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Informations du vaisseau
The Vulture space superiority fighter sacrifices hardpoint flexibility for manoeuvrability. Advanced manufacturing techniques have allowed the Vulture to integrate large hardpoints into its relatively small frame, offsetting the ship's limited weapon count. The Vulture excels in the role of heavy fighter in strike missions against larger, well defended targets, but its nimble flight characteristics make it equally devastating against smaller targets. A limited cargo and passenger capability has not stopped it becoming a preferred personal transport for those who like to project a certain attitude in their dealings.

This ship requires at least a small sized landing pad to dock.
Vitesse max :
210 m/s
Vitesse de boost :
340 m/s
Maniabilité :
Portée du FSD chargé :
7,75 al
Portée du FSD à vide :
7,93 al
Boucliers :
293 MJ
Blindage :
Masse de la coque :
Capacité de cargaison :
8 t
Prix :
4 925 615 cr
70 paintjobs available
Midnight Black
Corroded 1
Corroded 2
Corroded 3
Corroded 4
Corroded 5
Corroded 6
Crypsis Blue
Crypsis Pink
Crypsis Green
Crypsis Yellow
Crypsis Purple
Crypsis White
Galvanized Brass
Galvanized Bronze
Galvanized Cobalt
Galvanized Copper
Galvanized Malachite
Galvanized Paladium
Iridescent Scorch
Iridescent Gleam
Iridescent Dusk
Iridescent Aurora
Iridescent Twilight
Pulse Green
Pulse Blue
Pulse Purple
Pulse Red
Pulse Orange
Pulse White
Military Dark Green
Military Desert Sand
Military Earth Red
Military Earth Yellow
Military Marine Blue
Military Sand
Military Stripe Blue
Military Stripe Green
Military Stripe Orange
Military Stripe Purple
Military Stripe Red
Military Stripe Yellow
PAX East
PAX South
PAX Prime
Synth Blue
Synth Lime
Synth Orange
Synth Red
Synth Rose
Synth White
Tactical Cobalt
Tactical Khaki
Tactical Olive
Tactical Graphite
Tactical Crimson
Tactical Ice
Vibrant Blue
Vibrant Green
Vibrant Orange
Vibrant Purple
Vibrant Red
Vibrant Yellow