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The Bosnick [BAR-06]
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May 28, 2018
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1,178,203,852 Cr
3304-07-25: A...hum...

Was planning to do a day sightseeing when I came across two missions I could not refuse. The plan was to switch to my Orca, one of these days, and do a run to Colonia and maybe Sagittarius A. And now two scientists wanted me to take them to... Colonia and Sagittarius A. I accepted the missions expecting to be able to switch to my Orca. This wasn't the case. So now I am on my way, on a 60 to 70 thousand lightyear journey, in a 40 LY jumprange Imperial Clipper with a 16 ton fueltank. An epic undertaking, if you ask me. Of course I stacked some data-delivery missions before leaving the bubble. Stupidly I also accepted about 6 missions to a planetary base, even though I have two scientist-parties on board who are secretive. So there is a possible headache. Besides that: one of the parties want to visit a system with a neutron star, with which I have had some, less than survivable, encounters. It's going to be interesting. For now though, it's just scanning and jumping again.

Stats day 1: Traveled about 5000LY and visited 146 systems. Found and scanned previously undiscovered: 8 Terra-formable planets; 2 Waterworlds; 1 Earthlike planet / Added unknown systems to EDSM: 109 systems / Left the bubble with 474.843.616 credits. Sadly I didn't empty my explorer data, so I have to figure out how to calculate the data earnings from this trip later.

PS.: I found my first Ammonia-world after traveling through undiscovered systems for a while. Turns out I was claimed already! Total bummer! Still on the wish-list.

Found my first Earth-like planet not very far from the bubble: Good start, lots of already discovered ones after this one...

Visited the Lagoon Nebula, but figured that might be the reason why so many systems are visited. Going to steer clear of the main routes: Still look pretty: those clouds

3304-07-24: Change of plans.

Well, after some playing around with which blueprints to pin and by whom, I decided: Screw it! I've had it with these engineers, high time to do something fun / Objective 1 complete: fully upgrading my Orca and Imperial Clipper / Objective 2 postponed: Fully unlocking four engineers (still two to go) / Next objective: doing my first (of many) passenger missions / Ended the day having done 10 sightseeing missions, of which one failed because of being scanned at for drop of (very annoying).

3304-07-23: OMG, Frontier had a surprisein store.

Got 0,3M credits combat bonds more and unlocked Juri Ishmaak / Will come back to fully unlock him with upgrades / Went to Fujin System to get some tea for Broo Tarquin expecting to have to do the trip three times or so. Turns out: they only sell 5 tons at a time / 3500 LY and almost six hours later I unlocked Broo (totally crazy) / Will come back to fully unlock him with upgrades.

I filter my routes through un-visited systems, this gherkin was the result of getting Broo Tarquin his 50 tons of tea... Fujin to Muang and back: 10 times

3304-07-22: Engineers day

Didn't do that much today, but fully engineered my Imperial Clipper / Unplanned: fully unlocked Tiana Fortune / Killed some guys in a Combat Zone (0,7M cr) to unlock Juri Ishmaak tomorrow / Also planning to unlock Broo Tarquin on my travels (it on route, so to say).

3304-07-21: Grind finally over.

Spend three hours looking for High Grade Emissions in specific systems (500.000.000+ populations) and found exactly four... got exactly the number of Military Supercapacitors and Improvised Components I wanted (crazy low droprate) / Fully engineered my Orca / Accidental side-result: Fully unlocked engineer Hera Tani / Still to-do: engineer the Imperial Clipper and unlock Juri Ishmaak.

3304-07-20: For a moment I believed the grind would be over...

Did 13 more Planetary Scan missions for a total of 20 missions and got 146 Encoded materials for it / It has to be said that I had to do two sites twice due to a bug, so technically I got 146 Encoded materials for 22 scans, which is an average of 3.2 per scan (not bad) / Went to a system to get some Core Dynamic Composite and within five minutes I got two High Grade Emissions, but I discovered I had to skip all the grade 4 materials because of a full storage / So I traded some of those in another system / Only got one HGE in 1,5 hours after this trade (very aggravating) / Went to another system to get some Improvised Components and after waiting 20 minutes for my Vulture to arrive, my connection failed / Gave up after that / Just +/- 50 materials shy of my 1500 material shopping list...

I don't know which system or outpost this was, but I liked the view: Some nice views from the parking spot

3304-07-19: Combat rank grinding is insane too.

I needed materials, needed combat bonds, wanted to unlock Juri Ishmaak and (eventually) Lori Jameson, so I got meself 201 combat bonds and another insane amount of materials / Combat rank only slightly moved! / Did a fast trade-trip just so I can say I did something more than shoot and scoop / Still boat-loads of fun, though ;)

Got killed ones, probably due to an auto-deploying cargoscoop. I didn't retract it, because deploying my hardpoint would retract it automatically and retracting hardpoints would deploy it again. Ideal, you might think, except in the heat of almost dying I forgot all this. Trying to boost and go to supercruise, nothing worked. Didn't have the time to read the error. Only when it all happened again I read the message and understood what had happened earlier. Not doing it like that anymore...

3304-07-18: Interesting grind.

Harvested a sh*t-ton of materials for four more hours bounty hunting / Took and finished seven planetary scan missions and got some more encoded materials / Entered a battle at a Low intensity Conflict Zone for the first time (ever): had a surprisingly insane amount of fun (33 kills / bounty vouchers) / It must be said that my Vulture is fully shield-tanked and has an engineered level five, Military grade Hull, this makes me pretty much untouchable and allowed me to enjoy it so much.

3304-07-17: Ggrriinndd.

Finished my scan-bases-route, actually got 264 materials from it, including 36 Modified Embedded Firmware / Started High-RES bounty hunting for scan data and to pick up materials there / Decided to just grind on for the moment: you can't have too much materials

Had to look twice before discovering it was a moon: LP 672-42 B 10 C, Blaschke Base

3304-07-16: More Encoded grinding

Spent another two hours at the Distribution Center / Visited and scanned 21 bases of my 28-base-scanning-route / Just found out I could get myself an Anaconda, but the new-ship-grind is too much of an obstacle. I just want to do something different.