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DSM Shardlight [TO-28A]
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Oct 19, 2016
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10,637,143,683 Cr

It seems the bubble can't go a few months with falling into another crisis situation these days. Once again I am going in to make sure disaster doesn't happen.

I have managed to make a huge amount of credits thanks to my new mining ship but I am still making adjustments to it.

There is one thing bothering me about this situation, this new blight appeared 1 month ago on multiple planets and seems to come out of nowhere, and only 3 months ago the Thargiods withdrew from the bubble.

New equipment

The anti-thargoid ship has been finished now and I have been able to test it against Cyclops Interceptors. I was in a wing of 3 for this and my build did work just fine. I not going to try taking down a thargoid solo anytime soon, even if my build could potentially do that.

Anyway i have also put together a new mining ship I want to test out, has all the new gear and everything but i haven't used it yet.

New Preperations

There has been a change to my situation, now that I have been hyperdicted for the first time. I can no longer rely on keeping a low profile to get around Thargoids, at least not as much as i used to.

This means that an anti thargoid Combat ship is now a must. I have already figured out a ship build but i will need to go back to the guardian sites for more blueprints.

This is troubling

It seems the meta alloy search paid off. turns out there were a lot more meta alloys in the Witch Head Nebula then were previously thought. Unfortunately is seems like everyone is moving in all at the same time, this is going to be a huge mess.

Meta Alloy Crisis!

I knew I would eventually go back to the bubble, but i never imagined it would be so sudden or urgent. If Meta Alloys are dwindling this is something i cannot ignore. Before i didn't involve in the Thrgoid War apart from station repair, this won't be the case for much longer

Anyway i have no time to waste, I need to go.

Distant Worlds 2 Log Entry 26 (Finally Back)

This is it. It is done, well im in Colonia now so you could say i am back in inhabited space although I am still nowhere near the bubble and I am going to be here for some time.

I didn't take a direct route to Colonia. After crossing the abyss I went to an a region called the Arcadian Stream before going to a few nebula's on the eastern edge of the core.

Anyway now that I am in Colonia I have some "important matters" to attend to.

Distant Worlds 2 Log Entry 25 (Turning Around)

I ended up staying at Beagle Point longer than I originally planned. I did finally leave Beagle Point today after spending a whole month there. I am still not sure what I am going to do on the way back. Maybe i will go back to the galactic core or somewhere around there.

Right now i am going back down the abyss. I have crossed most of it now but I and going to stop for today. I don't have to run on a schedule anymore so I can go at whatever pace I like.

Distant Worlds 2 Log Entry 24 (Hanging Around)

I have just been sitting here at Beagle Point for the past few weeks. I have just been talking and mucking about with other CMDRs, some of the others even brought rare goods as party supplies. Given how the others flew about i think we gave them a bit too much to drink.

Now I have been thinking that I should start heading back to inhabited space soon. I am going to be here for at least a few more days, but i might stay longer.

Distant Worlds 2 Log Entry 23 (Flashbacks)

I remember back on the Galactic Nebula Expedition. It was my first time on an organized expedition with other CMDRs. It was the fist time I went exploring in the further areas of space, before then I hadn't gone further than 6000lys from the bubble. Before the Galactic Nebula Expedition I felt like I was a child just pretending to be grown up, going to Sagittarius A changed that about me forever. Back then I was flying a Diamondback Explorer and I wasn't as confident in my abilities to handle myself out in deep space back then, we didn't have repair limpets in those days so a lot of us had damaged hulls at the end, a few of us had less that 10% hull.

Now i look back at everyone i knew from the GNE. Tea_Rex, Andi8p, Cometborne, Thomaski, Dezent, Aizria. They all had a major impact on who I am now. 4 Years ago I wouldn't have ever considered doing anything like this. In my early days as a CMDR, I would often hide for weeks or even months afraid to do anything. I would only do data runs and the occasional cargo route in my Adder. I am now more confident in myself, no longer am I scared of everything, I know my bounds and can move forward with being terrified.

I am now in a much better position now and i am glad for it.

Distant Worlds 2 Log Entry 22 (Worn Out)

I need to stop going nuts about this. It had been 3 weeks since the mental tremor and nothing bad has happened to me. I have been feeling a bit better about it recently, maybe it's because of the big rush or the 3 Earth-like Worlds I found or both. Either way I shouldn't let my guard down but I need to rest, after the big rush I am worn out.

I haven't just worn out myself, the paint on my ship is starting to wear and tear. I haven't been able to restore the paint since Explorer's Anchorage, back on the Beagle Point Expedition it was much worse. Maybe this time I can get to Beagle Point without completely destroying the paintwork.