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Akhun'delar [4aiur!]
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Apr 6, 2019
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9,655,329 Cr
That was a nice vacation.

After reaching deciat I upgraded what I could before setting out in search of materials in the systems nearby. Not long afterwards I decided to take a vacation, and put down my wings for a few weeks. I'm back though! I think I'll head to khun for the moment and see if longsite base has any goodies for me before I commit to junk hunting some more.

Almost to Deciat!

Made good progress today. Got lucky and wound up in a few systems with nothing but the stars to chart. 1 jump away and I hit a brick-wall of a 20+ body system with a half dozen gas giants to deal with (did i mention moons? yes. Moons. lots of them.)

Anyway, time for bed. More mapping tomorrow, then upgrading bits of my shiny new anaconda! :D

Say Hello to Akhun'Delar - The tip of the spear!

I have acquired an anaconda and sold my diamondback explorer. I am now nearly completely cash depleted. I have named it Akhun'Delar - Literally 'the tip of the spear' - after it's hull shape. I retained enough money to cover the insurance deductible should the unthinkable happen, but otherwise only had enough to upgrade the power plant.

...even this I only managed with a 15% discount from li-yung rui. THANKS MATE!

now back to exploring to fill up my now cavernously empty wallet again.

Finished a quarter arc then got sidetracked

Heard that you could snag an anaconda hull for 20% off in a system called brestla. While the port I was directed to does seem to be unique in that it has every last hull i've ever heard of for sale... it was by no means at a discount. Waste of time and energy coming out here because I cant afford the full price just yet ;[

Upside I found a nitrogen ice geyser en-route to this hole. And I'm also brestla is a new record for me so far as celestial bodies all in the same orbital system. 65 things to map! yeesh - I'm not going anywhere any time soon.

almost out of up. :(

Made it almost to the top of the bubble today! Hit 2 systems that were 'naked stars' so... uh... mapping that was easy. Nothing to map! Bagulumara was a very nice chunk of change, and apparently I'm the first nutter to be arsed to actually map the whole system, so I even got a juicy bonus! :D 4 million credits richer - kaching!

Direction of choice.... UP!!

I've decided to do a 3-ring loop around the border of the bubble. Map out a loose border of the 'settled world' along the x, y, and z-axis. Should find some neat stuff on the frontier - if nothing else It'll be useful info for in the future just to have a ring around it.

Already stumbled across a high-security system that nobody seems to have any good info about. Will enjoy charting it properly tomorrow.

Spent a holiday planetside with family. Got lazy and killed myself!

Apparently I got a bit complacent after a brief holiday with family for a few days. Upon attempting to buzz a surface sight I descended too steeply and OHKO'd myself on the surface. Luckily the only thing I lost was my ship and the data for that very system and nothing else. An hour or so later the system is remapped, I'm on my way, and that embarrassing mistake will be long forgotten by tomorrow! if only my wallet forgot and forgave as easily as I do...

The old worlds have been fully mapped at last.

10 steps backwards, 20 steps forward. Cest La vi I suppose - but it's done. Apparently some of the celestial bodies had never been mapped to edsm before which is... amusing to me. Onwards to fuck knows where! :D

Got the sirius permit today. Met the engineer!

Another tinkerer unlocked. Unfortunately he requires items that I'm unwilling to acquire at the moment. I'll put a pin in this guy and come back after I do some more exploration.

New record highest payout for a single system: Procyon - 4 earthlike planets all in one system!

Very close to getting the Sirius Permit!

One or 2 more systems worth of data and I should hit the faction standing mark I need to get into Sirius. Word is there's an engineer on the inside that may be useful to get to know. Should be a good use of the half dozen earthlike worlds around lave that I have to re-scan yet. :)