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Numpty [EO055]
(Asp Explorer)
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Nov 6, 2017
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1,742,519,080 Cr
[Canonn Challenge] - WEPAA GG-Y F343 - K04, K06 & K08 Type Anomalies

This entry marks the third stop on the tour through the WEPAA region on the hunt for Black Holes and their cling-on K Type Anomalies.

In this system, the following are known to exist:

K04-Type Anomaly

K06-Type Anomaly

K08-Type Anomaly

and for something completely different - up close and personal with a Prasinum Metallic Crystal

Fly safe

[Canonn Challenge] - WEPAA BA-A G524 - E04 & K05 Type Anomolies

Next stop on the Challenge Rodeo brought me to the WEPAA BA-A G524 system. The system contains some old friends - such as:

  • Roseum Lagrange Cloud
  • Croceum Lagrange Cloud
  • Solid Mineral Spheres
  • Prasinum Metallic Crystals

But there were also a couple of new anomalies to check off the list

K05-Type Anomaly

E04-Type Anomaly

[Canonn Challenge] - WEPAA BF-A F494 - K01 & K03 Type Anomolies

I am now back on the hunt for the Canonn Challenge sights and experiences. My first stop outside of Colonia in the small system WEPAA BF-A F494.

This system hosts Caeruleum and Croceum Lagrange Clouds, replete with Solid Mineral Spheres, as well as Prasinum and Rubeum Metallic Crystals.

But new to my own records, and evidenced below, is the swirling blue K01-Tye Anomaly and the ever changing colours of the K03-Type Anomaly.

Fly safely

Back in Black

It's been fun, frolicking around the bustling systems of Colonia. I managed to level up my Combat and Trading skills whilst there - and, truth be told, probably imbibed in a touch too much of the Jaques Quinentian Still.

But my true love is exploring the galaxy and seeing what has already been found - and what I might find myself.

A few shots, then, from my travels since returning to the vast expanse of Black..

Largest known Icy Body

I love Black Holes - even if they aren't

Also, apparently just knocked up my 200,000th ly of jumping.

Onwards and upwards...

[Canonn Challenge] - ASURA - Luteolum & Viride Umbrella Molluscs

It has been a long time coming and a long haul into the blackness, but I have made it to the Colonia region.

A big drawcard of the area was as the known location for some of these beauties from the Challenge. And they were worth the trip.

For now, though, I have a few chores and a few upgrades I want to make - so it could be a while before I hit the Challenge Route again.

But I most certainly will...

[Canonn Challenge] - EOL PROU IW-W E1-1868 - Lindigoticum Umbrella Mollusc

Hi There,

I have taken a slightly different path to the advertised challenge route. My one is taking me close to my first ever visit to Colonia and I could not wait to have a look around there.

But, very close by, I found this gem; striking in its appearance.

Behold, the beauty of the Lindigoticum Umbrella Mollusc

Triple Treat

I have taken a short break from the joys of the Canonn Challenge to visit a little system called STRANU FG-Y G1271.

Here are three of the system's Neutron Stars. it has two more and a Black Hole to go along with these. Quite a striking sight.

[Canonn Challenge] - Dryoea Flyii II-S E4-6870 - Multiple Finds

Well, this is certainly a busy system, with plenty going on - known in the Galactic Map as the 'Gardens of Shangri-La'.

In my time here I have ticked the following from the Challenge List - most I had seen before:

Blatteum Sinuous Tubers hanging off the side of a cliff...

Lindigoticum Sinuous Tubers under a purple sunrise

Violaceum Sinuous Tubers

Prasinum Metallic Crystals

Rubeum Metallic Crystals

Flavum Metallic Crystals

And most exciting for me - was to find myself cast adrift inside a couple of huge, violent (and dark) storm clouds: Luteolum Lagrange Storm Cloud

And spying another little sucker in amongst the tumult K-12 Type Anomaly

And onwards...

Fly safe Commanders

[Canonn Challenge] - Eeshorks WO-A e191 - Viride Reel Mollusc

It was only a short couple of hops - with plenty of interest on the way - to the next stop on the journey. Eeshorks WO-A e191 is the proud owner of a rare Herbig Ae/Be Star, and with it a couple of colonies of the even rare Viride Reel Mollusc.

Truly a blessed sight:

and this unlikely combination:

and ever onwards

[Canonn Challenge] - Eeshorks QI-B d1496 - Luteolum Reel Mollusc

The next step of my journeys in the black saw me drop in on this cute family gathering of the famed Luteolum Reel Mollusc. At least, I hope they're family, because there is not a lot of social distancing going on.

It was not long ago I discovered some of these beauties myself at GREAE PHIO QE-Q E5-5534 - but in the name of the challenge I decided to push on and photo these too.