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Current ship:
(Imperial Cutter)
Member since:
Sep 24, 2017
Distances submitted:
Systems visited:
Systems discovered first:
25,726,959,171 Cr
Wepai Ice World

Wepai KE-U C5-1535 A 1 is a landable, Large Ice World, with a Radius of 19,958 KM and an Earth mass of 19.6044, the Gravity is 2.08G - the system also contains a water world and several other high metal content landable planets/moons.

Earth Like World Hypio Pri

Hypio Pri NJ-P C22-3588 1 is an Earth Like World with a landable moon, a water world and several other high metal planets also orbit the star.

Sagittarius A*

Visited Sagittarius A* - have been before, but need the badge!

Phraa Flyuae - super fast rotating neutron star

Phraa Flyuae FL-W D2-5499 A is a super fast rotating neutron star - A bit apprehensive about jet cone boosting this one!

Earth Like World

Agnairy YV-H C25-2727 A 2 is an Earth Like World with landable rocky moon

Neutron rich sector

Kyloaln sector is a very Neutron rich sector, enabling jet cone boost almost every other jump, roughly 1 in 3 stars is a neutron star

Eoch Pruae - Earth Like World

Eoch Pruae XK-B C28-147 1 is an Earth Like World with a rocky landable moon

Amazing sky to Colonia

Travelled from Amazing Sky tourist site to Colonia to visit Repairs Completed site, boosted through about 15 neutron stars, now on way to Wepai sector.

Amazing Sky tourist site

Reached Amazing Sky, the very far out most landable planet in the neutron system, beware the 2.4 g gravity

Ellaidst Jet Cone Boosting 2

Ellaidst MS-T D3-135 A Neutron star used for cone boosting, noticed FSD took less damage because i entered the cone further along