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The Hitchens [bar-11]
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May 28, 2018
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1,976,565,731 Cr
3305-05-27: Returning to the black.

After month building a house on the planet surface, joining a underground racing league and taking revenge on some guy who cheated me out of a car, while staying out the hands of the police, it is time to return to the awesomeness of space! I'm a little rusty and so is my flight assistant, but we will manage.

Looking forward to some battle and some exploration!

3304-10-07: Got inspired to get a Xeno-hunter.
  • I showed my brother the crashed Anaconda, the crashed Thargoid and 3 Thargoid bases;
  • I decided to buy a second Anaconda and outfit is for Xeno-hunting;
  • I spent a total of 457.607.414 credits outfitting it (still needs engineering);
  • Spend another 21.223.194 credits extra on multi-crew Guardian and Xeno-weapons;
  • Next objective: get blueprints (17) to unlock all still locked Guardian technology.

My first Guardian beacon at IC 2391 SECTOR MX-T B3-6

3304-10-05: Federal Corvette fully upgraded and engineered.
  • I ended up spending a total of 747.771.998 credits on my Federal Corvette; (oef)
  • Spend 29.960.773 credits buying weapons for it to be able to outfit it for multi-crew;
  • Got promoted to Earl by the Imperial Navy;
  • Next objective: showing my brother the Pleiades.
3304-10-01: New logbook plan.

Written 3304-10-08:

Since my brother joined the Pilots Federation I seem to lack interest in writing full logbook entries. So I decided to just write down highlights and tactical objectives. Let's see how that goes...
3304-09-27 to 3304-09-30: Lots of short days.

Had some other stuff to do and had very little time to work my space-business / Decided to just go grind Empire-ranking / I see a Cutter in my future, although my Vette still needs a lot of engineering and I plan to visit the Pleiades with my brother / Need to see what the future favors...

  • traveled 1.136 LY in 88 jumps (over 4 days);
  • made 8.555.354 credits doing missions;
  • went up 1% in trade ranking to 36%;
  • made 37.638 credits claiming intel-packages;
  • got promoted to Viscount by the Imperial Navy;
  • got promoted to Count by the Imperial Navy;
  • spent 3.300 paying of 6 bounties;
  • spent 165 credits on a moduletransfer;
  • 2.473 cr on repair, 223 cr on fuel and 8.185 cr on munitions.
Total over the last 4 days: 9.330.486 credits.
3304-09-26: Rear admiral B.A.R got a Vette from the Feds

Did need to grind some more missions, but got my promotion / Went out and bought my Federal Corvette / Was shocked to learn it's stock jumprange meant I needed to transfer the thing to get to a place to buy the first upgrades...

  • traveled 622 LY in 43 jumps;
  • made 7.555.669 credits on missions;
  • went up 1% in trade ranking to 35%;
  • claimed 2 bounties for 243.722 credits;
  • got promoted to Rear Admiral by the Federal Navy;
  • bought my Federal Corvette for 155.779.684 credits;
  • outfitted it for another 223.610.230 credits;
  • spent 1.859.883 credits on 2 ship-transfers;
  • 2.049 cr on fuel and 103 cr on munitions.
Todays total: -373.437.714 credits...
3304-09-25: Well on route

Spent yet another day grinding fed-missions / Killed some pirates for extra cash and to add some variety to the job / Switched out a cargo-rack for a fuel-scoop, don't need very much cargospace anyways.

  • traveled 474 LY in 41 jumps;
  • made 16.987.988 credits from the missions;
  • went up 3% in trade ranking to 34%;
  • claimed 21.211 credits turning in intel-packages;
  • claimed 14 bounties for 1.660.980 credits;
  • went up 1% in combat ranking to 17%;
  • spent 11.141 credits on munitions.
Todays total: 18.796.794 credits.
3304-09-24: Meet the Post Captain.

Spent the day doing more missions for the Feds / Had success, only one rank to go / My Anaconda burns through munitions in a terrifying way.

  • traveled 305 LY in 20 jumps;
  • made 25.155.211 credits doing missions;
  • went up 4% in trade ranking to 31%;
  • made 2.429.293 credits claiming 14 bounties;
  • went up 1% in combat ranking to 16%;
  • got promoted to Post Captain by the Federal Navy;
  • spent 51.833 cr on repairs, 998 cr on fuel and 32.834 cr on munitions.
Todays total: 27.498.839 credits.
3304-09-23: Finished updating my Eagle.

I finished the engineers-run and fully updated my Eagle: it's a screaming, speed-monster / Lacking a new goal I decided to grind some more federation-ranking to get to Rear-Admiral / Did some more PS-missions to POI's which I have no trouble completing.

  • I traveled 1.041 LY in 57 jumps;
  • completed 60 engineer-rolls to finish my Eagle;
  • made 12.707.814 credits doing missions;
  • went up 1% in trade ranking to 27%;
  • made 28.366 credits from intel-packages;
  • made 714.749 credits on 13 bounties;
  • made 2.082.880 credits on (my first) assassination-mission;
  • spent 92.827 credits on last ship-transfers;
  • spent 3.300 paying of 6 bounties;
  • 1.521 cr on repair, 3.001 cr on fuel and 3.628 cr on munitions.
Todays total: 17.089.967 credits.
3304-09-22: Waiting for my Eagle to arrive.

I did half my engineers-run today / Travel the bubble in my ASPx (70LY jump), waiting every time for my Eagle to catch up...

  • traveled 1.819 LY in 50 jumps;
  • didn't make any money;
  • did 138 engineers-rolls;
  • spent 164.327 credits on shiptransfers;
  • 544 cr on repair and 5.645 cr on fuel.
Todays total: -170.516 credits.