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Commander name:
Current ship:
Carl sagan 2 [ZU-11K]
(Krait Phantom)
Member since:
Jul 25, 2016
Distances submitted:
Systems visited:
Systems discovered first:
1,913,958,831 Cr

I've never encountered so many notable stellar phenomena before.

Location: VEGNOAE SZ-G D10-323

Deep Space

I'm in the Perseus Stem now. Very deep space . It's a long way back to the bubble. So many new and wonderful things to see.

The Bleia Permit Zone is becoming a royal pain in the ASS! I've had to go light years out of my way to make it to the Neighboring Necklaces. Now it's off to the Morphenniel Nebula with even more permit zones to deal with. UGH!

Distant Worlds 2

I joined late, but I'm with the crowd now. I've met a few people in the black and enjoyed it immensely. Except for Moose666 who ganked me as I was leaving Eagle's Landing. That ass. At least I was able to sell my data and my recovery capsule was very close to the station. Recovery/Sleep time was negligible.

Found a black hole

So I find this black hole at the bottom of the Milkyway. The problem is, it's a one way trip via neutron star. I'll have to think this one out. I may need to blow the dust off Carl Sagan I, update its equipment and check it out again.

Binary Neutron Star system

HYPIO PROO RD-B E 1683 It was amazing. One was spinning like a top, the other was as lazy as a stream. And only a few light seconds apart.

It's HUGE!

Sagittarius A. Holy Fook it's big.

WTF just happened?

I was out near Black Hole Dumboi ZE-A f3156 and a great weariness came over me. I just managed to get my ship in to a safe station keeping attitude when it felt as if my consciousness was ripped out of me.

I was out for almost 48 hours when I had come to. I wasn't sure there was enough coffee in my hold to stop the jack hammering happening behind my eye lids. I gropped my way to the water dispenser and drank my fill while my coffee did it's magic in my kettle. Ah sweet black giver of life. Raise me from this miserable life I've found myself in.

I climb back in to my seat and something seems different. My HUD consoles have changed. And there were some new toggles on the control boards. Those weren't there before I swear it. What happened?!

I can't just sit here tens of thousands of light years from home. I've got to figure out how the Carl Sagan changed so I can pilot it again. Then sort out how this happened.

You don't suppose that Dumboi ZE-A f3156 had something to do with it. Some alternate reality mumbo jimbo or timey whimey glitch. Nothing to do now but flip switches and figure this crap out.

More coffee!

Back in Black!

Jaques! It's been a while and it's nice to be back. I've noticed that some of the best equipment categories haven't made it out here yet as I equip a new Python. But it still is an establishing colony, right?


Taking a break

This break is going on for far to long. I’m longing for the Black.

Try as I might there’s no getting off this third rock from the sun for three more days! I’m not ever going to leave my ship behind again. I don’t mind taking passengers but I hate being one. 😬

Where’s the bar?🍺🍺🍺🍺

Break time

I think that I’ll rest here for a bit. The Universe will turn without me.