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Commander name:
Current ship:
The 'Sir JOHN KIRK' [ki-007]
Member since:
Aug 1, 2018
Distances submitted:
Systems visited:
Systems discovered first:
7,056,439,414 Cr
Plod on!

It's been a while since my last entry. I did make a couple previously but my not so nimble fingers seem to have pressed the wrong buttons and the entries have disappeared into the ether.

It has been a steady plod and I have been making great progress up until the 24th when I took a well deserved cryo sleep to recharge the batteries and help prevent the space madness.

Except for a scary moment when I jumped to the next neutron star on route and found I was needing to visit a fuel star before the next jump. It was unfortunate that there weren't any within my remaining fuel range nor my ships maximum jump range of 64.9 Ly. After some serious head scratching I discovered the ability to boost my distance using stored materials which got me out of that predicament.

It was a neccessary fright because I was becoming complacent in my use of the nuetron highway. I am a novice explorer to be honest. The Elite status does not reflect the true inexperience I possess. I realise that if this happens again I need to go back rather than sideways.

I got back in the saddle yesterday after a week in cryo. So.....onward and upwards.

New Adventure 7/11/2019

Preparations have begun for an extended trip out into the deepest black. There's no rush but I'm sure that'll all change as the space madness sets in.

I have spotted an old friend on the Galaxy Map whose locator beacon is showing him at the tail of a spur in our Milky Way. His icon hasn't moved in more than a month. I don't know if he needs the solitude or else he has a problem.

Unable to raise him on comms, I've decided to head out there for a wee look. 44k+ Ly isn't just a small leap it's a jump into the dark. Armed with a few repair limpets, I'm getting 'The John Kirk' ready.

12 Aug

Only able to have a quick spurt this morning since the ship is going in for essential maintenance Hopefully she'll be fit to fly by this evening.

9 Aug

Is this Route 66? No...just another 66 jumps to go. I'm making good progress and collecting some decent carto money. Nearly 150M creds, great if I can get it back intact eh? Okay, let's go. Time for a few more jumps before a break for food.

9 Aug

Still heading back to Tolly's at Kojeara but the incessant scanning and mapping is taking its toll. Had to shut the systems down and take a well deserved shallow coma sleep. I have woken refreshed but with a slight hangover. It can only be in my mind as I was dreaming of a celebration with the rest of the Silverbacks back in Dead Man's... Strange the tricks the mind will play on you out in the deep black. So is it straight back or maybe a detour ...? Let's get this boat rolling.

6 August

Finally on my way...39 jumps. Now only 33 and a few water worlds under my belt. The carto is growing. Should pay the ship repairs when I get back. Have come across few neutron jumps so far. It's going to be a slow trip as I'm hitting large body systems that need to be scanned at least. Watch this space. Finally arrived. Loved the sight of the Black in Green black hole. Ticked the tourist beacon box and ready to move on. Plugging in the home station co-ordinates at Kojeara. 130+ jumps, let's go.

5 August

The plan was to head home via Shrogae MH-V e2-1763 but circumstances prevented me ...Firstly a typed in the wrong system, close but wrong. Other nameless obstacles have prevented me making progress. Stroll on a new day.

4 August

My fellow Ape commanders, The Presence and Cmdr Junagu have both been successful finding multiple systems with Braintree Bio's. For me not so much. I have scanned and mapped some 30 odd systems and found nothing new. Alas no Guardian sites either. After 3 of us doing our bit we've decided tomorrow to move on.

3 August

My first system scan produced Braintree Bio readings. I marked them up for the squadron and moved on. The belief was that where there are Braintrees there are Guardian ruins. Let's get scanning.

1 August

Early doors on the first of the new month and I arrived at the destination sent by The Presence, namely SHROGAAE FF-A e500, to start scanning local systems for new Guardian sites. It can indeed wait until after I have a well earned sleep and can start refreshed at a reasonable time in the morning....