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20,702,215,723 Cr
Distant Return - Day Twenty-Eight (A.L.) - Nov 28, 3306

On my way to Waypoint 20, ran into this perfect photo opportunity:

Lord of the Rings Lord of the Rings

I finally reached Waypoint 20, Rendezvous Point. Here is what the Galactic Core looks like now, from the other side:

enter image description here Center Left, Greeroi Veil Nebula

Now that I have reached Waypoint 20, I replotted my next course to Waypoint 21 which is only 148 Jumps away.

I was planning to continue my travels this evening but I have had too much Vodka and Cranberry Juice (3 Parts Vodka, splash of Cranberry for color) to fly anymore.

Out here, flying tipsy is ok, but also makes for stupid mistakes. I am 42K Ly from Sol, 470 Million Credits in, so good judgement has told me... STOP.


Distant Return - Day Twenty-Seven (A.L.) - Nov 27, 3306

48 Jumps left to Waypoint 20. From what I am hearing from GalNET News, looks like the peace between the Federation and Empire is coming to a dangerous conclusion. I have said it before, and I will say it again, "good to out here than in the Bubble".

Hopefully cooler heads prevail and this ramp up simply will be just that, a ramp up. Time will tell.

Able to plot from my current position to Waypoint 20. 132 Jumps, across the gap towards my next destination. It was the obvious lack of stars that caused a bit of manual intervention.

Looking behind Looking behind, top left is the The Greeroi Veil Nebula, middle almost center (the dark spot) is the Magnus Nebula

At Jump 102 I officially entered the Arcadian Stream.


Distant Return - Day Twenty-Six (A.L.) - Nov 26, 3306

35 Jumps to Waypoint A, which is close to the halfway point to Waypoint 20. I may need to do some more manual plotting but I think I should be good now. Tomorrow, I plan to see if I can replot directly to Waypoint 20 from my current position.

Good news as well, my 20.7 Billion Credits finally transferred over this afternoon. Life is good again, the quest for credits has already ended before it has begun.

I reached Waypoint 19 this morning, The Greeroi Veil Nebula. Quite stunning considering that there is not many stars to block your view.

The Greeroi Veil Nebula Definite lack of stars up here.

The next jump is 4900Ly away in the Arcadian Stream, below the Galactic Plane but I seem to have ran into an issue.. I cannot plot a direct route to Waypoint 20.

I understand I need to go down (I am currently above the Galactic Plane) to where the Stars are. From there, I am going to make some manual plots across the gap between Ryker's Hope and the Arcadian Stream.

Manual Plot Blue X is where I am, Red X is where I need to be. Going out to come back in

Once I cross the gap, I believe that I can then replot a course to Waypoint 20 without too much issue, I think.

This is a nice challenge and I am expecting that the rest of the journey now will require a bit of quick thinking on my part.

My first plot is going straight down below the Galactic Plane so I can at least have stars to plot with. I am calling this point Waypoint A. It is almost the halfway mark and I am heading downwards on a pretty shallow angle.

92 Jumps to Waypoint A.


Distant Return - Day Twenty-Five (A.L.) - Nov 25, 3306

I DID IT! I found a undiscovered Wolf-Rayet Star!

My first Wolf-Rayet Discovery! Can really see the Purple glow this Star gives out

Now, to find that elusive Ringed Earthlike. I know they are out there, I just have to spend the time (and get lucky) to find one but the Wolf-Rayet is a BIG check off the list.

I took a bit of a detour to get that Wolf-Rayet (18 Jumps), which ironically is the amount of jumps left to the next Waypoint.


Distant Return - Day Twenty-Four (A.L.) - Nov 24, 3306

56 Jumps left before the next Waypoint. Loads of systems that are what I like to call "onesie, twosie" which generally are couple of stars and nothing more.

Though I did manage to get a nice picture of a ringed World orbiting 20Ls from it's Primary Star:

Ringed world and Star The contrast is nice

Thanks to the wonderful concept of Telepresence, I had CMDR Corthanus join me for a few jumps. Showing him the Galaxy on the other side of Sag "A".

Noticing that the star density is getting thinner again of course, I am almost at the edge of Ryker's Hope now. Soon I will be departing for another Galactic region.


Distant Return - Day Twenty-Three (A.L.) - Nov 23, 3306

A quick peek back at the Magnus Nebula before I head out deeper into space:

The Magnus Nebula The Magnus Nebula

Down to 96 jumps to the next Waypoint. Unfortunately I am all jumped out for the evening and the lack of variety is adding to my exhaustion. I will continue tomorrow in earnest.


Distant Return - Day Twenty-Two (A.L.) - Nov 22, 3306

Finally made it to Waypoint 18, The Magnus Nebula. For a Nebula, it was quite large. 5 Jumps away from the Waypoint, I was already in the Nebula.

On the way I managed to find a neat looking Lava World:

Lava World One can only imagine how hellish being on the surface (or near it) would be!

I poked around the Waypoint System for a while. Many Large Gas Giants and a few T-Tauri Stars at the end of the system. Before I bunked down for the night at the Waypoint, I replotted my course to Waypoint 19.

124 jumps and a severe change of direction. I was expecting to go into the next Galactic Region, but the direction change, keeps me in Ryker's Hope a bit longer.


Distant Return - Day Twenty-One (A.L.) - Nov 21, 3306

Make some good headway towards the next Waypoint. Close to the 100 jump benchmark. Ended up talking with another CMDR in the Squadron.

Loads of systems, nothing that was noteworthy or photogenic. Mind you, I spent most of the evening chatting as opposed to discovering. Tired today, best to call it before I do something stupid.

87% Hull is getting near my comfort zone for time for repair when I arrive at Beagle.


Distant Return - Day Twenty (A.L.) - Nov 20, 3306

128 Jumps to go before I reach Waypoint 18. I think that is pretty good progress for a few hours of jumping.

Messier is looking a bit worse for wear, but still ticking. The Hull is down to 87% (thank you Blackhole @ Waypoint 17)

Worse for wear Directly behind me is the Galactic Core

Heading towards Waypoint 17 which is 15 jumps away, the Needle Nebula.

I did reach the Nebula but forgot about the Black Hole, I was reminded when I exited Hyperspace and slammed into it.

The Nebula is nice and the Black Hole created an interesting lensing effect on the surrounding stars similar to an Interstellar Doughnut.

Interstellar Doughnut The color and lensing effect was neat.

After taking the picture and getting a distance away from the Black Hole, I replotted my course to Waypoint 18 which is 179 jumps away.

This will take me to the end of the Ryker's Hope region and almost into the Izanami region.

No more short distances between Waypoints from here on in.


Distant Return - Day Nineteen (A.L.) - Nov 19, 3306

A mere 31 jumps to Waypoint 16, the Rose Nebula. 16 jumps into heading towards the Waypoint I passed into the Ryker's Hope region of the Galaxy, leaving the Galactic Core region behind.

I eventually made the Rose Nebula and decided this was a good place to stop for the night. It has been an interesting little trek, the Hot Jupiter being the highlight of my travels today.

I finally made Waypoint 15 this morning. A good night's sleep was a big help. I cannot believe how tired I was yesterday. Out here, it gets hard keeping a rhythm when you are stuck in eternal darkness.

On the way, found the most amazing discovery; A Hot Jupiter.

When I exited out of Hyperspace at the Primary star in the system, the Planet was so close it performed a unintentional Aero-brake on my way to the star.

It was a mere 4.03Ls from it's Primary star. Wow. Pretty neat. This is what the whole journey is all about!

From a distance From a distance away seems unassuming...

Closer At a much closer range, you realize just how close this planet is

I have bookmarked the system for future return and exploration.