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(Type-9 Heavy)
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4 Sep 2020
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193,730,337 Cr
Pride of the Giants

Came across an unusual sight on my last mining trip; A gas giant, with rings in the colors of the Pride flag. Definitely can't say I disagree with the message, but I'm pleasantly surprised to see that we've got the universe itself repping us.

Got a small payout from two cores I busted quite fast, so the journey has been decently worth it, even without this sight. Quite good timing for this sight, to say the least. Happy Pride Month, Commanders!

Documentation attached below;

"Happy Pride month out there, Commanders!" -Nellie Tatiana Samotara

Boots on the ground Pt. 1

Been going at this surface business for a little while now, and while I can't say I've been too impressed by my discoveries so far, I've definitely saved a bunch of lives.

This one planet and its moons, have given me at least ten pods to haul back with me.

Kind-of wish they weren't impossible to break out, so I would at least have a person to shoot the breeze with for this journey.

At least I've been running into uncharted territory on my way to these so-called 'guardian' remnants, so I get to slap my name on more specks in the sky soon enough.

Exodus Pt. 1

Got a long trip planned ahead of me, but it requires a bit of prepwork before I can really get moving.

Upping my FSD range is definitely a must, but that's already progressing nicely.

Looking into some ship improvements on the in-between is not exactly unwanted either.

All I know for sure, is that it'll be a damn long journey.


Those Empire rebels really seem to be tearing us a new one out there; Can't wait to find out where they're hiding, just to pay them a little visit of my own.

Attacking the big peeps is one thing, but civilian massacre? That's a low blow, even for extremists.


Popped my first asteroid cherry tonight; Musgravite for weeks! Time to roll up the sleeves and schmooze my way into the markets where it sells the best.

Addendum; Over 800 grand a pop. It's a party, baby.


Saved my first person from the endless abyss of space, which for some reason required me to trespass to pick up their crashed pod. Wish I knew who they were, but I guess that saves them the embarrassment of being caught, having somehow missed that they were approaching a planet.

It makes me glad I have no need of glasses, though I doubt that'd excuse somehow hitting a planet.

Power Generators

I didn't know that pirates could get backup generators for their ships, but I guess they were busy checking if the oven was on, before deciding to bail when it reached 0%.

I'm impressed, not going to lie. More so that I could take it down that far with an SRV, but still impressed, if not cracking up at the sight.


Day 31 stranded in an SRV

Now I know that Recall Ship exists.