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Crazy hauling and terrorists hiding among refugees.

We just had a week of establishing a new frontier in the Coalsack Nebula, this time for the Alliance. Again, I have no particular attachment to anyone except my friends in my squadron, but that special FSD sounded amazing, and when I was asked to help filling and emptying a fleet carrier I jumped in deep. Very deep. Suffice to say I hit the goals with a lot to spare.

In other news, the Federation has uncovered a total of 9 (nine) verified NMLA terrorists among the thousands of Marlinist refugees. Which is about as suprising as finding a similar number of imperial agents among them, and the Federation not really talking abouth those.

The terrorists will be interrogated and then extradited to the Empire, where I expect they will be tortured, name a few names (mostly of people they dislike rather than other NMLA members) and as a result several hundred innocent people will "disappear" together with perhaps another dozen NMLA sympathizers. A great opportunity for NMLA adn the Empire to radicalize peaceful Marlinists that did not manage to flee.

Meanwhile there are protests all over the Federation due to the refugee crisis, which is expected. The protesters (on both sides) outnumber the number of refugees by an order of magnitude, and causes two orders of magnitude more problems.

So the galaxy is in turmoil once again, and while it would be nice to leave all of this behind for the Black, I am also curious to see what happens, and take part.

The week of carnage

I went to LTT 1935 this week in a half finished Vulture name AWE.

A little bit of service for the L.Y.S. Corp which might be enough to grant med a prince title.

A lot of killing for the LTT 1935 Confederacy, the week after I signed up for Aisling Duval. The irony in this is really something.

With some luck I will get two new Federation ranks out of it, but I still have very long to go. I mostly allow the general flow of Galactic politics (or Wing excursions) dictate how I spend my time, I feel no need to grind missions for access to the Corvette.

I also consider the acts of the Empire an invasion, and even if I have no special attachment to either party, I knew who deserved my support here.

In another ironic twist, my last action was repairing a ship for a L.Y.S. pilot at a distress call so they could get back into the fighting.

I wonder that the future holds for the galaxy. Personally I just want to retire to some remote corner of the galaxy and enjoy the silence.

But for now, with six hours to go, it is time for me to sleep.

Fly safe, or fly dangerously, but remember to enjoy your flying regardless.

And so it begins.

Open hostilities as the Imperial Navy invades Federation space under the guise of "antiterrorist activities".

I am just asking? Who is terrorizing who here?

I voted today.

Well, not really, I just decided that I want to by prismatic shields in four weeks time.

Just in time for that very public humanitarian act (or stunt) from Aisling Duval to help svae the life of her arch nemesis in politics, the conservative isolationist and outcast Hadrian Duval. Their common denominator is that they are both in oppositin to the powers that currently hold court in the Palace (but from different perspectives), and both are victims of the recent terrorist attacks.

Of course it was the right thing to do, but aksi a very concious tactical and strategic move as well.

And if you have forgotten: The Duval family name is also attached to he current Emperor (of course) who by that logic also lost family once, and nearly twice.

But the Duvals is a house divided by power feuds.

On another note, we also got news that the Empire is currently trying to blame the Federation for supporting NMLA, using easily fabricated "evidence" that imply that the goods to make the bombs was transported through the outskirts of Federation space.

As always, totalitarian regimes and leaders fail to understand the difference between government policy and individual actions. In a democracy, not everyone is forced to do as the leaders say, and sometimes this fredoom is abused,

Of course, the Marlinists, with their dreams of democracy, have much public support in the Federation, also by those critical to those parts of the Federal politics that they feel are undemocratic (or should I say unequal). The Federation does have its own problems with an upper class that is practically, if not literally above the law, while the Empire have senators that _are _the law, and as such above the law that rules the commoners.

By interchangeably using NMLR and Marlinists, the Empire is using a well and trusted rethorical technique of guilt by association. And of course they will succeed to some extent, any lie repeated often enough will eventually be seen as at least half true.

Grandstanding between the Empire and the Federation.

According to a recent Galnet article, the Empire are claiming that accepting political refugees is "mass kidnapping".

It is not the Federation that forced these people to flee, that was all the work of Empirical "security" forces.

The Empire clearly show that they see their citizens as subjects, as property of the state, which in turn is the personal property of the Duval family.

The people that fled are their own agents, they should have the right to move to wherever they are welcome with the Emperor not having a say in it.

At the same time, President Hudson is desperate for an external enemy to unite against and secure his position (which right now looks utterly precarious).

Inner turmoil in the upper echelons of the Empire leading to genocide, and an itchy Federal President may well spell disaster and a global war. Meanwhile Thargoid attacks have tied up Federal reasources on that front, leaving what could be perceived as on opening by expansionists in the Empire. While outright occupation may lead to unrest at home, these terrorist attacks are the perfect pretense for an "intervention" to "secure suspected terrorists".

We are living in interesting times.

Another illegitimate Duval attacked

Another terrorist attack, this time a suicide squad from NMLA attacked Hadrian Duval, an illegitimate grandson of the current emperor and claimant to the throne.

While this makes sense politically, as the Nova Imperium is among the most hard core traditionalist imperial factions, it is at the same time helping the current leaders to weed out "unpure blood lines".

As far as I can see, Arissa is still my main suspect as the brains behind the whole operation, hidden through a suitable number of increasingly dirtier hands.

Historical loss for Chairman Zachary Hudson

After many years in power, President Zachary Hudon is losing his grip on Federation politics and policies.

Being indirectly implied in the current trials regarding the sabotage of Starship One, Hudson is no longer the obvious Leader of the flawed democracy that is the Federation.

Have Hudson finally outstayed his welcome on the post? And did he get it through nefarious means to begin with?

You might argue that his stance of expelling the political refugees comes from not wanting to increase tensions between the Empire and the Federation in a time when the Thargoid threat seem to reemerge.

But the majority have spoken, it is more important to defend the values of democracy and freedom, because if we lose those, we have lost everything.

Will there be a major galactic war, and will the Thargoids take advantage of this?

Stay tuned, news at 11.

Begger can be chosers? Also: The haze from a funeral finally lifts, giving birth to a new currency.

So there is now a large effort in LFT 625 to collect resources for the refugees.

I am not sure about other commanders, but what I see personally is that a lot of food in the form of synthetic meat is exported from Fox Enterprise in exchange for clothing.

I see two problems here:


There is already a good source of nutrition produced at this station in large quantities, but that is not reserved for the refugees but instead traded for whichever of basic medicines, clothing, food cartridges, fruit and vegetables or shelters that CMDRs can source for the best profit.

Time to fire up the kitchens, not the frame shift drives, in my opinion.


Without set goals for each commodity, we are seeing the same inbalance as for the famous wake haze for Harold Duval. I have heard rumours that some participants at the rather smelly event managed to hoard large quantities of the cigars (that were handed out for free to the crowds) and that they are now used as a black market currency at Capitol among the less affluent population.

While I am not a smoker myself, it saddens me that most of these precious cigars are ruined by now due to improper handling, and that their only value is as memorabilia from the funeral.

Busy Week

I have been busy this week, but not involved in the war against the Thargoids, where the last battle was won. A big o7 to all the CMDRs that contributed.

The Federation is in political turmoil following the allegations in association with the renewed Star Ship 1 trials.

The Empire is still in a state of civil war and a refugee chrisis is brewing. The open hostilities ended in a draw, where at least some of the refugee megaships managed to escape.

Both the Alliance and the Federation states that they will welcome those seeking political asylum, while some independent states have not been as forthcoming. I understand that, some of theses independent systems are really small, and could not really accomodate a large influx of people. None of the independent systems can defend themselves against an onslaught of the Imperial Navy, at lest not without much support, and independent pilots tend to pick both sides if possible, at least as a group.

Speaking of the Imperial Navy, they seem to be busy harrassing subjects of the Empire, while the rest of humanity have taken care of the new Thargoid threat.

On a different note, I tried my Imperial Clipper today, equipped it for a leisure tour this weekend and, well, it sucks. The glare from the white panels make the holo screens hard to see, the view angle is horrific. It is clearly designed for show rooms, not for space flight.

Fly safe!

Politicial Asylum

The Empire is more than one thing, the Empire is all its worlds and citizens, with different views and lives and livelihoods. Just like the Alliance or the Federation the vast majority are planet dwellers, who will never leave the safety of their atmospherically protected gravity well.

The Empire is also a loose collection of squabbling factions, just like the Alliance and Federation. Factions that enforce very different rules to the dweller that never leave their system, but still has to live through wars and questionable elections.

This is just daily life in a galaxy of humans, where power have always been enforced by the gun.

But the Empire can also be the ruling Elite, the people who (at least occationsally) dine in the vast sumptuous halls of the Palace, built on the backs of institutionalized slavery.

It is this last Empire that has now decided that the biggest threat is planet dwellers, who might at one time or another voiced that the Empire is not the Republic that the founder of the Republic (Marlin Duval) dreamed of.

And these are now seen as a larger threat by the powers of the Empire, than the recent Thargoid incursions, because the Thargoids are (currently) not in Empire space.

So now millions of Empire subjects, knowing very well that due process has never been part of the "justice" system of the Empire, are fleeing their home systems, many going to space for the first time in their life, because they fear that someone might name them as Marlinist. Even if they never harboured a Marlinist thought, they might at one time have offended a person that holds a grudge and choses to inform on them.

And if someone informs on you, you will "disappear", and either be killed outright or forced into slavery, "paying off" a fine so large you will never be free again.

So the question here is, if it is just the refugees seeking Political Asylum, or if the palace on Achenar has become an Asylum for a degenerate ruling family.