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Destiny's Edge 2 [22G-DW]
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Oct 4, 2020
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The journey continues, a few more hops

Just a few more jumps today. Route planner was having its little fun again and set me back a bit but not too much and by then end of the days travels it was reckoning 86 jumps remaining. Few more terraformables and less gas giants of note today. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

The journey continues, oh come on..

Made decent progress today until the route plotter decided it had found another 15 systems for me to visit on my way to Colonia. Not sure that is about but I wasn't best pleased given it wiped out all my travel progress for the day. A bit of fiddling around recovered some of the losses but it still set me back a whack. Perhaps I'll lose a few systems next time. Anyway, notionally down to about 89 jumps remaining now, been closer to 80 on the original route! Not much to report on thw way, some life filled gas giant systems and occasioanl terraformable. I've holed up in one system and made repairs to the FSD after some neutron jumps. Will have to see what tomorrow brings!

The journey continues, to Colonia!

Yesterday was spent messing around with ships systems in preparation for continuing the journey onwards to Colonia.

I'd decided to move on quickly, not only because I'm anxious to be back in civilisation with all that is going on in the galaxy but also as the DSSA Enigma while situated very prettily is not a particularly convienient base of operations being over 6Kls out from the primary star and embedded deeply within a gas giant gravity well.

So onwards.

Route finding suggests 111 jumps to Colonia and todays travels has brought that down to a theoretical 99 remaining. We'll see how it goes. After today's travel and several neutron boosted jumps I have breifly stopped for AFMU lead repairs. I'll resume my travels tomorrow.

The journey continues, made it to the DSSA Enigma

Today I finally made it to the DSSA Enigma.

After patching up the Destiny's Edge 2 I left my scenic spot to continue the journey. Route plotter imagined 17 jumps and I kept it to that this time.

So, some jumps later, some scanning and mapping and the need to repair the FSD again due to further neutron boosted jumps I arrived at my destination.

The DSSA Enigma is located in a beautiful spot and alarmingly close to a gas giant and within its ring system. Crikey. Was worried I'd hit the planet. Anyway, I arrived safely and promptly validated my exploration data, cached my codex discoveries and had the Carriers maintainence crew give the ship the once over. The AFMU is great but no substitute for a properly trained crew.

Not sure what my next move will be, soon off to Colonia but perhaps I'll hang around for a few days first. We'll see. Nice to have made it though either way!

The journey continues, bit of a trek

Slow couple of days.

I ended up decided to "do the right thing" and scan a terraformable (Scaule LF-T b50-7 B 4) about 250KLs out from the primary star. Bit of a trek. Not sensible economically but not everything ahs to be about money.

While I was out there mapped a another body and its moon and set down to investigate one of the geo sites there (Scaule LF-T b50-7 B 2 a, Geo 18).

Pretty spot with the primary body hanging hugely in the sky while the silicate fumaroles vent and the nearby star bathes all in orange red light.

Tomorrow I should patch up the Destiny's Edge 2 while we are touched down (never repairs that neutron jump damage) and continue on my way to the DSSA Enigma.

Meanwhile I've learnt the Cmdr Smiler is way ahead of me and almost back at Colonia now!

The journey continues, more route plotting fun

Today the route plotter decided it couldn't find a route to the DSSA Engima, at least at first. Given I had a route yesterday and was within 30 jumps this was a little odd.

Anyway, some messing about eventually got the plotter to agree I could get there and even manage to shave a jump off. Really not sure what is going on there.

I travelled on a little further, down to 20 jumps remaining now.

Several terraformables and an encounter with a rather close binary but otherwise uneventful. I wonder how close I'll be by tomorrow and if Cmdr Smiler is far behind or already there.

The journey continues, two thirds of the way

A break yesterday and just spent some time messing about on the ship. Today though back to some jumping. The route planner was having fun with me today, setting me back several jumps at one point. I then spent some time messing about with it to try and recover a short route - this worked and shaved a few systems off but you have to wonder if it is quick just to make the jumps after fiddling so long. Probably in this case, just. Discoveries wise not a huge amount to not, not even much in the way of terraformables. One system did have a water and ammonia world (both not terraformable) but that was about the most excitment. Quite a few life bearing gas giants too. According to the route planner down to 29 hops remaining... We'll see what it say tomorrow.

The journey continues, beyond half way

Right, so definitely beyond the half way point from the Smilers Observatory to the DSSA Enigma. A bit of route plotting fun again, this time a single dropped jump. I'm now down to 50 hops left. No more neutron jumps again tonight, still getting on. Not much else to report, the odd terraforable and gas giant. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

The journey continues, route planner fun

So yesterday left off with me 66 jumps out from the DSSA Engima. Today the route planner decided that was 72.. Right. So fiddling around and it stubornly refused to change its mind, so I lost most of my previous plotter gains. A little later I managed to shave a couple of extra systems off but still, frustrating. So by the end of the days travels I was down to 63 systems remaining. We'll see how it goes. Along the way a fair few terraformable water worlds, so that's nice. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

The journey continues

Continued on my way to the DSSA Engima today. The route planner somehow shaved an extra 10 jumps off the remaining total from yeserday, so, hmm. Anyway, by the end of today's travels I was down to 66 remaining and had scanned and mapped sveral terrofrmables, water worlds and gas giants. No neutron hops today. I'm still have to finishing mapping my current system (Iwainch FM-Z c2-22) before I carry on tomorow.