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Commander name:
Current ship:
(Diamondback Explorer)
Member since:
Jul 6, 2019
Distances submitted:
Systems visited:
Systems discovered first:
6,579,627,567 Cr
More ringed earth likes

In just two days two more earth like worlds has been found. Time to see if there is a common denominator between these finds to increase the possibility to find more.

New year

As we enter the year of 3307 the hunt for a ringed elw with an elm continues. So far almost 300 elw:s have been found but only one with rings. However first discoveries have been made in all the galactic regions.

New ship

After some basic work an anti xeno ship has been added to the fleet. The Krait Mk2 still needs lot of work through engineering before it can be brought out to fight.


Crashing in the Uctaisps DQ-F d11-3.

Waking up at Explorers Anchorage. All gathered data gone.

Commanders log 33060304.2

A blue speck in the dark. Sun rises over a water world in Sanguineous Rim.

Commanders log 33060304.1.

Take off from Low dock in Voltrigones. Project Gimle is a go. Mission - to find a ringed elw with an elw moon. Impossible? Perhaps, but remember - it's the journey and what you encounter on it that matters.

Triple elite

After thousands of kills after bounty hunting and combat bonds I reached elite ranking in combat. Resulting in a triple elite status.


Became elite trader as well as admiral in the federal fleet.

A milestone

In my second exploration run I have finally visited all of the 40 galactic regions.

Back in the bubble

My long journey paid of. Got over one billion selling the system data. Now I've started to help my friends in Retro faction of Voltrigones.