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(Asp Explorer)
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Sep 4, 2020
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40,041,066 Cr

Those Empire rebels really seem to be tearing us a new one out there; Can't wait to find out where they're hiding, just to pay them a little visit of my own.

Attacking the big peeps is one thing, but civilian massacre? That's a low blow, even for extremists.


Popped my first asteroid cherry tonight; Musgravite for weeks! Time to roll up the sleeves and schmooze my way into the markets where it sells the best.

Addendum; Over 800 grand a pop. It's a party, baby.


Saved my first person from the endless abyss of space, which for some reason required me to trespass to pick up their crashed pod. Wish I knew who they were, but I guess that saves them the embarrassment of being caught, having somehow missed that they were approaching a planet.

It makes me glad I have no need of glasses, though I doubt that'd excuse somehow hitting a planet.

Power Generators

I didn't know that pirates could get backup generators for their ships, but I guess they were busy checking if the oven was on, before deciding to bail when it reached 0%.

I'm impressed, not going to lie. More so that I could take it down that far with an SRV, but still impressed, if not cracking up at the sight.


Day 31 stranded in an SRV

Now I know that Recall Ship exists.