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The Bosnick [BAR-06]
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May 28, 2018
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Systems discovered first:
1,178,203,852 Cr
3304-06-29: Scanning had begon

Fully scanned four Ancient Ruins, found out some details I did not know / Explored my first Guardian Structure and had to destroy two Sentinels / Quite a lot to go

3304-06-28: Update-day

Well, that was a lovely waste of time...: got my Guardian stuff, flew to the first obelisk scanning site, scanned the first obelisk and discovered my 2 missions were gone! / Heading back home to Meene / Probably due to the update to 3.1

3304-06-27: Ready for the expedition.

Third drop-in to the megaship and bingo: got my Basilisk Tissue Sample / Thargoid's pulled me out of Hyperspace with the three samples on board. Managed to boost away in their 20 second surrender period. Some precarious moments there... (not carrying anti EMP) / Got my Thargoid Sensor from the crashed Thargoid ship / Went to (another) Thargoid base and after some much needed 'looking around' got my Thargoid Link / Acquired my Thargoid Probe from a NHSS level 2 which was to easy after all the stress / switched some ship-parts so I can do both Ram Tah missions at the same time / Arrived and accepted both missions in Meene / Pondering if I will use a walkthrough or just go find out myself.

Thargoid bases rule: HIP 14909: active Thargoid base

Top-view of most of the base: HIP 14909: active Thargoid base

The main room with some Scavengers: HIP 14909: active Thargoid base

The Thargoid Link room: HIP 14909: active Thargoid base

3304-06-26: Getting familiar with the Thargoids

Did some reading and tested my tools on the Thargoid(s) around the attacked Hogan class megeaship in the Electra system / Kind of accidentally got a Cyclops Tissue Sample / Got a Medusa Tissue Sample after about 10 "leave-and-drop-back-in-s" to the megaship / Did about 50 more of those, but got only 2 Cyclopses / Who would have thought hunting for Tissue Samples would get boring?

Got a Cyclops Tissue Sample after scanning him, which is nice. Could not do that with the following attempts, cause it would mean allowing them to scan me... Electra NHSS: Cyclops Tissue donor

Got scanned by a Meduse. Nice! Electra Hogan megaship: Meeting Medusa

I am still gobsmacked by the graphics of this game! Electra: Hogan class attacked megaship

3304-06-25: Ready for tisseus

Finally got all the materials / Upgraded my Diamondback Explorer / Went back to the Pleiades/ Bed and breakfast on megaship Dionysus

3304-06-24: Have to get used to shitty days again

Wanting to upgrade all components of my Diamondback Explorer means needing a shit-ton of materials / Let the grind commence

3304-06-23: First Thargoid day

Went to Maia to unlock Professor Palin, but got his mission / Got three Thargoid Technology Samples from the Thargoid Structure at HIP 17694 (impressive) / Got on the way to the Alien crash site at HIP 17403 (hard to find) to get the 25 needed Scanner Fragments and brought an extra Thargoid Scanner for good measure / Got pulled out of Hyperspace by two Thargoid Interceptors / Ejected the scanner in hopes that would prevent them attacking, it did. The two were occupied with the thing and left, didn't even look at me... / Got on to upgrade my now four ships's engines / Got pulled out of Hyperspace again, by three Thargoid Interceptors! This time I had the time to switch to camera and take a picture / After the dude in the picture scanned me, he bumped me (!) and they all left (very surprising) / Next objective: upgrading all the stuff on my Diamondback Explorer Thargoid Hunter... ...

Here is the picture I took: (only later realized this was a Medusa, too) Thargoid Interceptor

And the view from Professor Palin's office should not be missed either. Absolutely WAUW! The Milky-way through the Pleiades Nebula

3304-06-22: Let's get the Diamond back

Outfitted my Diamondback Explorer for stealth Thargoid hunting and the "Decoding the Guardian Logs" mission / Next objective: unlocking Professor Palin

My bumped up Explorer looks a little out of place with my new friends...

Luyten Ring / CD-36 1535

3304-06-21: Had some fun, made some friends

Arrived at the Eafort region / Visited the Heart Nebula / Scanned my first black hole (got a little shaky jumping in...) / Visited the Soul Nebula / Went back to first discovered Earth-like planet to take a picture / Went back to the bubble and turned in my explorer data / Next objective: outfitting my Diamondback Explorer

Result of at least 30 hours exploring: traveled more than 16.000 LY: scanned +/- 385 systems; discovered 4 Earth-like planets; discovered 10 Water-worlds; discovered at least 40 Terraformable planets (didn't count those); made 48.662.398 credits of the trip; sold the data in 6 huge population, Tourism systems and made them all Allied! / Crunching numbers: about 126.396 cr per visited system; about 1.6M cr per hour; a surprising amount of fun.

Minor setback: not a single Ammonia-world (discovered or undiscovered). But here's something I'm still proud of! List of all claimed special planets

This picture was just to beautiful: my third discovered Earth-like planet. My third Earth-like planet

3304-06-20: Feeling a little lonely

Discovered my first Earth-like planet (hopefully I can claim it too) / Discovered four different Waterworlds / And about 15 planets which can be terraformed / Exploration has it's own kind of charm / Current status: Just shy of 5750 LY from Sol!

My First waterworld

Forgot to take a picture with the Earth-like planet. Will have to revisit on the way back... EDIT: And done.

My first Earth-like planet