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Aidos Devotion [AS-02M]
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Jan 23, 2022
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8,459,976,919 Cr
New Ship - A DBS!

So I decided I needed A new Ship, specifically for covert/infiltration work, so needed it to have good heat management, Decided on the DBS and got it built, took a little while to get it right with proper engineering.

fun little ship in the end, should prove a worthwhile entry to the fleet.

Return to Colonia

I made my way back to Colonia, I've done enough Exploration for now, Although I did find a system teeming with biology not far from Colonia, I'll head back there and scan everything another time.

2-3 weeks of exploration netted me over 6 billion, I left Colonia with around 800 million!

For now, I'm going to focus on building up materials for engineering, and increasing my combat and mercenary rank.

Leaving galatic core

After leaving Voyager's anchorage, I decided to travel to the Guardian ruins in the Empyrean Straits.

Stopped off at a couple of carriers on the way to sell cartographics and exobiology, I don't like holding on to too much data at once, it's not like I'm going to get ganked, but you never know when an oversight is going to cost you.

I was hoping to find a carrier on the way that sold a point efense module, but neeen't have worried, the Guardian ruins had no active defenses. and I was surprised to find it on the light side of the planet for once. was hoping to find tech, but was mostly all data, and a few items to sell. was still an interesting site to explore.

Left the Ruins and headed for Phroea Ploe SO-Z e5374 (blackhole core) a small nebula with a blackhole system at it's center. rested, repaired and sold data at Carrier here, now think I head of and explore the area, perhaps while heading back towards colonia.

Maybe a little longer

Was heading back to Voyagers Anchorage, but some hunting about on the galaxy map found a string of black holes about 28 jumps away.

found some great sight including a huge newtron star, and a large Giant MS class star in the Odin sector, in a binary ordit with a newtron star.

what Direction?

Messed about around Voyager's Anchorage for a bit wondering what to do from here, thought I'd do a bit of exploration around the galatic core, so headed off to find some unique star system in the local area.

Black Holes

Went Black hole hunting, and with thanks to D2EA I better understood how to look for them.

Found three initially, 2 in the same system. though they had been found first by other explorers.

With a little effort, I managed to locate a black hole that hadn't been found before, and in a Binary system with a Newtron Star too! Kyloaln BA-A g75

Heading to Sagittarius A*

Decided to just get myself together and finally head for the center of the galaxy.

Was putting it off trying to get the Phantom fully ready, but would have taken ages to get it perfect, so thought lets just go!


Took out the Keelback for a first real flight, never really knew what to do with it.

In the end it really wasn't anything that I already didn't have in any of my other ships in colonia, so decided to sell it on. won't really miss it, but I did love the sound of those engines!