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(Krait Phantom)
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Mar 17, 2019
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27,320,367,532 Cr
Exploration Break

The White Dwarf Survey continues.

While surveying two White Dwarf stars I found a landable ringed terraformable world - Dryio Bluae VA-F d11-2791 5.

The class A star was still bright through the thin carbon-dioxide atmosphere.

Ringed terraformable

The rings made for a very nice picture.

It's Here Somewhere

This is Aiphaitt QX-A d1-1579 A 2 a. There are three biologicals on this planet: Bacteria, Tussock, and Aleoida. The problem is that from the ship skimming the surface, the Tussock and Aleoida look basically the same.

I had got complete scans of the Bacteria and Tussock and then spent a good half hour skimming the surface looking for the Aleoida. I eventually just landed at some random spot and started walking around pinging the sampler. To my surprise in the middle of a large group of Tussock, there was a green return!


The picture makes it look obvious now, but last night the two plants looked almost identical.

DSSA Smilers Observatory

After dying 69 days ago, spending 49 days retracing my steps and a further 20 days progressing and surveying 4 White Dwarf stars, I have safely arrived at Phleedgoe MY-G d11-275 (DSSA Smilers Observatory).

I expect to stay here for two months cashing out my 400 Arx per week of biological and exploration data. Good thing this is my alt account.

Déjà Vu 3

49 days after I crashed and died, I made it back to Schignai TN-C b44-0 A 2 a.

Safe landings

I have successfully scanned that "one more" biological (just some bacterium) and can now plan the best way to continue surveying the remaining white dwarves on my list, and finding a fleet carrier to sell my data ... assuming I don't crash again.

Thargoid Probe

While making my way back to where I crashed and died I was surveying Myaumaei GY-J b53-1 B 3 and noticed there was a Non-Human Signal present.

It turned out to be a good spot to scan biological data and made for a nice photo.

Nice view

Déjà Vu 2

61 days after I was previously on Hacheau BE-X c3-0 A 4, I have returned. The mountain is right where I left it...

Repeat Mountain

So Many Osseus

Usually when I'm looking for an Osseus there is only one or two. Hacheau ZD-O c8-0 5 at about 6.03/-147.70 had multiple large groups of them.

Many Osseus

Very unusual.

Déjà Vu 1

Just landed on Truechiae NY-Z c3 AB 7 c to scan the local biology. It seems familiar, like I've been here before...

Déjà vu 1

...146 days ago.

PSA - Don't Fly Sleepy!

I was flying rather late this night, like a lot of nights. Probably a bit (OK, quite a bit) past the time I should have gone to bed, but there was "just one more" biological species to scan...

On approach to Schignai TN-C b44-0 A 2 a I remember DSS-ing the planet, then approaching the surface at the maximum down-angle.

One short micro-sleep later and I realise the surface of the planet is very close and I'm descending much too quickly. All pips to shields while pulling up to try to be pointing the right way for a boost only got me as far as levelling out the ship for a flat pancake impact on the surface - becoming one with the planet.

And just like that I was sent 20,000Ly and about 300 jumps back to the last carrier I'd docked with: the "DSSA Eleanor" in Cho Thua NL-C b40-0 on 11-May.

Rebuy wasn't an issue, but the loss of all my biological scans was very disappointing. I had thought the last sale of biological data was in early February, but it turns out I had last sold biological data on the "DSSA Distant Worlds 'Endeavour'" in Beagle Point on 9-Mar.

I'm planning to use the Galaxy Map filtering to retrace my jumps back to where I crashed and rescan the data I lost. However, all the biological data scanned on the 6,600Ly stretch (~100 jumps) between Beagle Point and Cho Thua NL-C b44-0 is not recoverable.

Found a Mountain

On Hacheau BE-X c3-0 A 4 at about 20.42/125.73 is a mountain nearly 6.5km high.


I couldn't land there, but the view was nice.

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