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17. 3. 2019
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Tussock Capillum on Gru Byoea XA-Z b20-0 A 1

Gru Byoea XA-Z b20-0 A 1 had several biological specimens I'd not seen before. The most notable was fields of "Tussock Capillum".

Tussock Capillum

They looked quite beautiful with their strands waving in the light breeze.

Blia Free UQ-C c26-25 1

After surveying some white-dwarfs on the "eastern" side of the galaxy, I've now turned towards Beagle Point. Blia Free UQ-C c26-25 1 is about half-way there.

Blia Free UQ-C c26-25 1

The view is from a rocky moon with an atmosphere only 0.75Ls away. The view in the other direction was just as nice.

Blia Free UQ-C c26-25

Stuemeae KA-R c20-2561 1

Stuemeae KA-R c20-2561 1 viewed from 0.97Ls away on a landable rocky moon.

Stuemeae KA-R c20-2561 1

Sagittarius A*

I've decided to park my alt account at Explorer's Anchorage to sell off exploration data at about 400 Arx a week. This could take a while!

While here I popped over to visit the Supermassive Black Hole at the center of the galaxy:

Sagittarius A*

Tick that off this account's to-do list! Next item is Beagle Point.

Very Close Moons

Found some very close orbiting moons in Wepooe JC-J c23-37.

They were moons a and b of body 1.

Wepooe JC-J c23-37 1 a and b


Is it a planet? ... Or a nebula?

I was surveying Byoomao OC-M d7-5145 and when I got to body "4" I saw what looked like a second planet nearby - but there was no such body in the system map!

I realized it had to be a nebula, so after some searching in the galaxy map, I found it to be Byoomao VY-S e3-8712, 79Ly away

Byoomao OC-M d7-5145 4

On arrival in the nebula I found the center to be a Neutron Star:

Byoomao VY-S e3-8712

The sky was pretty in the nebula, but you couldn't get a good view of it while inside. I jumped to the nearest system Byoomao RX-L d7-511 2.59Ly away and got a great view from the surface of one of the planets.

Byoomao VY-S e3-8712

Nice Driving and a Surprise

I'd decided to land on a ringed planet for a bit of a drive. Dryao Aowsy KE-O d7-4260 7 has lots of nice flat areas where the SRV can really get going.

Nice driving

It's a lot nicer than Horizons planets, which would always end up with intervals of really hilly terrain.

As I was getting ready to take off, I noticed a "Non-Human Signature" in the navigation panel! What could that be? I had to investigate. It was on the opposite side of the planet and turned out to be a Thargoid Probe with 4 Sensor Fragments scattered about.

Thargoid Sensor

Close Rings

Found a moon orbiting very close to the rings of its parent gas giant: Eok Flyuae HC-C d13-3616 D 9 a.

Close rings

The rings are so close you can see the rocks moving. They're close enough the game gets confused between you flying in the rings or orbiting the planet.

Canyon driving

Ever since Odyssey dropped, I'd been missing driving the flat canyons that Horizons sometimes produced. I'd always had a hard time finding them in Horizons. They seem a little less common on Odyssey. Still, I found these on Bleae Aeh XZ-W d2-0 A 2 a at 26/73:

Canyon driving

It was really nice to stretch my SRV legs for a bit!

Close moon and gas giant

Again, Elite Observatory hints about two moons in close orbit. This time it is Skaudaea LF-L b38-1 A 3 a:

Close moon and gas giant