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condafight [JA-06A]
Captain's Log #8 - Heading home...

Captain's Log #8 - Heading home...

We decided not to stop on the way back home, as I have an appointment with my engineer to improve my ship thrusters.

On the way, I still saw this interesting planet. Nothing exceptional I presume, but it is my first that looks like this. It's not landable, so we didn't stay long.

Col 89 Sector RN-T d3-67 A 2

Captain's Log #7 - Visit Jellyfish Nebula Neighbourhood

Captain's Log 7

Visit Jellyfish Nebula Neighbourhood

As soon as I arrived, I started exploring around. First the system I was already in, then the nearby systems located within the Nebula. The sceneries offered are astonishing!

Jellyfish Sector BA-A e7

Jellyfish Sector MI-S b4-1 DE 1

Spending the night here... seems to be very cold outside!! Jellyfish Sector MI-S b4-1 DE 1

Jellyfish Sector MI-S b4-1 DE 1

Jellyfish Sector MI-S b4-1 DEF 2

Jellyfish Sector PD-S b4-1 B

Jellyfish Sector PD-S b4-2 B 1

Jellyfish Sector IH-V c2-16 9 b

Jellyfish Sector IH-V c2-16 9 b

One if the system nearby contains a neutron star... The energy liberated by this start is so high that the light is very strong. It was not easy to rest and fall asleep there. The number of landable planets in the nebula is much lower than I expected.

CXOU J061705.3+222127 5 h

CXOU J061705.3+222127 5 h

We decided to stay here, enjoying the sun. We got lucky and spectate a solar flare... wow Jellyfish Sector HW-W c1-6 A A Belt Cluster 1

My crew and I are now heading back to civilization. We will log any interesting discoveries if we found some.

Captain's Log #6 - Arrived at the Jellyfish Nebula 5000 ly from the Solar System

Captain's Log #6

Arrived at the Jellyfish Nebula after a long series of jump system to system. Thanks to all those neutron stars on the way, the journey became an easy ride on the highway!

For my last jumps... I was able to see the Nebula where I was heading to.

Arriving at my destination system, near an asteroid field. The planet offers a nice view

I have also been lucky to find a station there, far from the civilisation, but very helpful allowing me to refuel and repair my ship. Its configuration is unusual, as it has been built inside an asteroid!

My crew and I are ready to explore the surroundings...

Captain's Log #5 - a Week of local activities before a first 5000ly journey. To be continued...

Captain's Log #5

A Week of local activities before a first 5000ly journey.

Harvesting raw materials that I will use engineering my exploration ship. It offers peace in this chaotic universe.

A small visit to my engineer... the view is awesome!

A taste of home in a faraway place:

On my way, I found the rest of what looks like a space ship. I decided to land and have a closer look. I have been able to retrieve and decode the ship logs... The story was really sad and unexpected. RIP Jameson!

Some scenaries and lost civilisations on the way:

It is time to start my 5000 Journey to the Jellyfish Nebula, with maybe a few steps on the way.

To be continued...

Captain's Log #4 - Nice view for resting

Captain's Log #4

Another day on my trip. My crew found on the scanner a nice moon where we can rest and enjoy the view: Outotz LS-K d8-3-Outotz LS-K d8-3 B 5 c

My journey summary until now

Captain's log #3

while my journey is just starting, I already experienced lots of wonderful sceneries that makes me want to continue the adventure.

Some peaceful moon to have a break: Peace


My first guardian encounter: My first guardian encounter

My first guardian encounter

Some alien life: Some alien life

detecting alien life

Some alien life

Some beautiful stars: Star


Consequences of my pirates encounter... (you should have seen the pirates !!) Needs repairs and engineering: Consequences

My first black hole

enter image description here

Unusual encounter

Captain's log - First entry

enter image description here

I was very surprised at my arrival on the unusual station. It is located in LAWD 26 system.