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Found 77,480 minor factions.
Home system
Yen Hsin United Independent Cooperative Yen Hsin
Yen Hsini Silver Council Independent Anarchy Yen Hsini
Yen K'an Protectorate Independent Patronage Yen K'an
Yen K'an Co-op Independent Cooperative Yen K'an
Yen K'an Protectorate
Yen K'uie Crimson Boys Independent Anarchy Yen K'uie
Yen K'uie Free Independent Democracy Yen K'uie
Yen K'uie Galactic Group Independent Corporate Yen K'uie
Yen K'uie Patron's Principles Empire Patronage Yen K'uie
Yen Ku Empire Party Empire Patronage
Yen Ku General & Co Independent Corporate
Yen Ku Silver Cartel Independent Anarchy
Yen Kuikul Domain Independent Feudal Yen Kuikul
Yen Kuikul Galactic Services Independent Corporate Yen Kuikul
Yen Kuikul Jet Ring Independent Anarchy Yen Kuikul
Yen Kuikul Jet United Solutions Empire Corporate Yen Kuikul
Yen Kuikul One Independent Cooperative Yen Kuikul
Yen Maniama Blue Netcoms Corp Independent Corporate Yen Maniama
Yen Maniama Defence Force Independent Dictatorship
Yen Maniama Labour Federation Democracy
Yen Maniama Purple Partnership Independent Anarchy
Yen Maniama State Corporation Independent Corporate
Yen Nu Co Empire Corporate Yen Nu
Yen Nu Progressive Party Independent Democracy Yen Nu
Yen Shesmu Dynasty Independent Feudal
Yen Shesmu Energy Corp. Independent Corporate
Yen Shesmu One Independent Cooperative Yen Shesmu
Yen Tacanik Empire Party Empire Patronage Yen Tacanik
Yen Tacanik Gold Cartel Independent Anarchy Yen Tacanik
Yen Ti Autocracy Independent Dictatorship Yen Ti
Yen Ti Crimson Advanced Org Independent Corporate Yen Ti
Yen Ti Liberals Federation Democracy Yen Ti
Yen Ti Life Systems Independent Corporate Yen Ti
Yen Ti Raiders Independent Anarchy Yen Ti
Yena Gu Crimson Mob Independent Anarchy
Yena Gu Labour Federation Democracy Yena Gu
Yena Gu PLC Independent Corporate
Yenada Partners Empire Corporate Yenada
Yenasaki as one Independent Cooperative Yenasaki
Yenasaki Vision Co Federation Corporate Yenasaki
Yenates Crimson Gang Independent Anarchy Yenates
Yenates Life Holdings Federation Corporate
Yeng Electronics Incorporated Independent Corporate Yeng
Yeng Gold Allied Corporation Independent Corporate Yeng
Yenic Brotherhood Independent Anarchy Yenic
Yenic Incorporated Independent Corporate Yenic
Yenici Council Independent Anarchy Yenici
Yenici Interstellar Empire Corporate Yenici
Yenici Patron's Principles Empire Patronage Yenici
Yenici Silver Comms PLC Empire Corporate Yenici
Yeniklis Federal Interstellar Independent Corporate Yeniklis
Yeniklis Gold Clan Independent Anarchy Yeniklis
Yeniklis Labour Union Independent Communism Yeniklis
Yeniklis Purple Dynamic Holdings Federation Corporate Yeniklis
Yeninuri Blue Gang Independent Anarchy
Yeninuri First Independent Dictatorship
Yeninuri Gold Creative Int Independent Corporate
Yenis Gold Pirates Independent Anarchy
Yenisei Blue Travel Company Empire Corporate
Yenisei Dynasty Empire Feudal
Yenistani Commodities Independent Corporate Yenistani
Yenistani for Equality Independent Democracy Yenistani
Yenistani Gold Brotherhood Independent Anarchy Yenistani
Yenistani Guardians of Tradition Empire Patronage Yenistani
Yenistani Nationals Independent Dictatorship Yenistani
Yer Tanri Blue Brotherhood Independent Anarchy Yer Tanri
Yer Tanri Confederacy Federation Confederacy Yer Tanri
Yer Tanri Universal Industry Independent Corporate Yer Tanri
Yera Life Partners Federation Corporate Yera
Yeraeang Blue Netcoms Exchange Independent Corporate Yeraeang
Yeraeang Mafia Independent Anarchy Yeraeang
Yerava Crimson Life Commodities Independent Corporate Yerava
Yerava Mob Independent Anarchy Yerava
Yggdrajang Advanced Group Federation Corporate Yggdrajang
Yggdrajang Collective Independent Cooperative Yggdrajang
Yhele Central Limited Independent Corporate
Yhele Empire Party Empire Patronage Yhele
Yhele Fortune Exchange Independent Corporate
Yhele Guardians of Tradition Empire Patronage Yhele
Yheling Cartel Independent Anarchy Yheling
Yheling Inc Federation Corporate Yheling
Yheling Republic Party Independent Democracy Yheling
Yi Dhodere Services Independent Corporate Yi Dhodere
Yi Trica Flag Independent Dictatorship Yi Trica
Yi Trica Limited Independent Corporate Yi Trica
Yi Trica Services Independent Corporate Yi Trica
Yimakuapa Blue Energy Limited Independent Corporate Yimakuapa
Yimakuapa Purple Ring Independent Anarchy Yimakuapa
Yiman Advanced Organisation Independent Corporate
Yiman aristocrats Independent Feudal
Yiman Jet Clan Independent Anarchy
Yimanbin Industries Federation Corporate Yimanbin
Yimanbin Nationalists Independent Dictatorship Yimanbin
Yimanbin Purple General Comms Independent Corporate Yimanbin
Yimash Electronics Partners Independent Corporate Yimash
Yimash Gold Dragons Independent Anarchy Yimash
Yimash Network Independent Corporate Yimash
Yimash Progressive Party Federation Democracy Yimash
Yin Shaka Defence Force Independent Dictatorship Yin Shaka
Yin Shaka Gold Camorra Independent Anarchy Yin Shaka