CMDR Irisa Nyira profile > Logbook

Commander name:
Current ship:
Main bus B undervolt [70T-DW]
(Krait Phantom)
Member since:
Distances submitted:
1 929 590
Systems visited:
82 101
Systems discovered first:
35 735
61 654 305 223 Cr
First Wolf Rayet

Thought I'd been sneaky by finding an inaccessible WR in the Ploea Theia sector using the AA-A h method. All the systems on the final few jumps were first discoveries, so I was pretty hopeful, until the penultimate system where the star was tagged by Star Falcon. Sure enough, they had been to Ploea Theia AA-A h1 before me and had tagged everything in system. Must have gone by a different route.