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Jul 4, 2022
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139,726,999 Cr
Time to start keeping a log...

So this is my first entry in the old logbook. I left the bubble quite some time ago. My current system is Byoi Thua EL-B b56-2 which is alot further than I thought I would end up travelling. My next goal is Traikeou nebula and the Wolf-Rayet star nearby.

I keep mapping the next nebula on the way to colonia. I just kind of started travelling in that direction and now it's too late to turn back. I have seen those space crystals that some commanders speak of, lagrange clouds, space mushrooms, stars that no commander has ever found etc. Deep space is great craic altogether.

The Shite Hawk is doing a fine job of this exploration business. The 17ly jump range has probably lengthened the journey considerably but sure that's more scan data in long term. The Python was made to last to be fair to it.

Feck me I miss Kakmbul right now and my bunk at Bacon Hub.

Hopefully this logging of my odyssey will fend off the space madness for a few months.

Toodle loo Cmdr Thyne_Dval signing off...