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boa [101010]
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25. 7. 2016
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16 020
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5 972
3 186 036 760 Cr
Binary Earth Like Worlds
Kuekia CS-R d5-0 - Occupied escape pods!

I found six Occupied Escape pods and a little wreckage on planet B5, a terraformable/landable planet.

I ejected a few limpets to make room for them on my ship. So they're all loaded and ready to head back to civilization. It may be several weeks though. I wonder how long they were out there and what their story is?

Exploring and mining FSD materials

After a brief visit to my black hole system, well below Colonia, I thought I'd head out and map the nebula Floaln AA-A H43.

It's not surprising that I'm not the first person here. Nebuli are like bright lights to explorers. Much like the porch lights are to moths.


I'm back at civilization (mostly).


Lyairoa AA-A HO D10

Double Black hole with Neutron star.
Nice place to live I bet

Drootoae TD-Z d1-54

1 Neutron, 1 M class star 3 Terraformable, 1 Earth-like world with landable moon, 1 Ammonia world

Tiny Pototo

THUECHE CB-W E2-10 2C is only 152 km in diameter

Pyria Thua PW-N d6-2 B 3 b, The Abyss

Methane Ice Fumerals Crystalline Shards. - Drops Lots of Technetium

Grand Rings

Most definitely grand with a G.