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Diamond Pussy [P****d]
(Diamondback Explorer)
Member since:
Sep 2, 2018
Distances submitted:
Systems visited:
Systems discovered first:
27,599,233,104 Cr
WP 13 Blooe Eop FB-M d8-1 to WP 14 Hypuae Euq ZK-P d5-0 with detour to Haffner 18 LSS 27 to the Southern Meridian and back to the bubble

Mid crucial turn point Proo Drye MZ-E d12-4 for Haffner 18 LSS 27 to avoid routing failure

real close sun ![enter image description here]Proo Eop KT-F d12-1( "enter image title here")

downloaded the EDdiscovery , to look at how to go to the southern meridian , 10 Gb file.

decided to go to the crab

enter image description here

ref (thanks you )

Livingstone's Trail:

Hypuae Euq CC-D d12-0 9.99 Ly Hypuae Euq ZK-P e5-0 55.11 Ly Hypuae Euq TP-G d10-1 40.91 Ly Hypuae Euq UP-G d10-1 60.78 Ly Hypuae Euq UP-G d10-0 27.23 Ly Hypuae Euq QJ-I d9-0 73 Ly Hypuae Euq MD-K d8-0 85.97 Ly Hypuae Euq GC-M d7-0 93.17 Ly Hypuae Euq HX-L d7-0 47.65 Ly Hypuae Euq LD-K d8-0 94.07 Ly Isheau DT-O d7-0 60.82 Ly Isheau CT-O d7-0 62.52 Ly Hypuae Euq DR-N d6-0 74.92 Ly Hypuae Euq ZK-P d5-0 88.5 Ly (Notus - The 'Southern' Meridian) Hypuae Euq AL-P d5-0 76.38 Ly Hypuae Euq WE-R d4-0 79.05 Ly (Star's End Depot) Hypuae Euq SY-S d3-0 ?? (Livingstone Point)

Charting back to the bubble possible in Eorld Phoe VT-A b20-0

WP 12 Thailau KN-Q d6-3 to WP 13 Blooe Eop FB-M d8-1

WP 12 Thailau KN-Q d6-3 to WP 13 Blooe Eop FB-M d8-1 138 Jump

NSP Drokoe YZ-J c11-1 The first after 22klys hiatus.

from WP 11 Plae Eur DW-E d11-0 to WP 12 Thailau KN-Q d6-3 12014.24 lys or 215 jump

Space is pretty much empty, offset from the beaten path will have lots of FD , except around POI, those are pretty much explore and mapped, NSP seems to have drop by a large measure

completed 115 jump , almost got into fuel troubles when plotting without scoop-able stars. always watch the next star and fuel gauge.

sit rep , 95% hull , 98% PP , system still green , 100 jumps to WP 12 Thailau KN-Q d6-3, will complete by tonite

3 hours later Done

WP 10 Ood Fleau ZJ-I d9-0 (Magellan's Star) to WP 11 Plae Eur DW-E d11-0

Moving from WP 10 Ood Fleau ZJ-I d9-0 (Magellan's Star) to WP 11 Plae Eur DW-E d11-0 is about 21k lys , the same challenge applied as both are on the fringe , it requires jumponium and eyeballing when moving into position

have to guess the nearest plotable star to Plae Eur DW-E d11-0 will take abit of time as the boat move closer

Ran into a couple of 1Gs planet while doing an aero-braking currently the hull is at 95% and PP is at 98% , Running out of AFMU , will do a replenisment in the next maintenance cycle.


Ood Fleau YK-P d5-2, Byiae Aick QY-S d3-3 Droesps XM-W d1-3 Ausain BE-A b14-0

guide points

Plae Eur DW-E d11-0 38.14 Ly Plae Eur HC-D d12-0 111.2 Ly Struefio BY-F d12-0 80.98 Ly Plae Eur JI-B d13-0 104.66 Ly Plae Eur MO-Z d13-0 107.55 Ly Sidgooe DA-A d0 91.39 Ly Sidgooe HG-Y d0 100.49 Ly Sidgooe KM-W d1-0 111.55 Ly Sidgooe NS-U d2-0 36.77 Ly Sidgooe ER-N c6-0 43.45 Ly

WP9 to WP 10 NSP


  1. Ausairg FL-P d5-3,Byai Airgh MG-Y d0,Byai Airgh CE-T d3-0,Droesps EW-N d6-1,Droesps UJ-I d9-5,Ood Fleau ZJ-I d9-0(WP10)

came across these 2 guys at the same site

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

Scanned these fellows acouple of times and even switch to few of the same kind but keep getting "'''''''" returns and the temp went below OdegC must be some ices crystal of somekind.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Experiencing some plotting failure , due to the short leg of the dolphin , plot to the last plot-able stars

which is Ood Fleau LX-L d7-0 and then eyeball all the way in

  1. WP 9 to WP 10
    Jump Ood Fleau ZJ-I d9-0 92.21 Ly Jump Ood Fleau YJ-I d9-0 71.68 Ly Jump Ood Fleau TD-K d8-0 65.17 Ly Jump Ood Fleau WJ-I d9-0 105.97 Ly Jump Ood Fleau SD-K d8-0 83.63 Ly Jump Ood Fleau PI-K d8-0 88.22 Ly Jump Ood Fleau OI-K d8-0 54.75 Ly Jump Ood Fleau LX-L d7-0 59.02 Ly
WP 8 to main arterial flow of stars and then to WP 9

The stars are sparse in between, have to eyeball the way out to the main arterial flow.

Eyeball a route at 90deg or 3 oclock and just punch thru 30 point in all.

This is a reverse entries starting from below up to the first enties where i break out at the top. from here the auto plotting is able to plot close to the WP 9

  1. Oodgolf CW-E c11-0 57.51 Ly Oodgolf FC-D c12-0 51.33 Ly Oodgolf ER-N d6-2 57.8 Ly Oodgolf NS-U e2-0 42.21 Ly Oodgolf GC-M d7-0 111.52 Ly Oodgolf JI-K d8-0 97.39 Ly Oodgolf OJ-I d9-1 55.44 Ly Preou Aip BP-I d9-0 110.01 Ly Preou Aip FV-G d10-0 97.63 Ly Preou Aip DV-G d10-0 78.24 Ly Preou Aip HB-F d11-0 102.04 Ly Preou Aip GB-F d11-0 93.02 Ly Preou Aip JH-D d12-0 82.91 Ly Preou Aip KC-D d12-0 47.99 Ly Preou Aip OI-B d13-0 56.19 Ly Prue Phoea KE-E d13-0 96.87 Ly Prue Phoea NK-C d14-0 82.03 Ly Prue Phoea MK-C d14-0 89.26 Ly Whookio FR-C d0 88.87 Ly Whookio HC-B d1-0 72.89 Ly Whookio LI-Z d1-0 83.84 Ly Synookaea PM-W d1-0 80.09 Ly Synookaea TS-U d2-0 78.53 Ly Synookaea XY-S d3-0 89.89 Ly Synookaea BF-R d4-0 89.25 Ly Synookaea FL-P d5-0 103.05 Ly Synookaea JR-N d6-0 105.62 Ly
From Swoaks NM-W d1-1 to WP 8 Synookaea MX-L d7-0

During the last lap of WP 7 was discovering the NAV plotter keeps having failure towards WP 8 looking closing at the stars in-between each was least beyond my current 59.4 lys jump range , did a quick calculation, i was about 2000 lys away and conclude I have 70-ish jump using premium Jumponium for the in and out should the needs arises.

It have to be eye-ball manual jump by jump and i went in Charting as many metal and rocky planets along the way in-case i need jumponium replenishment .

I have mark crucial WP for the Squad.

So here I am

Then the next WP 9 (about 6.7K Lys) and the for best it's plot failure time.(eyeball Jumponium)

This is going to be those "I should have brought the Conda Moment"

  1. EVENT LOCATION DISTANCE Jump Synookaea MX-L d7-0 85.93 Ly Jump Synookaea LX-L d7-0 111.99 Ly Jump Synookaea FR-N d6-0 117.12 Ly Jump Synookaea IX-L d7-0 74.99 Ly Jump Synookaea MD-K d8-0 84.38 Ly Jump Synookaea LD-K d8-0 114.21 Ly Jump Synookaea OJ-I d9-0 102.18 Ly Jump Blue Hypai ZF-L d9-0 92.05 Ly Jump Blue Hypai YF-L d9-0 107.04 Ly Jump Blue Hypai XF-L d9-0 86.08 Ly Jump Bleou Aec EQ-G d10-0 108.71 Ly Jump Bleou Aec GB-F d11-0 103.5 Ly Jump Bleou Aec LC-D d12-0 98.71 Ly Jump Bleou Aec PI-B d13-0 76.69 Ly Jump Bleou Aec OI-B d13-0 80.64 Ly Jump Bleou Aec NI-B d13-0 40.44 Ly Jump Bleou Aec RO-Z d13-0 60.91 Ly Jump Bleou Aec QO-Z d13-0 70.59 Ly Jump Swoaks IA-A d0 102.56 Ly Jump Nueloo HC-B d1-0 59.47 Ly Jump Swoaks QM-W d1-0 52.76 Ly Jump Swoaks PM-W d1-0 56.74 Ly Jump Swoaks LG-Y d0 101.35 Ly Jump Swoaks OM-W d1-0 41.31 Ly Jump Swoaks NM-W d1-0 60.75 Ly Jump Swoaks NM-W d1-1 48.4 Ly
Hull drop another 1% PP now at 97%

Somewhere in Ooscs Auscs LS-S c17-or Dryaea Aoc KB-G b52-0

while auto-cruise to the NSP , forgot to check whether there's an object in between,was taking a dump when the red alert signal throughout the ship...

came to an emergency stop in the stars occlusion zone.

has to discharge a heat-sink to escape.

next mop the floor and wipe the seat ....

carry on with dumping.

Repair the damage modules, replenish the heat-sink.

next time stop the ship when taking a dump...

WP7 and WP8 NP


  1. Ooscs Chruia MA-A d57,Pha Auscs KE-T c3-0,Cloomao OO-X c28-14, Cloomao ZP-E c25-5,Cloomao HW-E d11-48, Cloomao RX-L d7-54,Zumbua KV-G c10-9, Zumbua GP-I c9-3,Hypo Aoc MT-V b43-0,Ooscs Auscs LS-S c17-5,Dryaea Aoc KB-G b52-0,Ooscs Aoc GB-F c11-0,Ooscs Aoc OG-Y c0,Droerst TQ-C c26-0

plotting for the last leg of WP 7 to 8 using EDSM route plotter...

  1. 1 Ausaik EZ-S d3-0 29275.59375 / -12.125 / 14666.15625 0 ly

    2 Byoo Aed LD-K d8-0 29462.96875 / -17.46875 / 13743.59375 941.41 ly 941.41 ly

    3 Synookaea II-B d13-0 29741.875 / 24.9375 / 12898.21875 891.20 ly 1,828.77 ly

    4 Synookaea MX-L d7-0 29864.59375 / -19.90625 / 12376.90625 537.44 ly 2,363.82 ly

Eembaitl DL-Y d13 WP7 to WP 8 Synookaea MX-L d7-0

Planning a route is a challenge , keep having plot failure, resort to using spanish Plotter ,Ausaik NS-U d2-2 , will be a jumping base on the final approach for a 59 lys dolphine, will have to use jumponium.

got to top up on arsenic and polonium

enter image description here