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21 Oct 2017
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702,443,062 Cr
Alone Again Or

It's a little overwhelming leaving Beagle Point knowing just how much space is between me and home...... not that I'm heading home quite yet. As I planned, after leaving Beagle Point and turned right and started crossing of The Abyss heading back toward The Abyssal Plain. I want to stay out here, as remote as I can be and spend time exploring, proper deep exploring. I am looking for the high-value worlds as I cross space but I'm also hunting for the elusive systems yet to be recorded on The Codex. I figure my best chance is to stay as far out on the edges of the outmost spiral arms as I can. Look to head toward the top or bottom stars, the ones at the extremes where they really thin out and make it hard to make progress. I figure if I am to find something unique and special, it'll be in a system orbiting one of these sparse stars.

I'm already around 2000ly from BP, a mix of Neutron Stars and Fuel Stars has helped me cross a large section of The Abyss and having my Anaconda capable of 71ly jumps really helps too. Still in Open Play, I've yet to meet a fellow commander out here, even at BP where I would have expected to find someone else, but no, nobody is out here. Looking on the EDSM Commander Map there are about eleven other Commanders within 3kly of me so maybe I'll meet another one soon! I'm a little wary of contact however if they are all the way out here then they are less likely to be pirates!

Out in the black

Beagle Point

Eighteen days after leaving my home station of Garay Terminal in the Decial system, I made my last jump into Beagle Point. It was never my intention to fly this far out into the galaxy however after reaching Sag A* the draw of Beagle Point was just too much and I knew I had to see it with my own eyes.

It was a first for me to use the Neutron Highway and although I got here in only about 230 jumps from the centre, it felt a slow and cumbersome process, not to mention the worry about dumping out of super-cruise every time I dropped into the cone. In fact, I actually looked forwards to the portions of the journey where I reverted back to jumping from fuel star to fuel star only gaining 71ly each time. It was however, a very efficient way to cross some of those void areas of space where stars were sparse and at the end of the day it was a means to an end; it got me here from the centre in seven days, so I really can't complain and certainly will use it in the future to cover some of the larger distances.

So, where to next? Well, I have got a ship load of exploration data which I'd like to cash in but want to wait until I hit a proper station rather than lose 25% of the value by trading it in at a DSSA Carrier. I'd also like to visit Colonia on my way back in too. So right now I am thinking about crossing back across The Abyss to the northern edge of the Scutum-Centaurus Arm and then following an anti-clockwise route until I get bored and head back toward 'The Bubble'. I am hunting new systems, systems not yet listed on the Codex and anything of any interest. I need to be back in the Bubble by mid September as I have signed up for the Passage to Andromeda Expedition and so for now I am temped to stay out here in the black and continue to enjoy the solitude and experience of being this far from home.

Approaching Beagle Point

Alone in The Black

Looking back home It's not quite Voyager One's Pale Blue Dot.... but looking back at Sol really brings home just quite how far away I am right now.....

The long plunge into the Abyss.....

Another day on the Neutron Highway. The route I initially plotted from just outside the galactic centre all the way out to Beagle Point ended up with about 200 jumps if I used a combination of the Neutron Highway and fuel stars. I thought I would use this to reach Beagle Point and then follow a more leisurely route to Colonia maximising system scans along the way.

Today I pulled another 20 or so jumps allowing me to nibble another 7300ly off my journey. I'm currently half way across the Styx void which sits between the northern fringe of the Norma arm and the Scutum-Centaurus arm. Crossing Styx requires a ship with a good jump range and even using the NH, the route across twists and turns between Neutron Stars and large fuel stars. It's hard route but allows me to cross the void and avoid what would be a significant detour to the east.

Left with about 23k ly left to Beagle Point, I'd like to cover 8-10k ly daily over the next few days to reach Beagle Point by the weekend. Once I've explored that system I will start thinking about a return route. I need to get back into the habit of 'honking'. For some reason, I have been neglecting this task since I started this leg of the journey and am missing out on free credits!

Oh, all those heatsinks....? Yeah, unfortunately I'm not the best at avoiding overheating while refuelling. They are there to save my behind.....

Following the Neutron Highway

Scootin' along the Neutron Highway

I'm now 10k ly past Sag A* and after around a hundred normal jumps or so as I aimlessly head back out into the black, I decided I should pick a destination and commit to reaching it. As I am this far out there is really only one place I should be heading for, Beagle Point.... the farthest point in the galaxy from Sol and at a little over 65k ly it sits about 30k ly from my current position crossing The Perseus Stem. I figured that if I was going to go back out into the black, I should make it worth it and a trip to Beagle Point is something that you don't get to do every day. I think it was a fitting destination that will take time and skill to reach. Having a 71ly jump range on my Anaconda should prove invaluable as I attempt to cross the great abysses that lie between me and Beagle Point.

Something I've not utilised much thus far are neutron stars to boost my FSD however, as I chose to bring along a 6A rated AMFU on this trip, I will now use a Neutron Highway to quadruple my jump range.... so each jump gives me up to 284ly range meaning Beagle Point is now just under 200 jumps away if I continue to use this method. I'm happy to use a mix of neutron stars and normal fuel stars to reach my goal as the risks increase considerably by dropping into a neutron star cone each time I jump!! Over the next week I shall make my way steadily toward the edge of the galaxy and once there I will decide where to go next. Colonia is still one waypoint for my return leg but it would be good to take in some more important locations along the way.

Hold on tight

Hello darkness my old friend......

I made it to Sagitarius A* and it was worth every jump to get there; a huge sense of achievement and I finally collected my 'Centre of the Galaxy' badge. I decided to take advantage of a Fleet Carrier docked in the system to restock on heatsinks & carry out some minor repairs to make sure my ship was fit for the next leg of my adventure.

As I've said previously I was planning on turning left and heading to Colonia before making the long run back to Deciat & my home at Garay Terminal however, when I woke up this morning I thought to myself "Why? Why am I going back there only to immediately set off again on another journey. Why not just carry on from here". So that's my plan, I have flown through Sag A* and out the other side and am currently heading toward the remote outpost of DSSA HSRC Limpet's Call which sits about 7500ly from Sag A* in the Perseus Stem. At the moment I plan on flying all the way out into The Solitude Void.... but I will keep other options in mind as my journey unfolds. Fly safe and see you out in the black Commanders.

Sagittarius A* in all her glory Quick coffee break at Pyro's Fun House K4N-TTF

Roads 2 Riches - Day 8

Having spent several days grinding away visiting high-worth systems, scanning and mapping planets I finally figured I had enough data aboard to trigger my long sought after promotion. After scanning the last planet I set course for DSSA Buurian Anchorage which was about 2800ly from my position and after spending half an hour jumping I arrived in the most beautiful system and was greeted by a neutron star. Heading to the carrier, I finally docked for the first time in over a week and finally got to sell the fruits of my labour. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the message announcing my promotion after selling around 20 millions worth and by the time I'd sold it all, I ended up generating a shade under 100 million.... time and effort well spent.

After refuelling, repairing and restocking my Anaconda I plotted the last leg of my journey to the centre of our galaxy and launched away from the Carrier. 77 jumps between me and Sagittarius A. At the moment I plan on coming back via Colonia however there is a small part of me that wants to push past Sag A and continue on into the outer arms on the other side. It's so tempting to do it while I'm this far from home.......... Exploring is where I want to be......

Elite Promotion

Roads 2 Riches - Day 5

Still following my R2R route into the centre of the Galaxy. After aquiring an estimated 50 million in exploration data I thought it would be a good thing to offload it just in case of any unforeseen accidents along the way. Although I initially thought about heading toward Colonia to offload at first, I spotted a remote outpost a mere 10 jumps off my route so put in a divert to it and decided that it would be safer to offload more often from here on in. I am not carrying any weapons of proper defences, I'm not carrying any cargo but you just never know who's out there who want's to spoil my day!

Upon arriving in Trifid Sector IR-W d1-52 I flew into the ring system around the first planet and located Observation Post Epsilon, a station mined out of one of the large pieces of rock making up the ring. In retrospect, performing an autodock procedure when you have very large chunks of rock whizzing around you wasn't the best idea, however after a couple of very near misses, my Anaconda entered the station intact and I was able to offload my data and increase my ranking to Pioneer + 72%. It was nice to see a little hussle & bustle at the station. After spending so much time out in the black over the last few weeks and now this final push to the centre, being around other commanders for a little while was good. But now it's back to it.....

I am so close now and another couple of days of grind should see me reach Elite ranking all being well. I attained Elite Explorer ranking a couple of months ago and have been working hard on this next one. Anyway, there is a Fleet Carrier (DSSA Buurian Anchorage) very close to my route and about 14k ly away from my current position. I hope to be able to dock there and offload the last blocks data needed for promotion. My plan, to carry on to Sag A* and continue mining that exploration data as I go. If I'm flying through all these systems, I may as well benefit from honking as I go?

Observation Post Epsilon

Roads 2 Riches - Day 3

Day 3 of my new Roads 2 Riches quest. I've calculate I need the first 130 targets on my list to generate enough income to push me over that Elite line. I'm currently on number 47 and plan on heading on to Colonia at the end of the quest to offload the data before carrying on to Sag A*

Back home

So I flew back into Garay Terminal in Deciat and offloaded 90 million worth of exploration data. Ranked up to Pioneer and am now looking to make that last 160 million I need to Elite. I wanted to visit Sag A so why not do a Roads 2 Riches Grand Tour all the way to Sag A?

I'll report in shortly.....

Still in transit....

Still enroute to Deciat. I'm around 9k ly out and making slow progress as I have decided to map every new system I find, and at the moment, every jump leads me to a new system that hasn't been mapped yet. I'm currently locked into the New Beginning outpost at Rosette Sector CQ-Y d59 and may stop on my way back to Deciat.

I've spent the last week or so mapping everything I can so I am really hoping that when I hit the cartographic section at Garay Terminal, I am going to turn in a substantial amount of data and all being well, take a large chunk out of the remaining credits needed to hit Elite Explorer. Guess we'll see.....