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Taking a break

This break is going on for far to long. I’m longing for the Black.

Try as I might there’s no getting off this third rock from the sun for three more days! I’m not ever going to leave my ship behind again. I don’t mind taking passengers but I hate being one. 😬

Where’s the bar?🍺🍺🍺🍺

Break time

I think that I’ll rest here for a bit. The Universe will turn without me.

Better planning ahead.

Right, today broke my heart. In my ongoing impromptu jaunt to Colonoa I was exploring an interesting planet. I’m always on the lookout for something new. And then my SRV scanner picked up on man made materials. I swung around immediately thinking that this will be a nice bonus payday. Little did I know that my discovery would cause the anguish that it did.

There were eight occupied escape capsules! Which is all fine and dandy as I’ll drop other cargo in favor of rescue. Even if the cargo is more valuable. It’s my motto. My issue was I already had four corpsicles in cargo and only four empty spaces. I left Aulin Enterprise with an eight ton cargo hold.

Due to my poor planning I had to leave some unfortunate souls on that barren rock 0f a planet. I’ll note the coordinates for future rescue forces.

I still feel terrible. ☹️

The Guardians

I'm out at HD 63154 - B 3 A looking for the Guardian's ruins. I'm hoping to find the FSD booster module. My only wish is I don't have to do this in the dark like all the other Guardian areas. Maybe they were sensitive to light or saw in a different wavelength? Who knows right now, yeah?


Just Tina Fortune and The Sarge to get now. The 50 combat bonds are going to be the toughest for me I think. I'll have to dust off the Vulture and do some hunting.


Not a lot there for my needs really. He mostly want to beef things up. I need lightness.

Engineer Ted Turner

Ted Turner? Sounds like a pirate. I've got the invitation to his system, now I need to mine 50 Bromolite. Ugh!

MIning My Mine

Community goals seem to be all about mining new materials. What's wrong with automated mined materials anyway? So I've dusted off my 'Conda and fitted it with the right gear for it. I've decided to put a couple of turreted type 3 weapons to get rid of the pests that seem to plague me EVERYTIME I drop into a ring. Sheesh! You'd think they'd get the hint to leave me alone.

Back in the Bubble

I made it back to Aulin safely. I've earned ELite Explorer as well as 130 million or so credits. Woohoo!


I'm at Csi+50-22218 which contains a Wolf-Rayet class star. Even the black has turn green with it's radiance. This isn't the first Wolf I've seen it turns out. I saw one on my return to the Bubble from Jaques back in the day of his miss-jump.

It's been a while since I've seen the color green. I can't decide if I like it or hate it. Weirdness.