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Sacagawea [SAC-08]
(Diamondback Explorer)
Member since:
Apr 30, 2018
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13,319,105 Cr
Geological discovery

17 DEC 3304 05:23:44 Galactic Standard Time

This is new; I received this after doing some surface mapping on a metallic planet: Planet with markers saying, "Surface Signal - Geological"

Closer inspection revealed sulfur dioxide steam geysers! enter image description here

Back to the Black

16 DEC 3304 21:22:51 Galactic Standard Time

After some entertaining bounty hunting stints in the Winguardium Murderosa and some drunken party bus antics in the Verka Serduchka, I've decided to try out the new probe and scanner upgrades with the Sacagawea.

I have to admit I'm impressed with the new technology. I guess when the hyperlane infrastructure gets a little better we can scout out locations for miners. Scanned planet featuring ring hotspots

I'm backtracking on some of my catalog both in the hopes of finding interesting new discoveries as well as making sure my mark stays fresh in the history books, of course

Palin Run

13 JUN 3304 02:32:41 Galactic Standard Time

After completing some scientific missions, I decided it was time for some ACTION! So I took on some Thargoids, a bunch of pirates, and now I'm back out in the void.

Dr. Palin wants me to go 5000 ly from my homeworld of Chemaku before he'll talk to me about thruster upgrades.

No problem, the race is on!

It's lead me to some Neutron Stars and I have to appreciate the tremendous boost they give. Check out that 227 ly jump!

227 ly jump!

Orio-Persean Gap Survey, Day 13 Supplemental

27 MAY 3304 20:35:23 Galactic Standard Time

Okay, I have to admit this is cool. Pictured up and to the right of the Sacagawea is this planet's twin, a terraformable metal world with a nitrogen atmosphere.

Earthlike World

Orio-Persean Gap Survey, Day 13

27 MAY 3304 19:59:37 Galactic Standard Time

There's a certain amount of mental stamina that one needs for missions like this. Though every time a negative thought like, "I'm literally flying around in circles" pops up it gets balanced with finding a terraformable water world or gas giants harboring life.

I HAVE decided to change my mission parameters slightly and head further "down" toward the galactic plane. The star field is denser there and at worst it'll be a change of pace.

Orio-Persean Gap Survey, Day 5

19 MAY 3304 20:19:10 Galactic Standard Time

Blue Gas Giant With Two Eye-Like White Clouds

Ever get that feeling you're being watched?

Orio-Persean Gap Survey, Day 1 Supplemental

14 MAY 3304 2:10:34 Galactic Standard Time

Nebula with stars

The NGC 7822 Nebula looks pretty tempting up close. I'm sure I'm not the only sailor these sirens have lured though.

Orio-Persean Gap Survey, Day 1 Supplemental

14 MAY 3304 01:02:01 Galactic Standard Time An SRV with headlamps on a dark landscape with the Milky Way in the sky

Stopped off to pick up some rare elements and break up some of the monotony of space flight. This little planetoid is spinning around its sun so fast that its year is just over one Earth day. Yet I feel like time goes much, much slower here.

I'll pick up some more metals and be on my way.

Orio-Persean Gap Survey, Day 1

13 MAY 3304 17:36:32 Galactic Standard Time

I must say my lawyer is amazing. A brief stint in the clink and some community service later and I'm back out among the stars!

I'm planning on doing a chart of the Orio-Persean Gap to see what's out there. I may move on to one of the arms afterwards, we'll see how this goes.

One surprising find so far - an uncharted system within 500 ly of Sol. I guess that just goes to show that an explorer's work is never done.

This time I was wise enough to bring a whole library of music and several backups to my ... supplies. Along with some duct tape over the jettison buttons (and I snipped the panel wires just to be sure).

[The cable company relented and let me get the lower rate rather than have to wait. Persistence pays off]

Legal Announcement

7 MAY 3304

My client, identified by the Pilot's Federation callsign "Coffee Addict", directed me to create this entry for posterity in his flight logbook following an altercation with the authorities several days ago.

My client has allegedly had an allegedly unpaid parking ticket, allegedly at New Dawn Station in the Ceos system for - allegedly - four years. My client also stands accused of the misappropriation approximately one ton of cocktail garnishes and destruction of an ancient music recording, charges which we will vigorously fight in court. In what is an unprecedented gross overreach of the law, authorities have arrested my client and suspended his license while he awaits a trial.

-Vernon Singh-Gonzalez, III

[My internet cable monopoly charges too much and so I'm throwing a temper tantrum to reduce my rates. After sixty days I get to return as a "new customer" at half the rate they're currently demanding. I plan to use the savings for some premium high caffeine java blends. Until then I'm forced to dream about my next expedition and go play outside instead]