Sol [#10477373803]

Historic system famous as both the birthplace of humanity and as the political capital of the Federation. A very expensive and prestigious system to live in and a popular tourist venue. Most rich humans will visit Earth once in their lives. All the major corporations have their headquarters on Mars, terraformed in 2286, which is the main centre for administration. The permit for this system can be obtained from the Federal Military.



Zachary Hudson 控制。













Mother Gaia


This system is located at: 0 / 0 / 0

货物储备等级 储量中等

Metal-rich body (2 to 32 ls), Earth-like world (501 to 751 ls), Water world (411 to 1,590 ls), Ammonia world (1,039 to 2,827 ls), Terraformable (390 to 778 ls)

预计价值: 605,867 cr

This system requires Sol permit to be entered.

This system was visited for the first time on EDSM by J. Calvert (Joshua) on 2014年11月18日 下午6:21:43.

32011 ships passed through Sol space, including 90 ships in the last 7 days.

11 ships passed through Sol space in the last 24 hours.

Diamondback Explorer - 2
Dolphin - 1
Imperial Cutter - 2
Mamba - 1
Python - 1
Sidewinder - 1
Type-9 Heavy - 2
Viper MkIII - 1

Mother Gaia (Boom) 32.966 %
Sol Workers' Party (None) 21.142 %
Federal Congress (None) 17.335 %
Sol Constitution Party (None) 14.028 %
Sol Nationalists (None) 13.427 %
Aegis Core (None) 1.002 %
HIP 68162 Mission (None) 0.000 %
Arthaiyati Industries (None) 0.000 %
Maca Network (None) 0.000 %
HIP 68162 Crimson Central Sysy (None) 0.000 %
New HIP 68162 Defence Party (None) 0.000 %
Co-op of Karamo (None) 0.000 %
Raiders of HIP 68162 (None) 0.000 %

The birthplace of humanity and the capital system of the Federation.

The galactic coordinate system is defined with Sol as the center (coordinates 0.0.0).

The Federation is the oldest of the ‘Big Three’ human superpowers. It has been in existence for over a thousand years.

By 3300 the Federation remains the largest power, holding sway over dozens of star systems within the ‘bubble’ of space known as the core worlds. It maintains a significant military force in its navy, the pinnacle of which is the ‘Farragut’ Class battlecruiser, a vessel some 2 kilometres long. A deployment of this vessel tends to quickly end anything other than a very major military engagement.

The Federation remains driven by the corporations. Some of the most famous of them have histories entwined with the Federation. The Sirius corporation, perhaps the biggest of them all, operating out of the Sirius system, has a virtual monopoly on power generators and hyperdrive technology. Other manufacturers are famed throughout space; with names such as Core Dynamics, Lakon Spaceways, Whatt and Pritney, Durn and Resner, Faulcon DeLacy, Zorgon Peterson and Saud Kruger. These so called ‘mega-corporations’ control the birth, lives and deaths of their employees, providing for their every need and expecting absolute loyalty in return.

Technology is a major part of any federation citizen’s life, and the economy is driven by quite conspicuous (and often compulsory) consumption of new and exciting mod cons, luxuries and consumables. The society is very much ‘throwaway’ with the new and exciting replacing the ‘old and outdated’ often within months of acquisition. This drives a constant demand and supply culture, with employees spending the money they earn, further driving the success of the corporations. Strictly speaking the Federation is composed of ‘States’, in a similar manner to the U.S.A. of 21st century Earth, but on a much bigger scale. States can still be countries, but they could be entire systems. The Federation retains a presidential electoral system, but corporations influence this dramatically, expecting their employees to vote according to the corporation’s wishes. Corruption, bribery and underhanded influence are rife. Individual freedoms are suppressed in favour of profit. Greed is good.

The Federation’s capitalist model retains the economic advantages and disadvantages of its predecessors. There are many rich people, but there are many people in grinding poverty too, in such debt to the corporations that they can be regarded as wage-slaves.