s)
  • Fuel Transfer Limpets
  • "A" Fuel Scoop
  • Guardian FSD Booster

Our Forgotten News Network will be accompanying various CMDRs and documenting this momentous expedition.

Expedition Discord Invite:

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If you are interested in learning more about the First Expedition Squadron? Please see our INARA link below for more Squadron information:


First Expedition Squadron Highlights:

YouTube Highlight

enter image description here

This system is located 3,220ly below the galactic plane and for some time held the record as the deepest system ever visited.

It has been named Nadir, which has two meanings: the point on the celestial sphere directly beneath a given position that is diametrically opposite the zenith, but also means the lowest point of greatest adversity or despair.

Nadir requires a sequence of Neutron FSD boosts to reach it - one of which is a 250ly mega-jump. The final jump is reachable on a single Neutron Boost, however to return alive a technically challenging double-boost is required at the final stop. Nadir may be reached using the following route:

Kyloae Prau PI-S e4-4

Kyloae Prau FB-X f1-10 122.35ly

Sluenoe CL-Y g5 250.37ly

Sluenoe CL-Y g4 [Nadir] 213.14ly

Nadir itself is a relatively unremarkable system, containing an O-class star and a B-class star. These stars, however, shed magnificent light deep into the void as they are surrounded by absolute darkness. Moreover, this system offers incredible views back toward the entirety of the galaxy.

The final system before reaching Nadir is Sluenoe CL-Y g5 and has two black holes and a pulsar neutron star, bathing the system's planets and moons in a unique light. The system contains a few gas giants and dwarf stars. That being said, the system's most unique feature orbiting one of the dwarf stars is a Ringed Earth-like Moon, 5,000ls from the arrival point! This is the most distant known Earth-like World from the galactic plane - either above or below, at a depth of 3,120 light years. Furthermore, there are multiple unscanned and untagged moons in this system.

CMDR Parabolus, the first commander that visited this system, asks that each pilot who is daring enough to attempt to reach Nadir, scan only one moon within this access system marking their presence here. This system will therefore serve as a memento for all commanders daring enough to venture so far below the plane.

Please note the Neutron Star is very close to the arrival black hole. Explorers should proceed with caution.

Expedition timer

This expedition is finished.

Jumps so far...
Total distance travelled
Celestial bodies scanned
Celestial bodies mapped
Fuel used
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Commanders dead
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Expedition waypoints
System Distance from start Participants reached Participants visited
#1 Othime
#2 Sagittarius A* 25,847.54 ly
#3 Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 (Explorer's Anchorage) 25,851.20 ly
#4 Kyloae Prau PI-S e4-4 31,604.23 ly
#5 Kyloae Prau FB-X f1-10 31,726.59 ly
#6 Sluenoe CL-Y g5 31,976.95 ly
#7 Sluenoe CL-Y g4 (Nadir) 32,190.09 ly