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(Cobra MkIII)
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25 Jul 2020
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161,708,602 Cr
NMLA stations attacks - official statements from the Empire

Aisling Duval, one of the major power players in the galaxy, and seemingly a reformist, lost her father, and her sympathy for the reformist movements took a hit:

(I quote from the official statement)

“It’s a huge loss to us all that… I’m sorry… I can’t believe this has happened. He can’t be gone! I used to have some sympathy for the Marlinists, but now they… they took him from us. They took my daddy.”

And of course the Senate approves "new counter-terrorism initiatives". I told you they would.

In my mind it is obvious that Aisling Duval was the target all along, through her father. She is a reformist, so she had to be reined in before the old powers are too threatened. They can't defeat her, but they can weaken her resolve and turn her against those that see her as a hope.

Was NMLA committing the attacks and the assasination? Sure. This is not undercover government agents, that would be far too dangerous, all it took was to supply some information and the hardware.

I really hope that Aisling Duval can see the difference between NMLA and the Marlinist movement in general.

Those people cheering? They knew no better, but perhaps they should make sure they know who they are cheering for (or in this case against) before they take to the streets.

Empire politics and the recent "terrorist" attacks.

It is well known that political intrigue in the Empire is not shy of assasinations, if that is what it take to gain or maintain power.

The current events, where several star ports were more or less destroyed in what has been described as highly coordinated and technologically advanced terrorism, are blamed on the NMLA, a radical movement within a political movement towards a more democratic empire.

A fringe group that so far have had very little impact and been starved of resources. A group that, with its actions, already before the attacks on 10th of September, done more damage than good for the cause they claim to champion.

Even if the deeds were done by NMLA, we have to ask ourselves who funded them? Who will gain politically (and perhaps economically) from these acts?

The fact that people in some areas of the empire cheer when their not-very-popular hereditary leadership suffers a blow speaks volumes of the problems within the Empire. Could it be that the sudden increase in resources for NMLA originates within the royal family?

Putting actions like this together does take time, but it would not be impossible that the sudden terrorist threat is actually linked to the renewed interest in a more than 5 years old high profile accident/assasination in the Federation.

With the assasination of Prince Harold Duval, an insignificant member of the royal family, most famous for being declared "unfit for the throne" by Emperor Hengist, the plot does thicken.

This reeks of Imperial family intrigue, using misguided malcontent people to further an agenda that will, most likely, include increased surveillance and harsher punishment for anyone critizing the Imperial Family.

Prince Harold was disposable in the eyes of whoever is behind this plot, and perhaps his alleged"unfitness" was due to supporting reintroducing a more democratic senate instead of the current hereditary political system.

Perhaps we will never know, perhaps evidence will unearth itself, unless buried in Empire propagande.

Rescue work at Muller (Müller?) Terminal in the Rabh system

Despite my misgivings regarding the politics of the Empire, when there is a need, I will be there. You could say I do it for the money, or the engineering materials, or the reputaion gain. And sure, that is part of it. At least, that is why I risk GR-05T, named "I am Groot", my 7 million credit rebuy Type 9 heavy, reequipped for mining just a few days before the terrorist attacks (the mining gear is now in storage, replaced with passenger cabins). However, I also do this because it is the Right Thing To Do, and in the process I support real democracy proponents like the Independent Rabh Progressive Party.

Anyway, these rescues are fast paced and stressful, even worse so as the refugees complain that they are not delievered to the rescue ship before I arrive at the damaged station. Occasionally one of them will send an extra 100k credits my way for speed, but most of them complain about how slow I am. Makes me sometimes question my decision to help these people.

But there is a lot of satisfaction in knowing that I helped ferry 2254 refugees these last few days. (Or at least close to that, I might have had some small refugee mission before this.)