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(Imperial Courier)
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1 691
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574 118 044 Cr
#1 The first log of Maybe many

Microphone taps is this thing on? There we go.

Before starting with the adventures i should at least say something about who i am.

im your average pilot trading hunting and mining, i currently call Jamesons Memorial my home station its busy and at times you hear something explode in the mailslot but its a cozy home.

Ive been in this galaxy for a good amount of time, did my first exploration to the omega nebula not too far from the bubble and once i returned i got a message from Felicit Farseer an old explorer who now works on imporivng FSD drives.

But that was years ago thse days im flying around looking for jobs and people needing help. I recently finished my service for the federation and got permission to purchase their Corvette design, brought it over to various egineers for some specialty work and now its a beauty to fly.

Anyway thats all for now fly safe.