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(Beluga Liner)
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Jan 3, 2021
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807,326,978 Cr
BEAGLE 09 - Neutron Boosts & Paint Jobs

Orion-Cygnus Arm, 22,112 LY from Sol

Mission Target; Beagle Point, 52,243 LY away

Sub-target: IGAU Cygni-Vanguardy, Orion-Cygnus Arm

Days out: 23

Number of close star Emergency shutdowns: 3, Hull 94%

With most of Temple Codex filled out, including ELW and Black Holes our focus is on moving on to Orion-Cygnus Arm region quickly. Thus we will be using neutron stars to boost the power of the frame shift jumps. Our first port of call will be the Fleet Carrier IGAU Cygni-Vanguardy for repairs and a new coat of paint. Many explorers view supercruise eroded paint as something to be proud of. Not us. We fly a Saud Kruger manufactured Beluga Luxury Liner - we have a reputation to think about.

We are slowly ascending towards the galactic plane but after docking we will be making our way back to negative 1000 light years as that seem to be a sweet spot for finding black holes. You can never discover too many of these.

enter image description here

BEAGLE 08 - Non-human signals

Temple. 18,787 LY from Sol

Mission Target: Beagle Point 53,747

Sub-target: IGAU Cygni-Vanguardy, Orion-Cygnus Arm

Days out: 20

Deep in the Temple region a thousand light years below the galactic plane on a routine scan of planets we discovered a non-human signal. The system itself was interesting with two ringed water planets and that is what draw our attention in the first place.

The signal was located on the dark side of a high metal planet and the large Beluga can be surprisingly agile in setting down, although at this location it was a large stretch of rugged terrain. The SRV brought us close with the final stretch having to be traversed on foot. The non-human signal originated from a thargoid satellite complete with a dozen intact sensor fragments.

enter image description here

Exciting exploration trip. The net result of mapping the system is estimated at 11 million credits. We will survey the system for more signals and then continue towards our next Black Hole which should be around 8 jumps away .

Beagle 07 - More Black Holes

Temple, 15,580 LY from Sol

Mission Target: Beagle Point, 55,627 LY

Sub-target: IGAU Cygni-Vanguardy, Orion-Cygnus Arm

Days out: 16

The Temple Region seem to have an abundance of Black Holes. We have discovered our second one, and have plotted a course for a third potentially undiscovered black hole further out in the galactic north of the region. Again the lack of light makes it hard to discern the full majesty of the black hole.

The working method for discovering black holes is currently to navigate between -1500 to -800 below the galactic plane along non-binary stars. While our distance from Sol keeps increasing fast, we are not making direct headway towards Beagle Point.

Our new sub-target will be the DSSA's IGAU Cygni-Vanguardy in the Orion-Cygnus Arm. Based on current progress we estimate another week before reaching the sanctuary.

Black Hole Temple Region

BEAGLE 06 - Entering Temple Region

Inner Orion Spur, 11,992 LY from Sol

Mission Target: Beagle Point, 57,556 LY

Sub-target: IGAU Paradox Destiny, TEMPLE region

Days out: 12

The Excursor Chaosium have reached Temple region managed to find a previously undiscovered black hole. The view is however not that impressive as there is no star present in the system to provide interesting illumination. Only a few light years away a discovered Wolf star was also discovered. We expected this to conclude the notable discoveries in the area but two jumps out from the Wolf star we discovered an earth-like-world orbiting together with a water planet. The system received a full survey, complete mapping including planetfalls.

First Mate Val Rich gets the honors of naming the ELW - "Rich's Haven".

Rich's Haven A very interesting sub-region indeed. The systems are only 1000 light years away from our first sub-target - the IGAU Paradox Destiny. And 20 jumps later we have reached our first sub-target.

We are planning to take in the Beluga for some minor repairs, a new coat of paint and if possible turn in some galaxy data. At location we will also plot out our next sub-target. I also have the issue of a large number of occupied rescue pods in the cargo bay.

BELUGA 05 - Searching for Black Holes

BEAGLE 5 - Searching For Black Holes

Inner Orion Spur, 8,807 LY from Sol

Mission Target: Beagle Point, 59,536 LY

Sub-target: IGAU Paradox Destiny, TEMPLE region

Days out: 10

The Excursor Chaosium is closing in on the TEMPLE region but before approaching our region sub-target, we have decided to find a (hopefully) undiscovered black hole. We have found a possible undiscovered hole 80 jumps in the general direction of Temple around 1000 LY below the galactic plane. Unless we encounter anything that detract our attention we should be able to make the trip in a few days time.

Hydrogen Gas Giant

BEAGLE 4 - Full system exploration

Inner Orion Spur, 3,859 LY from Sol

Mission Target: Beagle Point, 62,675 LY

Sub-target: IGAU Paradox Destiny, TEMPLE region

Days out: 7

Ice Ringed Planet

The Beluga deep space exploration vessel Excursor Chaosium stopped in system for an extended time to map, analyze and catalog a full system containing 25 planets, 12 of which was suitable for landing. The result was slightly underwhelming as it seems that beyond 3000 LY away from Sol there are no planetary features beyond geological or biological.

The survey did however discover multiple overlapping slots of various premium metals and minerals, including Tritium, Void Opals, Painite and Platinum. The though of bringing in the carrier CSS ASTRID did occur, but would require two hours of travel and a refueling session midway. It would also leave the Carrier out in the void and slow down the trip towards Beagle considerable. The prospect of spending hours mining Tritium and then even more precious metals and ores is not what the crew of the exploration vessel signed up for.

We push onward further out into the void.

Ammonia rich atmosphere

Beagle 3 - Rescue Operation

Inner Orion Spur, 2,936 LY from Sol

Mission Target: Beagle Point, 63,232 LY

Sub-target: IGAU Paradox Destiny, TEMPLE region

Days out: 3

Arriving at AUCOPP RQ-H C12-5, an already explored system, a large planet at the edge of the system caught the attention of the First Mate. A large helium atmospheric planet with suitable caches of vanadium and mercury. Course was promptly set with goal to replenish some minerals. At location several distress signals was detected and a rescue party was launched. The immense distance from any nearby star, meant that the planet was in perpetual darkness. The 2G planet required careful approach to land the Beluga without incident but was completed successfully. The rough terrain made for difficulties to find suitable large landing location, but again this challenge was promptly overcome. Six occupied escape pods were recovered. What were they doing out here? We will most likely not be able to deliver them until reaching settled space. Due to the hazardous nature of the planet surface, all material reclamation attempts was aborted.

How far out from the bubble will there be crashed ships and other wrecks?

Further observations. Only one SRV was brought on this trip and the journey on the planets surface quickly shredded some of its hull. It was safely returned but carelessness will undoubtedly make future planet expeditions difficult.

Excursor Chaosium is currently 109 planned jumps away from first sub-target, IGAU Paradox Destiny.

Beagle 2 - Outer Bubble Region

Inner Orion Spur, 1,415 LY from Sol

Mission Target: Beagle Point, 64,236 LY

Sub-target: IGAU Paradox Destiny, TEMPLE region

Days out: 1

All preparations are complete and Excursor Chaosium has launched. Target Beagle Point 65,000 light years away. The ship's jump rang is approximately 50 LY so it will take 1300 jumps the straight path, but more likely this will double as the route will be along one of the galactic arms.

All systems have been tested before leaving the bubble, including a canyon run with the Taipan class fighter. It maneuvers amazingly, being very responsive. It will be a nice way of exploring some of the planets we will encounter on this expedition.

The first unexplored system was encountered almost exactly 1000 light years away from Sol. Not being in a hurry to reach the target, quite the opposite, the whole system was scanned albeit not mapped as nothing registered as valuable or interesting.

The most interesting xenobiology discovered in this region is the Elecricae Pluma, found on an ice planet with metallic rings.

Beagle 1 - Preparations

Preparations for the next deep space voyage has been initiated today. Crew is as usual being assembled from the Drake Class Fleet Carrier CSS ASTRID. The main exploration vessel will be the now veteran Beluga class space cruiser - Excursor Chaosium. She is currently docked with CSS ASTRID and configured with all essential exploration modules including dual fighter hangars for added combat support and low altitude planet skimming.

A new layer of paint has been applied. While some explorers view chipped paint as a badge of honor, those who have done multiple trips know it will deteriorate and you leave with a parade in shining colors.

The planned route will take the Excursor Chaosium through the regions: TEMPLE, ORION-CYGNUS ARM, OUTER ORION-PERSEUS CONFLUX, THE CONDUIT, NEWTON'S VAULT, FORMORIAN FRONTIER and finally THE ABYSS.

The time to reach Beagle Point is approximated to take three standard months pending no unforeseen opportunities or mishaps arise.

ConSpace - PostMortem

The Excursor Chaosium arrived back at home with all criminal passengers satisfied with the trip to Colonia and back to the bubble. The passenger missions brought in 200 mil. creds on top of the 500 mil. cred in exploration data.

The Beluga required extensive repairs following the long journey back via the neutron highway.

Final thoughts. The added credits from the passengers was more than welcome but adds an additional stress to make sure you follow a strict time schedule, and in the case of criminals, staying away from any stations. The later since the Beluga is not an easy vessel to simply slip into the mail slot quickly.

We will not do this again.