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Commander name:
Current ship:
The Andrews [BAR-07]
Member since:
May 28, 2018
Distances submitted:
Systems visited:
Systems discovered first:
1,623,792,406 Cr
3304-08-15: Lost the war.

Killed some more, 239 pilots to be exact / Made 9.195.400 cr in combat bonds and got 28% closer to becoming 'dangerous' / Sadly this didn't win the war / When I finished the Massacre Mission I went around to allied factions looking for medium range passenger missions and traded some on the way / Got two, close to 10.000 LY missions and made 119.648 cr trading profit on the way / Did a simple passenger drop-off and the massacre missions for a total profit of 22.742.937 cr / Next objective: do a week long explorer run to make as much use of my Li Yong-Rui lvl5 status as possible.

3304-08-14: Not going to become Dangerous before Thursday...

I had hoped, but the number of kills is crazy / Started a spreadsheet with, just about, all the numbers (not sure if I'm really happy about the extra work, but I can now say:) / Killed 144 more enemies in the high intensity Combat Zone in the Saranyu system / Spend 182.258 cr on fuel, ammo and repairs / Made 4.880.600 cr in combat bonds and made 14.521.848 cr when you add the massacre missions income (just about 100.000 cr a kill!) / Went up 16% in combat rank (now 44%), so that is about 10 kills per percent, which means I need 560 more kills in combat zones to reach combat rank 'Dangerous' (I only killed 525 in total in combat zones).

3304-08-13: Different war, same killing.

Finished my 5010 merit, Toval expansion, undermining mission / Directly went on fighting a war in the NLTT 8622 system to keep some faction from flipping the system / I really love my Vultures handling and resilience. It kicks ass / Sadly the war was won, with a contribution of my 70+ kills, even before I could complete the 81 kills mission I had accepted (just abandoned the mission / lesson learned) / Having fought all the anti-Toval runs in my Python, I decided to do a high intensity Combat Zone in it / Killed about 50 in the Saranyu system. The Python is slow in the turns, but it bites when you're in the cross-hairs / I'm going to start writing down my kill-numbers, these approximations are annoying.

Zamina Toval wasn't happy with my work. This is a bounty I haven't seen before... Bounty collected with 167 kills (don't get the math)

3304-08-11/12: Killing resumes.

Spend two days killing Toval man and women / Counter currently stands at a 160 victims / Only 7 to go to reach the 5000 merits threshold.

3304-08-10: Getting ready for the next phase.

Spent some more time checking stuff / Got permission from 'the powers that be' to attack Toval's people in the Q1 Eridani system to frustrate their expansion there / Killed about 20 Toval brokers.

I mapped the stars the special planets revolve around:

  • 29 around M-class stars
  • 1 around a M-class red giant
  • 66 around K-class stars
  • 25 around F-class stars
  • 18 around G-class stars
  • 40 around A-class stars
  • 1 around a Herbig Ae/Be star.

Conclusion: Chances of finding one around a K-, F- or G-class star is about the same (K-class is a more common star than the other two) / Finding one around a M-class star is rare, but does happen / Chances of finding one around an A-class star are statistically higher.

I made a small collection of the highlights of my finds: Click for full image

3304-08-09: Final numbers are in.

Spend hours today cashing in my exploration-data a page per faction or multiple pages if needed to become allied (made 39 allied friends) / Spend the rest of the checking numbers...

Numbers deduced from cashing my exploration-data:

  • Total explored systems: 2.027
  • Total exploration data value: 366.105.193 credits
  • Total Li Yong-Rui bonus: 718.624.338 credits
  • Total money made from data: 1.084.729.531 credits
  • Average credits per system: 535.140 credits
  • Calculated trip earnings: 922.581.998 credits
  • Just under 10.000.000 credits an hour!
  • Made 2.292.595 credits trading while cashing data

Added to the 18.134.066 credits I earned besides the exploration-data (see log yesterday) brings the total of this project to: credits

After checking:

  • all 13 first discovered Earth-like planets are now claimed by B.A.R
  • so are the 17 Ammonia-worlds
  • I officially earned my Wolf-Rayet badge with 4/4 claimed
  • and my Black Hole badge (5/6), despite one being claimed by Yurvic86Rus
  • all Waterworlds are B.A.R as well.

I am not going to worry about someone else claiming before me anymore...

Slightly embarrassed, but kinda proud at the same time: one picture says it all: Project completed

3304-08-08: First numbers are in.

I finished my merits-grind. Got my 10.000 merits now / Decided to start working on the numbers (see below) / Did some flying around in Li Yong-Rui space to add some more explorer data, but only managed to add 5.155.234 credits to the EDSM-estimate / I'm kind of curious what happens tonight. Level 5 gets 50.000.000 credits? When? Don't know how it all works / I decided to stay pledged for the time being. Can use the week to grind some Combat ranking and maybe use a second to do some small exploration-run. Not gonna be level 5 any time soon again.

Sadly I discovered to late EDSM calculates the exact numbers for traveled lightyears, so the total distance is an approximation, but these are the numbers from my exploration trip (Kholhou to Kholhou):

  • traveled between 67.500 and 70.000 LY
  • in 1724 jumps
  • spent over 85 hours doing so (excluding writing logs)
  • discovered 368 previously unclaimed Terraformable planets
  • discovered 134 previously unclaimed Waterworlds
  • discovered 13 previously unclaimed Earth-like planets
  • discovered 17 previously unclaimed Ammonia-worlds
  • and added 1633 systems to the EDSM database.

During the 12 days exploration:

  • I completed 25 missions for a total of 112.186.110 credits
  • I spent 323.860 credits on repair and re-arm.

The following 3 days grinding merits:

  • I spent 62.930 credits on fuel
  • 55.429 credits on fines and outfitting
  • I bought goods for 5.536.738 credits
  • and sold them for 11.026.928 credits for a profit of 5.490.175 credits
  • I fast-tracked 9.910 Sirius Industrial Equipment for 99.100.000 credits
  • and got the other 90 SIEs for free
  • needed about 15 hours to get all 10.000 merits in 50 runs.

So up until now I made 18.134.066 credits in +/-100 gaming-hours, spread over 15 days. EDSM calculates my current exploration-data at 286.628.657 credits, so that times three should be a good chunk, making it all worth it.

3304-08-07: Nearly ready to cash my data.

Did 30 more trips today. 9400 merits earned, only 600 to go, should be easily before the deadline / Actually looking forward to crunching the numbers. Quite curious how many planets are going to wear my name (silly as that may be) / Friday it is!

3304-08-06: Grinding merits sucks too.

Who would have thought a thing called 'powerplay' could be so boring / Did 15 more fortification runs today (3400 merits earned, 6600 merits to go)

3304-08-05: To happy to be back

I forgot to log the final numbers and just moved on to change ship. However I only found one undiscovered terraformable planet on the final stretch, so I'm only missing the final distances / I will revisit this once I get payed for the exploration-data / I decided to triple my money by getting to level 5 with Li Yong-Rui of Sirius Corp / So I made two fortification runs for him (first 400 merits in, only 9600 merits to go)

Calculated and checked from flight-log: Stats day 12: Traveled 1173,06 LY and visited 30 systems. Found and scanned previously undiscovered: 1 Terra-formable planet / Added unknown systems to EDSM: 8 systems.