Maia (Obsidian Orbital (and other settlements in the Pleiades)) [#8216113749]

This system was first colonised with the construction of Obsidian Orbital in November 3301. Many strange artefacts have been discovered in this region of space.

Informations du système

Allégeance :


Gouvernement :


Économie :


Sécurité :



Population :

139 152

Faction administratrice :

Operation Ida


This system is located at: -81.78125 / -149.4375 / -343.375

Coordonnées galactiques: R: 383,309 / l: 166,604 / b: -22,946
Coordonnées équatoriales: Ascension droite: 3h 48m 48,025s / Déclinaison: 24° 31'16,338''

Niveau des réserves : Ressources inexploitées

Zone habitable :
Metal-rich body (6 to 582 ls), Earth-like world (9 154 to 13 730 ls), Water world (7 507 to 29 072 ls), Ammonia world (18 994 to 51 684 ls), Terraformable (7 130 to 14 227 ls)

Crédits estimés : 143 545 cr

In this system you can find all the materials for FSD Injections. This is a GREEN system.
Rapport de traffic

This system was visited for the first time on EDSM by Annwn on 23 nov. 2014 06:06:17.

Cela a été nommé par le Projet Cartographie Galactique avec le nom de : Obsidian Orbital (and other settlements in the Pleiades)

39403 ships passed through Maia space, including 31 ships in the last 7 days.

4 ships passed through Maia space in the last 24 hours.

Anaconda - 2
Asp Explorer - 1
Krait Phantom - 1

Factions mineures
Operation Ida (Investment) 60,200 %
Anti Xeno Initiative (War) 10,300 %
Ryder Revolutionary Party (War) 10,300 %
Hagglebeard's Heroes (None) 7,400 %
Nebula Goat Appreciation Society (None) 6,900 %
The Pioneer's Cooperative (None) 3,900 %
The Ant Hill Mob (Bust) 1,000 %
The Hive (None) 0,000 %
Azimuth Biotech (None) 0,000 %
Taurus Mining Ventures (None) 0,000 %
Pleiades Resource Enterprise (None) 0,000 %
Cooper Research Associates (None) 0,000 %
Merope Expeditionary Fleet (None) 0,000 %

In the fall of 3301 the Explorers Association successfully completed its campaign to establish Obsidian Orbital as the first permanent outpost in the Pleiades cluster. Unfortunately the Pleiades never became the peaceful haven for explorers and pioneers envisioned at the time. The Ant Hill Mob, a criminal faction, soon bullied the original crew of the station into submission and began using the newly constructed station for their shady affairs. With the discovery of Barnacles and Meta-alloys, the Pleiades also got the attention of the galactic superpowers as well as several research enterprises. These days a multitude of groups and individuals struggle for dominance in the cluster, and this has lead to the establishment of a surprisingly large number of deep space outposts in the region.

Please note: The controlling faction of each outpost may have changed since this list was last updated. Caution is adviced.




  • Stargazer - Asteroid Base - Atlas Research Group

Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-16

HIP 17692

HR 1185

HIP 19072

Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55