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Found 77,186 minor factions.
Home system
Zac Chehoga Corp. Empire Corporate Zac Chehoga
Zac Matlan PLC Independent Corporate
Zac Og Mafia Independent Anarchy Zac Og
Zac Og Power Corp. Independent Corporate Zac Og
Zacariah Nemo
Zacha Jet Advanced Incorporated Empire Corporate Zacha
Zacha Monarchy Empire Feudal
Zachary Hudson
Zachigg Silver Galactic Industry Empire Corporate Zachigg
Zagombo & Co Independent Corporate
Zagombo Network Independent Corporate Zagombo
Zagombo Patrons of Law Empire Patronage
Zagombo Purple Crew Independent Anarchy Zagombo
Zagor Interstellar Empire Corporate Zagor
Zagor Mob Independent Anarchy Zagor
Zagor Union Independent Communism Zagor
Zagorites Confederation Federation Confederacy Zagorites
Zagorites Crimson Vision Ind Independent Corporate Zagorites
Zagorites Dragons Independent Anarchy Zagorites
Zagorites Values Party Independent Democracy Zagorites
Zagoro Exchange Independent Corporate Zagoro
Zagoro Imperial Society Empire Patronage Zagoro
Zagoro Jet Society Independent Anarchy Zagoro
Zagoro Major & Co Independent Corporate Zagoro
Zagotock Freedom Party Independent Dictatorship Zagotock
Zagotock Jet Bridge PLC Independent Corporate
Zagotock Limited Independent Corporate
Zagotock Nationals Independent Dictatorship Zagotock
Zamyruaymir Limited Independent Corporate
Zamyruaymir Silver Galactic Federation Corporate
Zandu Jet Comms Inc Federation Corporate Zandu
Zandu Jet Syndicate Independent Anarchy Zandu
Zandu Progressive Party Federation Democracy Zandu
Zang O Independent Governance Independent Patronage Zang O
Zang Tangma Blue Legal Group Independent Corporate Zang Tangma
Zang Tangma Crimson Brotherhood Independent Anarchy Zang Tangma
Zangpo Travel Company Empire Corporate Zangpo
Zao Gongen Creative Co Independent Corporate Zao Gongen
Zao Gongen Gold Federal Int Independent Corporate Zao Gongen
Zao Gongen Guardians Empire Patronage Zao Gongen
Zao Gongen Jet Camorra Independent Anarchy Zao Gongen
Zao Gongen Values Party Independent Democracy Zao Gongen
Zao Jiansei Bureau Independent Dictatorship
Zao Jiansei Crimson Natural Comp Federation Corporate Zao Jiansei
Zao Jiansei Raiders Independent Anarchy
Zaonce Alliance Assembly Alliance Patronage Zaonce
Zaonce Galactic & Co Alliance Corporate Zaonce
Zaonce Jet Gang Independent Anarchy Zaonce
Zaonce Pro-Alliance Party Alliance Patronage Zaonce
Zaonce Silver United Solutions Alliance Corporate Zaonce
Zapakhere Partners Federation Corporate Zapakhere
Zapakhere Party Independent Dictatorship Zapakhere
Zapakhere Purple Syndicate Independent Anarchy Zapakhere
Zapalang Emperor's Grace Empire Patronage Zapalang
Zapalang Silver Power Services Independent Corporate Zapalang
Zaparo Jet Pirates Independent Anarchy Zaparo
Zaparo Patrons of Law Empire Patronage Zaparo
Zaparo Silver State Corporation Independent Corporate Zaparo
Zaporisni Guardians of Tradition Empire Patronage Zaporisni
Zaporisni Jet Boys Independent Anarchy Zaporisni
Zaporisni Major Commodities Independent Corporate Zaporisni
Zaporisni Partners Independent Corporate Zaporisni
Zara Company Independent Corporate Zara
Zara Nationals Empire Dictatorship Zara
Zaragas Dominion Independent Dictatorship Zaragas
Zaragas Energy Corp. Federation Corporate Zaragas
Zaraluvul Commodities Independent Corporate Zaraluvul
Zaramo Confederation Federation Confederacy Zaramo
Zaramo Drug Empire Independent Anarchy Zaramo
Zaramo Jet Natural Interstellar Independent Corporate Zaramo
Zaras Jet Fortune & Co Federation Corporate Zaras
Zaras Jet Posse Independent Anarchy Zaras
Zaras Justice Party Independent Dictatorship Zaras
Zaras Left Party Independent Communism Zaras
Zarece Advanced Incorporated Independent Corporate Zarece
Zarece Commodities Independent Corporate Zarece
Zarece Front Independent Dictatorship Zarece
Zarece Liberals Federation Democracy Zarece
Zarece Ring Independent Anarchy Zarece
Zarni Cartel Independent Dictatorship HIP 10961
Zary Orany Nationalists Independent Dictatorship
Zary Orany Silver Comms PLC Independent Corporate
Zarya Manas Gold Life Co Independent Corporate Zarya Manas
Zarya Manas Silver Cartel Independent Anarchy Zarya Manas
Zavijah Exchange Federation Corporate Zavijah
Zavijah Focus Independent Dictatorship Zavijah
Zavijah Gold Ring Independent Anarchy Zavijah
Zavijah Independents Federation Democracy Zavijah
Zeaex Corp. Federation Corporate Zeaex
Zeaex Defence Force Independent Dictatorship Zeaex
Zeaex Flag Independent Dictatorship Zeaex
Zeaex Posse Independent Anarchy Zeaex
Zeaex Values Party Federation Democracy Zeaex
Zearla Advanced Company Federation Corporate Zearla
Zearla Jet Family Independent Anarchy Zearla
Zeessze Clan Independent Anarchy Zeessze
Zeessze Natural Group Federation Corporate Zeessze
Zelacanto Council Independent Anarchy Zelacanto
Zelacanto Dynasty Empire Feudal Zelacanto
Zelacanto Gold Galactic Holdings Empire Corporate Zelacanto