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Informations du vaisseau
The Imperial Clipper is the quintessential Imperial ship. It epitomises elegance of form while delivering speed and agility. Because of its balance of speed, luxury and strength it is used for transporting valuable items and personnel of importance across the Empire. With the navy ships these can come as standard, and not available for civilian, or export models.

This ship requires a large sized landing pad to dock.
Vitesse max :
300 m/s
Vitesse de boost :
380 m/s
Maniabilité :
Portée du FSD chargé :
8,05 al
Portée du FSD à vide :
8,98 al
Boucliers :
186 MJ
Blindage :
Masse de la coque :
Capacité de cargaison :
74 t
Prix :
22 295 860 cr
32 paintjobs available
Midnight Black
Iridescent Scorch
Iridescent Gleam
Iridescent Dawn
Iridescent Dusk
Iridescent Aurora
Iridescent Twilight
Military Dark Green
Military Desert Sand
Military Earth Red
Military Earth Yellow
Military Marine Blue
Military Sand
Tactical Cobalt
Tactical Khaki
Tactical Olive
Tactical Graphite
Tactical Crimson
Tactical Ice
Vibrant Blue
Vibrant Green
Vibrant Orange
Vibrant Purple
Vibrant Red
Vibrant Yellow
Dazzle Blue
Dazzle Green
Dazzle Orange
Dazzle Red
Dazzle White
Dazzle Yellow