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Ivandis [Q-001]
(Diamondback Explorer)
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Apr 6, 2019
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98,175,678 Cr
Return of the cartographer!

I mapped the prison system I was sent to (apparently the first one to bother for EDSM btw) and took the data to hehang - right back to the starport that had me arrested and sold it for something like 100x the price of my fees. Take that you damn bureaucrats.

After that i jumped to Neganhot which took an eon to map fully, but I got it done. Then I made for Diso and set down at the station in orbit above the earthlike planet there. Apparently I can snort corn here: I HAVE to find a restraint before I turn in...

I killed today. Well kinda.

Do robots count?

Well I was in the process of mapping the Hehang when one of the planets lit up like Christmas - 7 human signatures and 3 geologicals. Of the 7 human sig's, 3 were crashed ships. One of the ship sites was quite close to a geological (and it was a high gravity planet, so I figured someone just came in for a peek a bit too hot.) I set down at the geologic and logged sulfur vents apparently for the first time on that planet, then boosted off toward the wreck.

I found it protected by a no-tresspass zone and 2 skimmers. I found this unacceptable. I trespassed. I was shot at. I shot back. I won. Scanned the ships data core and investigated the cargo that it had strewn over about 1.5km^2, nothing interesting unless you're into bricks of gold the size of an outhouse.

So I moved on to the next crash site - and found the same thing. Repeated the whole shebang. Killcount: 4 skimmers total now. The little bastards are actually surprisingly fragile, but they sting pretty good too if you get caught by surprise. Anyway I scooped up a few fragments of raw materials that popped out of some half disintegrated bits of cargo hold, scanned what data I could, and moved on.

Next wreck was completely dead by comparison. No trespass zone, no skimmers, nothing. Scanned, scooped some materials and left the cargo just like the last 2, then set off for the only base on the planet that I wasn't wanted at now and set down there. Sold my intel from the shipwrecks then went out to make peace with the main faction in control of the system.

Had to dock at Disch on Hehang 3 in my SRV because the patrols kept trying to shoot me out of the air. Thank god they don't scan incoming land vehicles. Anyway, got in the hanger, paid off my tresspass fines (which were, pound for pound, less than 1/100th the price I got for the data from the crashed ships)

...aaaaaaaand.... promptly got thrown out of the system.

I'LL BE BACK YOU BASTARDS!! :[ I hadn't finished mapping yet.

Heard about the 'core worlds' - Mapping GO!!

I heard tell of the 'core worlds' today - a region in the bubble with some of the oldest colonized systems outside of Sol itself. I of course beelined it for Leva immediately. Having a grand time mapping the core systems, but I ran into a complication in Tionisla that I'm not thrilled about. Couldn't map its outtermost ring system because the damn DSS software decided I was 'too far away' from the planet itself to launch a probe. NO FUCKING SHIT YOU BLOCK OF LEAD - this ring is OUT THERE, but that dosen't mean some arbitrary mapping 'safeguard' should render it unmappable! ...bullshit...

fully tricked out my FSD finally.

Investigated some FSS signatures in a high security system and BAM: everything I need for a grade 5 FSD. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Only 200mil worth of exploration to go! [fake laugh hiding real pain]

I have returned to the bubble from the pleadies, and got some minor tweaks to my ship done at longsite base. I think I'll forage for materials here for a bit before striking out god knows which direction in search of... stuff.

Got thrown out of Merope xD

Atlas research is apparently full of party poopers. Sent me to a penal ship for paying my own trespass fine/bounties. Oh well - got plenty of juicy info and otherwise had a ball in that system, time to move on anyway. Promptly mapped the entirety of the penal system I got shat out in then started wandering back toward the bubble. whee!!

That was fun!

Completed my trip to betleguise, and swung around to the pleaties on my way back to civilization. Heard some interesting stuff can be found in merope, so I poked my head into the system. 3 firsts there so far - First barnacle I've ever found, first time I've managed to climb out of a canyon complex in my SRV, and first time I've approached and docked in a surface port in just an SRV from a significant distance away (30+ KM from point of disembarking from ship).

Sold my discovery data from all the systems I visited on my betleguise trip for around 10mil. NICE. ;[ 98% of the way to the next explorer rank I'M SO MAD.

...Like an elephant strapped to a nuke....

Well that was graceful. Just spread my ship across probably 3 square kilometers of a planet with 3.3G forces at surface level. Was on my way to visit betleguise - and had some pretty neat stuff mapped along the way too!

All of it up in smoke. Damnit. Back on the edge of the bubble now, gonna have to redo it. Oh well, It was pretty neat anyway.

That made up for it! :D

Found another system with THREE earthlike planets in it. Just sold the data after mapping the whole system - over 7 million credits. Guess they weren't too happy with the patchwork job done by 2 dozen different commanders - having everything on the same map from the same source is worth a pretty penny apparently!

Well that F***ing sucked.

First time ever having to self-destruct in an SRV due to being utterly stuck. So I scanned some random ice moon, and went town to a geological site that popped up. This one was bad terrain, worst I've ever seen. Barely found a spot to land - went and scanned the formations and gathered some outcrops like I always do - then returned to the ship -- except that I got stuck under the front fuselage and had to dismiss the ship to get out of it since thrusters auto-disengage that close to your vessel.

Now the problem... my ship couldn't find anywhere to land when I called it back. Eventually it decides to park itself on top of the cliff at the edge of the ice valley I'm in. Which is like... 2.5km in altitude above me, up damn near 90-degree incline ice cliff.

So I tried to climb the cliff, and tried, and tried... and gave up. Then I tried to follow the valley hunting flat spots to call my ship down to. Found a few - but that damn thing still landed up on the cliffs anyway. God almighty was it tough going - the bottom of this canyon was a jagged mess of ridges and ruffles. After what must have been 2 hours if faffing about down there and getting really creative with boosting I finally got hard jammed between 2 narrow ridges and couldn't even use the maneuvering thrusters to budge the srv in any direction at all.

I was stuck good, no ship, nowhere to go, nothing. "you have run out of moves - game over"

Kaboom. one self-destruct later, i gave that planet the finger and hope very much so to never see it again. GAH how annoying.