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DSS Yanzor [03A-DW]
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Oct 19, 2016
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1,720,604,491 Cr
Distant Worlds 2 Log Entry 16 (Other Problems)

I wasn't able to help with part 2 of the community goal, the explanation is a bit of a long story and all I can say is that I am sure this it won't come up again. anyway I am still a bit shaken up after what happened so I will rest for a while, till we have to go.

Distant Worlds 2 Log Entry 15 (Cliff Edge)

Woah, last night was crazy. Myself and a bunch of other CMDR's including Parabolus decided to drive our SRVs off the cliff edge at the Gagarin's Reach landing site at Altum Sagittarii. Parabolus almost missed it but we extended the timer so they could make it.

We started the jump using our boost to get some distance. I tried to keep mine steady but that lead me to boosting back into the cliff and getting stuck a few times. I got to the bottom off the cliff not too badly damaged but some of the other blew their SRVs up completely, (you can get SRVs at Explorers Anchorage so it didn't matter much anyway).

Anyway I should head back down to Explorers Anchorage, part 2 of the community goal will be stating in a few days.

Distant Worlds 2 Log Entry 14 (Meltarna)

It seems I was right about where Waypoint 7 would be Sagittarius A. We will be starting the second part of the Community goal on March 7th. I guess leaving Waypoint 6 early was a little premature.

Leaving Waypoint 6 early did have its upsides though. I was able to rind a Ringed Ammonia World and go to my old discovery of Meltarna which would have been too far out of my way if I didn't leave early.

Meltarna is a Really hot (5,356K) Landable Metal-rich body I found back in November of 3302, back then I was flying a Diamondback Explorer.

When down on Meltarna, I found some Anemones. I thought this would have been too hot, even for them to turn up. I had the cooling on max and it was still completely sweltering in my ship. The metal ground was kind of like melted goo and silicate vapor often spewed out. I would later find that anemones were also present on all the other Metal-rich bodies and the high metal content worlds.

I am now on a small ringed moon much further from the star trying to cool off and now I should get going

Distant Worlds 2 Log Entry 13 (Old Discoveries)

I have made it to the area around Waypoint 6 and I am now currently on a world with 1.3 g so I can get to sleep with strapping myself to my bunk. One time back during the Beagle Point Expedition the straps somehow open and I floated all the way to the SRV Bay before I noticed.

I recently went by and old discovery of mine form the Beagle Point Expedition. A Ringed Water World inside the Fleur-de-Lis Nebula

I have been think I might leave Waypoint 6 early, I already have some idea where Waypoint 7 will be and there is another old discovery of mine I would like to revisit.

Distant Worlds 2 Log Entry 12 (To the Core)

Okay we need to start taking this seriously. From this point on there won't be anywhere to drop off data or repair power plant damage, unless you counts the new station were building in the core but I have no idea what services it will have.

I better get going I am already behind most of the fleet.

Distant Worlds 2 Log Entry 11 (My Own Path)

When I got the water worlds I mentioned earlier I did go a decent bit off the main route to do so. I am going to go on a completely different route to most of the others for my journey to Waypoint 5. You might think this is dangerous but as an explorer anything is dangerous, especially boredom.

Distant Worlds 2 Log Entry 10 (Water View)

My brilliant finds continue with me finding 16 Water worlds in the past 3 days and at least half of them were terraformable. There was even a Terraformable Water World Moon with rings. I even found 2 systems that had 3 Water Worlds each.

Ever since we entered the Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm, I have had tons of crazy new finds, looks like that Ringed Earth Like World was only the start.

Distant Worlds 2 Log Entry 9 (Data Rush)

I have gotten my first big discovery of DW2, a ringed Earth Like World. I found I shortly after departing from Waypoint 3. It was found on a direct rout form WP3 to a planetary nebula that was marked as a POI so I knew it wasn't going to stay untagged for long. I ended up rushing my way to the next place where I can sell my data. I was able to get my name on the ELW.

I and going to the Collection of Wonders now to see more ringed craziness.

Distant Worlds 2 Log Entry 8 (Binarys's Everywhere)

Okay I knew this would happen eventually but I have just had my first Close Binary Star encounter of DW2. The angle I came in at was a bit worrying but my ship didn't heat up that much, I would say that this was only a minor brownseat moment, I have been in a close trinary that had a Neutron Star in it before, that was a full brownseat.

I ended up coming across multiple system with binary stars relatively close to each other. One system had a tiny metal rich body orbiting around the second star. I landed at a fumarole site where both star were clearly visible at low angles so I could get some pictures and somehow despite both suns being close and visible, it was completely dark. This made no sense to me and when I went round to the part of the world that was facing the closer star the surface lit up like it should, but when I went the other way, it didn't. I left that tiny world deciding that I would never be able to make sense of it. I went on to find Binary Water Worlds only a few jumps later.

I swear I have ran into a binary star hotzone (no pun intended).

Distant Worlds 2 Log Entry 7 (Moving Forward)

Looks like were heading for the Conflux abandoned settelments. I had kind of suspected that we would go there, as a Point of Interest if not a Waypoint. I have been there a few times before and they can sometimes be creepy. I still would like to look round there again. I only went to the alpha and the delta site last time.

Nothing much has happened so far apart for a few terraformable worlds and stopping by NGC 6629. I am ending today at Eagle's Landing. I will hopefully find something interesting in the next few days.